Jessica sat in the kitchen looking at one of the telephone bills and sighed she put the bills down and rubbed her face half of the calls from the house were to Bannerman house. She heard the door open and saw John peek in " hey what are you doing Jess?" She picked up the phone bill "oh just going over some of the bills, I see that half of these call were to Sarah's house" John knew were this was going " Jess, don't start Walt lives there too okay and I 'm helping him out with different cases". " I know that but I don't think you are only calling Walt at oh look 4 am" John walked past her and stopped behind her leaned down and whispered in her ear "yeah but I love you and you are asleep at 4 am" he kissed her cheek and continued on to the gym room he fixed up.

Jessica had been married to John for a month and known him for 2 years, she had met him through Dana Bright her exact words were "Well I could not keep him maybe you will do better, but he has one fault her name is Sarah Bannerman".

Sarah had a hard time warming up to Jessica she was too nice she kept waiting for the claws to come out but nothing happened except she asked her to stand up in their wedding along with Dana bright. It was a beautiful wedding and their dog was the ring bearer. Jessica looked at the large beast that lay next to her Jake a Great Dane brindle with a black mask she reached down and stroked the large dog's head he looked up at her and licked her hand. They had gotten Jake from Walt who broke up a puppy mill farm and Jessica took him in John was not keen on the idea but Bruce talked him into keeping Jake. Jake had a personality that would make any one wonder about his mental state.

Jessica yawned and decided to take a nap "come on Jake " the dog loved taking naps that is all he did was take naps but then when he wanted to play watch out. She went into the room more of an open space with John's exercise stuff was kept she walked up behind him and threw her arms around him and kissed his neck " hey lover I'm going to take a nap with Jake" John smiled "okay then I can get to some of those windows I have been meaning to get to" "wow washing window Mr. Smith I am impressed how ever will I thank you?" " I'll show you later" she gave him one more kiss in the cheek and went towards the bedroom with the dog in tow.

John looked at the windows and made a face he could remember when his mom would ask him to do the windows even though she hand a maintenance guy to do that stuff. His staff was released by his wife well put to part time she thought there was no reason why they have help if they could run the grounds themselves. Not that he hated the idea it gave John something to do. He finished his set of leg curls and started the chest press then went outside to get the ladder out " whatcha doing Johnny" he turned to see JJ staring at him " well Mrs. Smith wanted the windows done so I'm going to wash them" JJ tried to hide the smile but couldn't " hey what is s funny about that " " well Johnny mom always tries t get Dad to do it but ends up doing it herself, well I'll see you later I have football practice". He watched JJ ride away on his bike 'football practice hmmf' he knew JJ was doing hockey before but that was until he saw a football game then everything changed which made his mom nervous 'John what happens if he gets hurt" Sarah always voiced her concern but he had told her JJ would be fine. He looked in the garage for the hose nozzle; soap and terry cloth then went back to get the ladder. Carefully he climbed the ladder, stepped onto the roof, and started to clean the windows.

Jake picked up his massive head and let out a low "woof" his tail started wag when he saw John then he put his head back down on the bed. Johnny looked at the huge animal staring at him out the window from his bed. He shook his head and continued spraying the window. He moved to the next window and a bee started to buzz around him, he swatted at it and it stung him "ouch damn it" he lost his footing and feel backwards to the ground the last thing he remembered hearing was Jake barking excitedly and he lost conciseness.

Jessica sat up in her bed Jake's frantic barking was making her worry and for good reason too she looked out the window and saw Johnny laying in the ground not moving she ran down stairs and out the front door she knelt by his side " John, Johnny " she tried the slapping but no response she felt for a pulse which was very strong. Jake came bounding out licking his face trying to revive him she pulled the dog away and put him back in the house then called 911. It seemed like her whole world was falling apart and she could only watch it happen.

Within minutes, Walt and a rescue team were there paramedics were there Dana was there for her friend and Bruce was there, Sarah was told to pick up JJ and meet them in the hospital. Walt asked her what happened " I'm not sure I was taking a nap and I guess he fell off the roof, his hand was a little red maybe a bug bite him, I have to sit down…" Before Walt could catch her she fainted to the ground. Dana sat next to her friend "hey Jessie wake up" she felt a light tap on her face and opened her eyes " Dana, what am I doing on the ground?" Dana helped her to her feet " you fainted " she shook her head in disbelief "I have never fainted a day in my life" Dana smiled at her friend " well trauma will to that to you, come on I will take you to the hospital". She walked with Dana to the car and was on their way to the hospital.

