Okay I admit I had to come up with a great cross over between GH/OLTL and I think I have.

First is the disclaimer, I have no held on the creation of these soap operas all I have are the ideas in my head.

I have omitted a few characters so it would be light and not too dark. Bridget has left with out Hope and Conner left for Canada, no one is in jail for Helena's murder.

I wanted to take Natalie out of the place she has been in so Chris has not resurfaced yet, Jessica actually married Antonio and Kevin and Kelly are still married and happy. Natalie needs a change she needed to get away from John and his complications. She has packed every thing up and left leaving everything behind and off to have a great adventure. Jax and Courtney are on the outs again and she has gone to the islands to think about things. Sonny and Carly are not together any more but remain good friends maybe reuniting. Elizabeth and lucky are getting closer while Emily and Nikolas bass in the glory of marriage.

Chapter one

Natalie sat in front of her computer trying to decided whether or not she should buy this cottage in Port Charles, it was very beautiful and it was looked like the perfect size for her, but she wasn't sure. Natalie crossed the room and looked at a picture of her wedding day. Every thing was so perfect back then, Christian and her was so in love, they had their whole lives to look forward too but one instant took that all away and she did not let John forget that.

John and her had another fight about Christian and she was tired of fighting every one, Jessica kept trying to get her to go out with her and Antonio, her brother Kevin and his wife wanted her to come over and help with the new " legal baby the adopted but it all brought back to many memories for her.

Natalie looked at the picture of Roxy and Christian, he was the only one who actually got along with her, her mom was out there but had started coming around and started acting normal. Roxy had gone off on her honeymoon with Nigel and missed the funeral for Chris but sent a lovely floral arrangement. Then she saw an old picture Chris kept of him and Jen, at first, it bothered Nat, but now she thought it was a good reminder of how not to be jealous.

Once more she looked at the picture of the cottage and called Nora to see if she could get enough money out of the trust to cover the house and open a checking and savings account. She hung up with Nora who said she open the whole trust for her, Natalie thanked her and pressed the buy button on the computer. A few moments later an email l popped up saying that a fax was sent over to finalize the sale.

Natalie ran down the stairs and into her mother's den and saw her mother standing there with the fax " Natalie, what is this, your buying a cottage in port Charles? Honey are you planning on moving?" Natalie stood in silence not really sure what to tell her mom " I rather not talk about this right now, okay I have a lot to do in the next couple of days " Vicki went over to her daughter and led her to the couch " Honey, I think you should really think about this, I mean moving out of town is a big step. Think of all the people that will miss you. I know Kevin will be upset so will Kelly."

Natalie smiled at her mother and tried to explain to her why she wanted to move " Mom, I know every one will miss me but think about it I can't stay here, every thing will just remind me of Chris and I'm trying to get on with my life. Kevin would understand and look Kelly went through a lot more than I did, I am sure they will understand and Rex said he would go with me. Please trust me when I say I have to do this okay." Vicki knew there was no talking her long lost daughter out of this " okay darling if this is what you really want." Natalie grabbed the fax read it and signed it She faxed it back over to Jax and went up stairs to start the packing process. Vicki told the rest of the family and even invited Rex over to have a good bye party about a week later the two of them were on their way to Port Charles.

She told her mom, she would call when they have to port Charles. She looked over at Rex, who had been sleeping the past ten hours peacefully mind you, she poked him to wake him up they were at the cottage. She looked at the cottage she had purchased a week ago, leaving had been easier than she thought. Before she left she had put on her wedding rings, she wanted to feel as close as she could to Chris for her big move.

Moving to Port Charles with Rex seemed like a great idea; the town had a major corporation and a few bars she could work at. Natalie smiled when the small house came into view " Rex, Rex wake up" Rex yawned and opened his eyes "Are we there yet?" Natalie pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine, she sat in the car while Rex got out to get the luggage. A lot of thought went into her decision and her family tried to understand why she was leaving.

Natalie took a deep breath, opened her car door, looked up to the heavens and said "Okay Christian here we are" Rex looked up "Did you say something Nat?" " No, just finish getting out our stuff, I can't wait to see the inside of this place." Rex shrugged and continued to take things out of the car, wondering how much Natalie actually packed.

Natalie shut the car door and walked up to the house door she took out the car keys and a noise startled her and she watched as a man opened the door " I'm sorry, did I frighten you" " yea a little, um Rex can you come here a moment." Rex shut the trunk and walked over to his sister's side " what is going on Nat?" " Well it seems the house wasn't empty who are you" The man smiled "I'm sorry, where are my manners I'm Jax, and you must be Natalie Vega?" Rex stuck out his hand "I am Rex Balsam, Natalie' s brother" Jax shook his hand " I just wanted to make sure the house was all straightened out for you, I hope you enjoy staying here ". Jax handed Natalie copies of the keys and bid them farewell, he had to get home and see Courtney.

Natalie smiled as she handed her brother a set of keys." Here don't be losing this set of keys until I make a hundred copies" Rex gave her a hurt look "come on Nat, I'm not that bad" Natalie only rolled her eyes at her brother, then went into the new house that Rex and she was going to call there own.

This is all I have so far but there is more to comeā€¦.