It had been a week now that Angel had regained his soul and he was still mopey about the whole Faith thing, Loren had come up with a solution "let's have a night out, the evilness has slowed Cordelia is normal again what do you say"? Fred looked at her green, red eyed and horned friend " I think that is a great idea" she picked up the telephone and called Gunn and Wesley. She was grinning " it's a go" Loren studied Fred's face and wondered where the lines around her eyes and mouth came from, either they were from the world she was trapped in or from Gunn.

He realized she was talking to him " uh that sounds great I'll round up Angel and Conner, you find cordelia and get her showered and dressed by nine okay " Fred nodded and watched Loren walk out the door. Fred stifled a yawn as she thought of the long night a head and hopefully the evil things will take a break tonight. A shrill ringing noise brought Fred back to reality " angel investigations, we help the helpless how can I help you" there was silence." hello? This is Fred " finally a voice answered her " May I speak to Charles Gunn " the voice sounded like tiny little bells in the wind and it was so soothing," I'm sorry he is not here right now, if I could get your name…" the line went dead and Fred being totally confused hung up the phone and left a note for Gunn "a woman called for you but would not leave a name" .She put the note in his mail slot, and turned to go up stairs wake Cordelia up.

Back in Sunnydale

" Well Charles was not around, I guess we bust up the feeding ground by ourselves" said Sara. Reese turned around to face her sister " did you try Faith or Buffy" Sydney laughed "yeah right call the girl who can't kill Spike because he is a soul bearing fang using vampire and you want me to call her, Faith is helping her out, so yes we are on our own". Sydney opened a huge cedar chest and the smell of mothballs hit her square in the face " ugh who put those things in here" Reese laughed at the sight of her sisters face " not me but I bet that smell would kill any Vampire".

The two young women rummaged through the chest and took out stakes. Crossbows, mini stakes with a blowgun plus one blowtorch " well I guess we are all set, go change and we'll go. Hey Reese don't take all night because the vamps don't care what you look like when they kill you" Sydney yelled after her sister, knowing Reese would actually take a shower, do her hair and make-up while singing. Sydney took 15 min to get ready, she never really wore make-up or curled her hair, just threw it up in a ponytail, and she was ready to go. Just as she thought an hour later, Reese reappeared, swishy pants, Raiders Jersey, sketcher sneakers, her hair puffed, and a great effort in her make-up. Sydney wore almost the same thing except she was wearing a Dolphin's jersey "all right lets grab our coats load them up and head out" Sydney grabbed the leather jackets and unzipped a compartment then placed mini stakes in them, Jenn did the same. The two grabbed their bags and coats then walked out the door to the cars awaiting them outside and took off down the street.

Back in Los Angeles

Fred was successful in getting Coredelia up and going but she was having a hard time finding something to wear. " Fred I made reservations at the new restaurant / bar The Buffaloian for 10pm". Fred turned around and stared at Cordelia, who was wearing a gold dress, her hair up in curls, make -up was flawless plus she was holding a green gown for Fred "wow Cordelia, you look gorgeous" Cordelia smiled at her "thank you but now its your turn. We are going to spruce you up " Cordelia closed the door and got started making Fred into a queen.

Downstairs Loren, Angel , Conner, and Gunn walked into the hotel , Loren turned and studied them " you guys seriously need a shower and dress nice, I guess Cordelia is upstairs with Fred and she has made reservations for the Buffaliaon , so like I said dress nice." Gunn studied the note on the counter and asked Loren "where you hear when this call came in for me?" " No I had already left, now come on Wesley went to get the flowers for the girls, 9 PM is the dead line." The people looked at Loren " come on Angel Cordelia will go all weird on you if you're not ready in time." Conner, Gunn, and Angel went to get ready, Loren picked up the note Gunn read " well you have one on the side you lucky dog" he put down the note went upstairs, even though he was a demon Loren like to cleaning up every once in a while.

Back in SunnyDale

Sydney pulled into the parking lot first then her sister, Sydney frowned when she saw her sister yawning " hey sleeping beauty knock it off, you should have taken a nap like I told you, besides its only 7:30 PM" Reese gave her sister a dirty look ". Sydney be quite I'll get my second wind soon, besides why do we have to be here so early?" Sydney grabbed her coat and crossbow " Reese, if you put half the energy in your power that you do in complaining you would rule the world. Now do your thing and let's go." Sydney closed her trunk and waited for her sister to do the magic, Reese grabbed her staff and walked two feet from the cars turned around and chanted " let no evil eyes lay upon you" the \two cars vanished before their eyes.