At the hospital Bruce, Walt, Sarah and JJ were waiting for Jessica to show up the Doctor said John was going to make it he just had to wake up to Sarah it was the accident all and Walt knew it by the look on her face he went over to her and put an arm around her " He is going to be fine Sarah " she smiled weakly and sat down. Dana walked in with Jessica and Bruce was the first to rise to greet her Jessica looked very pale and run down "has a doctor been out yet " Walt walked over to her " Ill go get him for you" Dana looked at Sarah and got her answer she didn't want to be in the hospital right now she wanted to be at home writing or reading some thing. Dr. Gibson came over to Jess " are you John's wife" she nodded " come with me we need to talk about a few things" she started to shake as she followed doctor into an examination room " Mrs. Smith I'm not going to sugar-coat this but I won't be blunt about it either, your husband is in a coma again, when he hit his head with a the force in which he did it jogged his head and there is massive swelling " Jessica started to weave back and forth she felt very nauseous and sat on the table " okay what else" "well I'm not sure how long John will be in the coma this time and it is weird that he hit the same spot again though for now he will have the best care in the world. Would you like to see him" she nodded her head none of this was making any sense in was a freak accident he was supposed to be fine not in another coma. She followed the doctor to the elevator when the doctor noticed she was almost too pale " Mrs. Smith are you okay I understand this is a lot to take in but I think as soon as the swelling goes down he will wake up" he lead her down a hall way and opened the door to John's room "take all the time you need " nervously she moved towards the man in the bed and the doctor left leaving the two of them alone in the room.

Walt saw the Dr. walking towards them and Sarah stood up "so how is he?" he only shook his head " back to the vegetable state I'm afraid Johnny has a lot of swelling in the brain how he hit the same spot twice is not normal but I'm sure he'll wake up his wife is in here right now I suggest one of you stay the rest can come back tomorrow". JJ watched his mom crumble into the chair next to him, he tried to comfort her his dad looked helpless, and Bruce walked out of the hospital Dana sat silently hoping her friend was okay. Walt helped Sarah up " hey why doesn't Dana and JJ take you home "Ill take Jess home " she looked at her husband " you are a good man Walt ". He watched as Dana escorted his family out the door. He sat down and waited for Jess to come out he did not want to make her feel like she had to hurry home to an empty bed.

Jessica sat in the chair next to John she had her head on his chest just looking at him 'how did this happen' she asked herself she shouldn't have taken a nap and he'd still be awake or if she invited him to nap with her here wouldn't have been sleep involved but he'd would have been fine. She wiped away a tear that slid down her face then she had an idea she let the next tear slide down and drop on to his hand hoping t o stir something in him but nothing. Eileen came into the room and saw John Smith back in the coma room " Mr. Smith what are you doing here again" she looked at the young woman sitting by him " are you his wife" Jess looked at the nurse, she had to be the one who took care of him before " yes I'm Jessica " " honey I know this is hard for you but the sheriff is waiting for you and I have to make him comfy for the night " she pulled a badge out of her pocket " but here this will get you in all hours of the day next time". Jess looked at her husband and kissed his cheek then walked out Walt was waiting by the door " you ready to go home " Jess didn't want to but she would have to face the big house sooner or later and Jake was by himself. She followed Walt out to the cruiser and she started to break down "Walt what am I going to do with out Johnny" Walt had gone through this with Sarah and was a pro " Jess he will wake up, he woke up before and now that he knows how to he'll be back in no time" it was a quiet ride home she sat string off into space.

She noticed Walt had pulled into her driveway it seemed strange to think of the house as hers now but it was until John came home she thanked the Sheriff for the ride and walked slowly up to the door opened it and was welcomed by Jake he ran out front to see John but was very disappointed when all he saw was Walt and he let the world know it by howling. Walt pulled out of the drive and started on his way home to comfort his "son" and Sarah.

Jessica turned on all the lights and made some tea Jake was getting on her nerves and she opened the door " get in here " he pranced into o the house and noticed she was sad about something she patted the large dog's side " its okay Jake" he sniffed the air and then went and plopped down in his "spot" but kept a watch on Jess.

