Okay I admit I had to come up with a great cross over between GH/OLTL and I think I have.

Surrender- part two

I know I haven't updated this in I don't know how long so just so I get it right, I'm hoping for a Jax, Nat pairing. Rex can be hooked up with whom ever you like.

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Natalie, helped Rex opened up the U-haul and they took out al to of the smaller boxes. Rex placed a few of them labeled Nat's and Chris's in her bedroom. While she began unpacking some of the dishes and kitchen things. Natalie had to admit that the cottage was a lot nicer than the picture on the web had shown. Natalie found a letter sitting on the counter, from Jax.

: Mrs. Vega:

" I do hope that will find the cottage to your liking. I had a design crew go threw and fix it up for you, feel free to chain anything with out hurting my feelings. I hope you enjoy living in this cottage. If you need anything or have any questions about anything feel free to reach me at this number."

: Jasper Jax:

Jax had left his home number and cell phone number for her to call him. She placed the letter down and looked around the large living room. There were a lot of potted plants, a FICA tree in the corner. The couch was a wicker couch; the coffee table was a glass one. She has to tell Rex to be careful with it. She saw the picture that Rex took out and placed on the fireplace mantel. It was one of Christian, at the beach. Nat had taken a few pictures of him in the water, him, and the sunset. Then the next morning with the sunrise. She smiled sadly as she looked at it. It still bothered her that he was gone.

She heard Rex "ohhing and Ahhing " at different things in the cottage. She had to smile at that. She loved her brother Rex; he has come such along away from being a sneaky bastard. His girlfriend, Adreanna was not very happy that he moved out of town but, he did propose to her and of course she said yes. Much to Dorian's dismay.

" Hey Nat, did you see the back yard, now we can get a dog like you always wanted."

Nat smirked at his remark, she remembered driving Roxy crazy to have a dog. She just wanted this mutt that she feed baloney every day from her school lunches. She yawned before answering him.

" Rex, we aren't getting a dog yet, we have to find jobs and get use to life here, meet people, explore things."

Rex laughed "Wear out our welcome first?"

" Right, that's it, come on go take a shower, we are going to grab something to eat at this Port Charles grille. I'll go get ready and tomorrow we can finish unpacking." Nat told him.

She watched as her brother disappeared around the corner before walking towards her own room. She closed the door to her room. Leaned against the door, then sunk down. A few tears leaked out of the corner of her eyes, she wasn't sure if she made the right decision yet. What was she thinking, just uprooting her brother and not really knowing anything about this town? Yes it had been a year since Chris's death, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

She stood up and wiped her tears away, she opened one of her clothes boxes and grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, then went into her own, very beautiful bathroom. A woman had to have lived here before she thought to herself. The bathroom, was a soft teal and gold color? The towels were of the same thing. The shower was separate from the bath tube. She decided to use the shower, which was encasing in all glass walls.

An hour later she came out of the bathroom, to find Rex, sprawled out on the couch watching TV. He looked up at her with a smile.

" I was wondering what happened to you."

" Shut up I was admiring the bathroom, I'll show you tomorrow, ready to go?" Rex nodded and grabbed the keys off of the counter, where Natalie left them.

Natalie stopped in mid-step " We haven't a clue on how to get there."

" I'm sure we will find it, come on I'm starved." Rex laughed.


It took them forty-five minutes but they found it. Natalie looked at the building in awe.

" It is almost like Renee's place huh?"

" Yeah, but this place seems bigger."

Rex parked the car; they both made their way to the door. The doorman looked at the two of them oddly. Natalie started to get a bad feeling about this. But Rex grabbed her elbow and led her straight over to the Host 's desk. The host walked over to them.

" I'm sorry, we aren't hiring right now."

Rex gave him a scowl " No, see we are here not for a job, but a meal."

The Host gave them a distasteful looks once more " Sir, we do not give handouts."

Natalie almost laughed, it wasn't the first time that people mistaken them for homeless people. Then a gentleman walked up next to the host and looked at Natalie and Rex.

" Mrs. Vega, Mr. Balsam. I didn't think you'd finish up packing that quickly."

Natalie recognized the accent and put on her best smile " Jax, hi um well we didn't finish unpacking, but we can do it tomorrow".

The Host suddenly realized his mistake "I'm sorry, how many?"

"Two, unless you would like to join us Jax" Rex invited. He noticed the way Natalie looked at the tall blonde.

" Thank you but no, I have to get home and some research in before a meeting tomorrow. Hopefully I'll see you again." Natalie watched Jax leave the dinning room, as the host walked them over to a table.

" I am very sorry about the embarrassment earlier, please except us comping your meal tonight and I can assure you it will not happen again." Natalie smiled sweetly at the mortified man.

As soon as the man walked away, Nat leaned over the table and looked at her brother, who seemed unfazed by the whole thing. He looked up from his menu at his concerned sister.

" What's wrong?"

Natalie didn't say anything yet "Rex, we never should of come here, I mean look at these people dressed up for dinner. "

" Nat, no one is ever looking over here, lets just eat and leave your name at the front desk so they know who you are next time. Tomorrow we can go exploring and everyone will know who you are."

Natalie smiled and looked around the room, at the couple, who had just walked in. It was an older man and a younger looking woman; they were seated right next to them. The older man looked over at Natalie.

" Good evening." he greeted.

Natalie blushed and looked away, while Rex decided to introduce himself

" Hi, I'm Rex Balsam and this is Natalie Buchanan, we just moved into the small cottage down the way."

The older man smiled "I am Allen Quartermaine and this is my wife Monica. Welcome to Port Charles."

Monica looked at the younger adults " Would you like to join us."

Rex flashed his best smile at Monica " Maybe another time Mrs. Quartermaine. But thank you."

He turned his attention back to his sister "What?" he asked innocently.

Natalie shook her head " You are unbelievable, Rex" she started to smile at her brother. A waiter came over and took their orders. They sat and enjoyed their hamburgers in peace while the rest of the room started to wonder whom the newcomers were.

So it is a little cheesy, but I liked it…