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So this here is my first story. The main pairing is Cloud/Vincent, but Sephiroth and someone else (not telling who! ^_^) will get their turns as well. The so-called "secret character" is also a guy, because, I mean, come on. This is a yaoi slash fic, people. If that bugs you, then don't read it. But don't worry, he's not an OC or anything. I'm not fond of OC's. This is fan fiction. I come here to read and write about the characters I like. Though that doesn't mean that they are the only characters on the planet. I did make up some people, but they are extremely minor characters, and have nothing to do with the overall plot.

Also, the time setting is a little weird. It's post-game, and technically post-AC, but we're going to just ignore the fact that the events from AC even happened. It's four years after the game, but there wasn't any Kadaj, or Yazoo, or Loz, or anything. I don't feel I know the movie well enough to write about it, so I didn't include it. However, some of the character descriptions go along with what you would see in AC. Cloud's wolf accesories (I dunno what else to call 'em, lol) and his motorcycle, Fenrir (though I don't actually call it that) are included in this fic, for example.

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Rating and Warnings: It's not rated M because it's full of happy puppies and pretty flowers, people. Language, adult themes, probably some violence. Consider this fair warning for people who dislike or are too young for yaoi. Don't come complaining to me about this story's contents. I warned you and it's your fault if you either didn't read the warning, or read the warning and still read the story you knew you weren't going to like.

The Warrior Within


Any other morning that looked like this one would have been welcomed by the golden-haired beauty as he awoke. It was a typical storybook morning: clear, blue sky, birds singing, grass fresh with dew… why couldn't it have been raining? It would have been so much easier to wake up and feel miserable if it were raining. No, this day practically begged for giddiness and joy.

The young man refused to open his eyes; if he opened his eyes he would have to give up his misery.

Why must I endure this? Why did today have to come?

He lay in his bed, motionless, still looking at the darkness of his own closed eyes. Something tickled his cheek and he absentmindedly rubbed the spot. He sighed, fully intent on just rolling over and going back to sleep, when he again felt something tickle his cheek. His eyebrows furrowed as he rubbed it away a little more aggressively this time, trying to rid himself of the tingling sensation. He grabbed his sheet and yanked it over his shoulder as he growled and turned over rather violently.

The tickle came on his left ear now. The blond refused to acknowledge it in hopes that it would just go away.

It did after a minute and he was relieved. He cleared his mind of everything and just concentrated on sleep.

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