Jess turned off the big light and turned on the over head lights she made Johnny put in, she got up and went to get an photo album and started to look through it she wasn't sure why it was just going to upset her more. She lost track of time looking at the pictures and she was getting tired something made her look at the clock it was 4:30 am and the phone started to ring she stared for a moment and went to answer it " hello?" It was Sarah out of habit calling for Johnny " oh no don't worry you didn't wake me I haven't gone to sleep yet, yea I know I'm not tired you know. What? No I don't mind how did you deal with this I mean he was gone for 6 years and you weren't married, what happens if he doesn't wake up ". She sat and talked to Sarah for 3 hours and then she looked at her kitchen clock "Sarah I have to go to the hospital but first I want to take a shower okay I'll give you a call later bye Sarah."

Jessica still did not feel tired she feed Jake and let him out for his morning romp around the yard, she dreaded going up stairs to the empty bedroom by herself. She opened her guest bedroom and started the shower then went to the hall closet and got out a few clothes so she didn't have to go into the room. After her shower she called Jake to come back in, locked the door behind her hopped into her PT Cruiser, and headed towards the hospital. Eileen saw her walk into the hospital " Hi Jessica he is waiting for you " she nodded and started to be light headed again 'maybe from the lack of sleep' she thought. She opened the door and there he still lay propped up a bit with ESPN on he looked like he was listening to the TV. " Hi Johnny, I told you I'd be back Jake misses you, and I missed you last night, I haven't even been to sleep yet, I scared I'll miss you waking up" Bruce walked into the room "hey Jess how are you this morning and what do you mean you haven't slept yet " she smiled as she offered Bruce a chair " well I couldn't sleep I chatted with Sarah this morning and let out Jake then came here. I mean I didn't even use our shower." He touched her hand in a supportive way " Jess you will have to face the room some time" " I know Bruce, Sarah told me all about how she was here and waited and waited and how hard it was for her to left go of him, how his mom died. I know one thing I'm not leaving him I don't care how long he is in the coma."

True to her word Jessica went every day to the hospital for 2 years and with the help of her friends and family got threw a lot of rough time. Jake grew up to a fabulous 3-year-old who was very protective of her. Reverend had a few masses for him, JJ came over to do little things to the house and hang out with his sort step mom as Johnny put it. Sarah had her over to the house and Walt stopped in one her once in awhile.

Dana took Jess to the hospital for her second visit of the day she tried to see Johnny three times a day and today was no exception although she was tired. She still had not slept in the bedroom yet she could not bring herself to. The staff knew Mrs. Smith all and Dr. Gibson even greeted her " Jess how are you this morning?" " Tired but good, how is Johnny" "see for yourself" he heart beat quickened as she opened the door and saw John sitting talking to the nurse she put her hands to her face 'he is awake ' she thought to herself and Dana said it out loud " Johnny Smith you look better than the first time you woke up" he looked at the red head and had a big grin "Dana great to see you so how much have I missed this time " he noticed a younger woman in the room " I see you brought a friend Dana "Johnny smiled at Dana "who is that " Dana studied him " Johnny that is Jessica" " okay " Jessica was thrilled that he was awake and slowly walked to him with tears in her eyes " I can't believe it your awake " Dana stopped her mid stride though "wait a second, Johnny do you remember who she is?" John stared at the woman she was very attractive short burgundy hair with so much hope in her eyes. John looked back to Dana and grabbed her hand to get a 'hit' but got nothing he rubbed his fingers and tried again still nothing the alarms went off in his head " Johnny do you remember her" Dana questioned. Jessica walked over to him " I can tell you do not I am Jessica your wife " he shook her hand still nothing. Jessica looked at her friend "can you give me a moment with him? " "Sure " Dana went to call Sarah and the rest of his friends and family.

