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Sarah sat in the dark at her kitchen table, wondering how things had gotten so out of control. What had possessed her to go over to Johnny's and have sex with him? What was the matter with her? Sarah looked down at the cup of piping hot tea, then heard JJ walking into the kitchen. She looked over at the clock it was 2AM.

" Mom? Are you going to go to bed?" her son asked her as he walked over and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, placing his head on it.

She smiled at him and placed an arm over him " In a little bit, I'm just trying to figure out how I made such a mess with everything. Why I can't let go of Johnny, and how to make things right" she kissed his head.

" Dad, is pretty mad at you mom, but I think things will be okay" JJ told his mom as a matter of fact.

"I hope so honey, now why don't you go back to bed, and I promise I'll be up in a few minutes."

JJ nodded as he hugged his mom then walked slowly back up the stairs. He knew that Walt was mad at his mom, but he had a feeling things were going to work out for the best. He was going over to Johnny's in the morning.

Sarah quietly rinsed out her mug and stood at the window for a few minutes before walking over to the phone on the wall. She picked up the receiver and dialed Walt's cell number. Walt's voicemail clicked on, Sarah took a deep breath and left a short message for him. She hung up the phone, turned off the ringer for the night, and climbed up the stairs to her room. The bed looked so empty with out Walter being on his side of the bed. She did not even bother to get undressed; she pulled back the covers and crawled under them. She lay on her side staring out the window; she finally fell asleep watching the sun come up.


Jessica woke up with a splitting headache, and she woke up alone. That was not something that she liked to do often. Johnny had promised her that he would give her the time and space that she had asked him for. She had called Dana to ask her if she and Jake could spend the week at her place. Dana told her to knock herself out to stay as long as she wanted. She also her she had warned her about Sarah. Jess told her she did not want to get into it with her about Sarah.

Johnny had invited her to breakfast, which she agreed to go. Why she had no idea, but she loved her husband and wanted to keep him, she was going to fight for her marriage and hopefully get Sarah Bannerman out of Johnny's system. Jessica got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower, when she realized she didn't have any of her clothes. She would have to bit the bullet and go home to get some clothes. She started to panic a little bit at the thought of packing clothes and walking out on John. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She could do this she could go home, pack a suitcase, and leave the house for a week.


As Jessica open the front door, Jake bounded at her, almost knocking her over. The dog pranced around her happily. "Okay, okay, Jake down" the dog sat down right away and barked at her. She gave Jake a pat and a rub on his back. The dog dropped to the ground and rolled over for her to scratch his belly, which she did of course.

" I always said he was a lucky dog."

Jessica jumped a little in surprise as John looked at her with an apologetic look on his face.

" I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you Jess, what are you doing here, not that I'm not glad you are here"

She stood up and rubbed her palms on her jeans nervously, as she tried to avoid actually looking at him.

" I'm …um here to get some clothes to take back to Dana's with me, I um was going to take a shower and then we could to breakfast"

" Yea, about that Bruce called me last night and said we are to go to Prudy's house for breakfast, I should of called you but I figured I did enough for one day."

Jess could see that he was hurting as much as she was, she reached up and touched his cheek " Johnny, I don't hate you, I had the situation that we are in, I hate that you were in a second coma, I hate that so many people are tied into all of this. But I do not hate you or Sarah. I know there is a torch that needs to be put out." She pulled her hand away and brushed past him. John watched as she walked past him, she was right, the torch had to be put out. Thankfully her doctor called and left a message for her, the message worked to Johnny's advantage. He walked up the stairs to give her that message in person.

Jessica, had pulled out a pair of jeans and a tank top, she walked into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She reached over and flipped in the radio sitting 0utside the bathroom wall; Johnny placed the speakers in the bathroom like she asked, instead of the radio cluttering up space in the bathroom. Jess, removed her clothes and placed them in a pile in the corner, she stepped into the shower, the hot water felt a lot better than the cold one she had planned to take. Jessica finished rinsing out her hair, when she felt a breeze, from the shower curtain being moved back. She tensed up as warm lips touched her shoulder.

" Johnny" she whispered as she turned around to face him, his eyes all bright blue and shiny. Johnny could get pretty dangerous when he was in his moods. He kissed her cheek, as she closed her eyes and fluttered them back open.

" Johnny, we can't be doing this … I … we " she struggled to get out as he continued to place small light kisses across her face.

" Yes, we can because, I love you, and I want to be married to you, and have lots of babies with you, so yes we can be doing this and we should be doing nothing but this."

Jessica pulled away from his and studied his face, wondering what had happened that he was turning on the charm.

" John, what's going on. What is with all this lovin and charm?"

"Really does it matter?"

" Yes it matters, I mean yesterday…" she waved her hands around to get her point across" I made you leave last night and today you are like this, you are starting to creep me out "

Johnny noticed it was really freaking her out so he grabbed her bath gel and the bath sponge, he poured the gel on it and started to bathe her.

" Well, your doctor called last night and I asked her if I could be the one to give you the good news. We can start to try to have babies, your panel of tests all came back looking more than okay."

Jessica looked at her husband; she searched his face to see if maybe, he was just telling her, what she wanted to hear.

" Really?" she tried to hide the excitement out of her voice. John nodded he tried to his the smile that threatened to spread across his face. Then a sad look came over her face; she pushed John back farther and turned off the water.

" Get out, of the shower this can't happen Johnny, not now " she croaked out, saying every word was killing her because she did love Johnny with all her heart. He looked at her with a confused look but did as she asked.

Wrapping a towel, around himself he looked at her with those big blue eyes and asked " Why not."

" Because, Johnny just you start spouting things about being in love and having kids doesn't fix what has happened."

Johnny did actually understand, and he thought maybe she would over look what happened. He closed the shower curtain and decided to let her have the space she wanted.

Jessica heard the bathroom door close and the bedroom door she slide down the side of the wall and pulled her knees into her body. She stared off into space, wonde3ring if she did the right thing by making him leave, especially after the news he gave her, but it didn't change the fact that he slept with Sarah with out even thinking about what would happen. After a few moments Jess stood back up and rinsed herself off. She grabbed the towel that was hanging on the closet door and wrapped herself in it before walking into the bedroom and getting changed into her own cloths before going to have breakfast with Reverend Prudy.

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