The woman looked worn out he watched her pull up a chair " its okay if you don't remember me, I'll take you waking up next to not knowing how I am " she picked up his hand and he tried to remember she had the best eyes and great smile he thought to himself "well as Dana said I am Jessica Ann Smith, we met threw Dana and dated for two years we were married two years ago" he watched her movements he did believe her he was getting aggravated because he couldn't remember plus his visions were gone "we are married you and I " she nodded "any kids ?" her smile faded " no I um was having problems but that is for a different discussion we have a giant Great Dane Jake he is 3 and just great". Johnny smiled she seemed nice enough he heard the door open and his doctor walked through " so Johnny I hear we lost our visions and memory, Mrs. Smith if you could give me about an hour with John we'll see what I can find out" " Sure" she let go of John hand and went out the door and bumped into Bruce" how is he?" "He can remember Dana and Sarah but not me" Bruce peeked in the window at the man who was being asked al l kinds of question then back to his wife who desperately needed sleep " hey why don't I take you home an d you can get a good nights rest" " no I want to stay here with Johnny I can handle him not remembering me but I need him" Bruce understood John was a good man who would go home with a woman that he couldn't remember and live with her as husband and wife "well then lets get some lunch" that she was up for that.

Dr. Gibson sat in the chair that Jesse had been in " so Johnny what can you remember before this episode" John could remember cleaning windows and talking to JJ" well I remember cleaning window and a bee stung me that's when I fell and everything before that, but I don't remember Jessica why is that and why don't I have my visions anymore " the doctor smiled " the visions I can give you an answer to the dead zone area is still blocked by the rest of your brain it would appear if none of the visions have ever happened , you shut it off when you hit the ground. But just be sure I'm going to schedule you for more tests as for your memory I'm sure it will come back" John raised an eyebrow " and if it doesn't then what that poor girl gets me but I can't remember her and the dog" " that you have to decide what is best for everyone involved". The doctor left and Sarah came in with Walt.

Walt noticed a dazed look on his friend " hey man you okay " he nodded thank god he remembered Sarah and Walt. Sarah started to feel uncomfortable " um you know I am going to pick up JJ John I will see you later". John and Walt watched her leave then Walt sat down "so I hear you u have no more visions right now and how can you unto remember Jesse come on that is just crazy talk, did you unto get a good luck at her you're a very lucky man Mr. Smith" " Walt it is terrible, the visions I don't care I'd like to have a normal life of no visions but that woman the one I can't remember I can't live in the same house sleep in the same bed as her it wouldn't be right" " let me get this straight no visions a hot wife great dog and you are worried, this could be a good thing you get to experience falling in love all over again what is so bad about that?" He knew Walt was right but then he though of something " what if I don't love her, what if I can't stand her it won't be fair" his gaze went across the room and saw Jessica standing at the corner he knew she heard everything he had said. Jess could not believe her ears instead of doing the ration thing and going to assure him she fled down the hallway

"Dana I need to go home right now" she was hyperventilating. " Oh my gosh Jess what is wrong?" the dam broke so to speak two years of waiting just to have him wake up and not remember her was to much. Dana ushered her friend into the car and drove her home " do you want me to stay with you?" " No I need to be by myself right now." She got out of the car and went nit the house Jake greeted her but she was not in the mood " go lay down" his tail drooped and he hung his head as he went to his corner, something was wrong and he didn't like it at all. She ran up the stairs and found a picture on the bed Sarah must have stopped in, she picked it up. It was a picture of her and Johnny the night they were engaged she hurled it at the wall and watched as it splintered into pieces. Jess felt a little better but the stress took its toll she went into the cellar grabbed a few bottles of wine and went back up the stairs, She opened one bottle poured it int othe glas and drank it down then there was a knock on the door and Jake barked " Come in" Gene Purdy walked into the room " jessica what are you doing " he looked at the bottles of wine " I am destressing Gene " "what about Johnny" she lowered her glass " oh yo umean the man at the hospital how doesn't remember me, but he knows how he went into a coma you mean that Johnny, the one who can't remember his own wife but can recall his first coma ? " gene watched as she gulped another glass down " Jesse he is worried about you, he wants to remember everything it will just take time" "Well Reverend while he is trying to remember everything I have to deal with the fact I can't be with him because that is how he is " Gene poured a glass for himself " Jessica he does love you and you have to know that , he'll come home and welcome you and rebuild this life you have tried so hard to keep together."

She smirked at this remark " oh really Gene I'll tell you how it will go John will come home, love the dog he'll be nice to me and accept me into his life but do you know where he will sleep though, let me tell you in the guest room or on the couch. I want to hold my husband in our bed; I want to feel his skin against mine to make love to my husband. Not have him in the next room " Gene let her ramble " Jessica I'm sure you will have all that and more, once he gets his visions back he will remember." Gene saw her open the next bottle " I guess I'm just pulling at straws and hey I am luckier than Sarah I'm still married to him, but I wonder for how long, so you can go now Reverend and tell him all my fears ". Gene nodded " well then my child I'll let you drink yourself into a hole and let you feel sorry for your self that is how you and Sarah are different." He saw himself out and heard the glass shatter against the door. Gene drove off into the night hoping Jessica would calm down by tomorrow.

She hadn't slept in 2 days and she was getting more short tempered the hospital called and left a message that he could come home tomorrow morning since Bruce was his therapist. She let Jake go out side and went up the stairs with dog in tow then hopped into bed " come on Jake " the dog stepped up onto the bed and she began to cry holding the dog until she fell asleep.

Sarah had gotten the nurse to let her stay thanks to Walt "so you remember us at the carnival, the first coma and waking up all that craziness with your visions but not the happiest day in your life" John shook his head he touched Sarah hand and the same old feeling of a vision came to him "Jess hi its Sarah I'm sorry I forgot it must from habit" he saw them chatting and Sarah telling Jessica not to worry everything will be okay" he looked at Sarah " you are a good person" Sarah jumped up " you had a vision didn't you "she asked way to excitedly " what about Jess anything" " not really " she hung her head then decided it was time to go "hey I'll bring JJ over tomorrow to help you and Jessica out" " that would be great Sarah thanks I'll call you tomorrow". Sarah squeezed his hand lovingly before she left, leaving John to ponder the future with his wife. He tried to imagine the hurt she felt when he voiced his opinion about being with his wife. He lay there trying to recall the past two years but couldn't finally for the night he just gave up and went to sleep.

Walt heard Sarah come into the house " so you are finally home, did you make any progress with Johnny?" she wrinkled her brow " no he doesn't remember anything about her not even when you caught them making out in the car, although it did make him laugh" "well are you ready for bed then you can tell me all about it while I lather you in affection" they went up stairs and Walt gave her the best massage " it just bothers me that the brain can forget the best part of his life you know and she is great to him Walt what are we going to do?" Walt was working on her legs trying to work his way up " we are not going to do anything, Jessica has to deal with it herself unless she asks us too. I know its going to be hard but I think they will work things out " Sarah smiled with the little secret that she had and Walt caught it " what, what do you know Sarah " she sat up to face him " Johnny has his visions back so he should remember her as soon as tomorrow" Walt lay in his side " lets hope so because what if he get a bad vision huh then what" Sarah kissed his lips " then we will have to intervene". She lay next to him and watched his eyes slowly close. She rolled over to her side of the bed and closed her eyes and she too fell into a peaceful slumber.

The morning hit the town like a freight train Jake was ready to go but Jessica was not the dog bounced around the room and started to bark. Jess sat up in her bed " what huh, what is it Jake" she got out of bed and looked out the window Walt was at her door. She grabbed a robe and went downstairs " morning Walt how are you, come on in " She opened the door wider forgetting the broken glass and empty wine bottles until she saw them " sorry about the mess" Walt looked at the broken glass " rough night last night?" She smiled " you could say that and it was better when Reverend Purdy had shown up" " I bet " Walt sat at the island " so Jessica are you really ready for John to come home?" " Walt I do not know if I am ready, to start over so to speak I am scared what if it is not there for him. Can I make this work" Jake started barking excitedly outside and Walt stood up to see why the dog was barking "well Jess you better get ready because here he comes" " what " Jess glanced at the clock and saw she had been sleeping most of the day away it was one PM. " Walt I look terrible and he'll know I've been drinking look at this mess" " I'll take care of it for you" he walked out side to greet John home the dog was bouncing all around John trying to get him to pet him.

Jess quickly cleaned up the kitchen and ran upstairs to change, she grabbed a sweat shirt and a pair of jeans changed and ran downstairs to welcome him home, she knew how she would do it too. She stood in the door way as Walt grabbed Jake " well welcome home stranger" Johnny smiled at the woman, he may not remember her but he was willing to try "Hey you I heard from Reverend Prudy that you trashed the house last night" a very small smiled dance on her face " so you heard?" Bruce helped him into the house and told her he would be back later that evening. John looked around the house and saw four empty bottles and a few pieces of glass. He wanted to tell her the visions told him but he wanted t clean some air with her " hey Walt could you give us a few hours and then stop by for dinner" " yea no problem, John " he gave Jessica a reassuring smile.