Sydney shook her head knowing the chanted was not really needed to make the cars vanish. The two walked to the door and looked at the bouncer, who was a Vamp but never gave them a reason to kill him, nor did he know what they did. His name was Craig and has been the bouncer for years, he smile at them and let them walk in the Bronze was still the high school hang out and the bands were still way too loud. If anyone were to be attacked, no one else would hear him or her and the same went for the slaying. Reese walked up to the bar and ordered two beers, Sydney gave her a disapproving look " well you don't want me to get all dehydrated now do you?" Reese scoffed and left one beer behind on the bar while she followed her sister.

Sydney started to survey the room carefully, looking over every person including the band members. Reese smiled and flirted with patrons as usual trying to probe into their minds, if they were human they would be able to detect her, but Vampires could not. She kept an eye on Sydney as she kept working the crowd. "Hey how you doing?" Reese turned around and was pleasantly surprised when it was Zanier standing before her." hey what are you doing here I thought you were too old for this place now" Zanier glanced around the room " Nah tonight I'm dining out", Reese jumped back as Zander's face morphed into a Vampire state "oh my God" said Reese as she dodged his attack. The commotion grabbed Sydney attention; she leapt from the balcony down to the pool table, snatched up a pool stick, and broke it in half. She then threw half at Reese but Zander caught it instead and again lunged at Reese " away" Reese held out her hand towards Zander and an invisible force threw him across the room. Sydney looked at her sister " I thought you could do that without the talking" Reese shrugged and held out her hand and summoned her beer. When she turned around the rest of bar came alive with Vampires and Sydney for the moment was holding her own, as she kicked a Vamp in the neck and drove a stake into it chest.

Reese tried to summon a fireball but nothing happened, a voice from behind answered her question " no magic will work in here" she smiled at the bartender and grinned wider when he disappeared into thin dust "thanks Sydney". Sydney gave the signal to retreat, but it was too late the bouncer had been alerted to the girls. He went into some Tai-wan -do movements and Sydney matched him blow for blow, while Reese tried everything she could to help her sister, then it came to her "let the sun enter this darkness". The room shook and the room filled with the most radiant light, scaring the Vampires into the darkness. The two walked out into the darkness " nice going Reese scare them right off the bat no pun intended" " What does that mean, how was I supposed to know Zander was turned." Sydney snorted at her remark " There is a reason I tell you not to drink and slay" Reese did not want to hear it, so she uncovered the cars so to speak got in hers and sped off. Sydney heaved a sigh and followed her.

Los Angeles

Loren was the first one done with the whole cleaning up and boy did he clean up good, Coredlia, and Fred were the next two people to come down. Cordelia in her gold gown and curly hair just beautiful she turn towards the stairs "Now, I would like to present Fred" Fred came down dressed green and gold gown with white babies breath in her hair. Loren was blown away " Wow two angels standing before me." "Where are the guys, come on lets get a move on it" Cordelia spied Fred and Loren heading towards the kitchen " hey where do you think your going?" "Well Cordy we are a bit famished" Cordelia's attention went back to the stairs were the men were standing " You guys look great, no one would know you were a Vampire, a Vampire's son, a Vampire slayerish, and a rogue watcher".

The men grumbled some comment as they came down the stairs; Loren reappeared with a bouquet in each arm he handed the lilies to Fred and the roses to Cordelia " oh my these are just lovely" the girls said in unison. Angel opened the front door and there sat a limo. Angel looked around the room " well I guess we are all set " he closed the door behind him, walked to the limo, and opened the door for Cordy, when a silver car came to a screeching halt. A red haired girl climbed out yelling Gunn's name, Gunn turned around and a huge smile appeared on his face " Reese how are you ". He studied the girl she was bruised and bloody, Cordelia wrinkled her nose and started to whine "great now we are going to be late." Reese turned and looked at Cordelia, she stuck out her hand " hi I'm Reese you must be…." " Late" Cordy interrupted, Reese rolled her eyes "anyway Sydney and I had a fight again so could I stay here until she figures out to come here" Cordelia began to whine again but Reese just uttered one word "quiet".

Cordelia looked like she was shocked that no word came out of her mouth, Reese turned her attention back towards Gunn "so can I stay" he nodded "you can stay but try not to kill your sister when she does get here" "thank you " Gunn gave Angel a " she's one of us " looks. Angel opened the door and Reese stepped inside waved her hand in Cordelia's direction, which allowed Cordelia to talk once more. Angel pushed her into the limo before she could say anything else.

Reese watched as the limo drove away then kicked back at Angel's desk when she drifted off to sleep. When she woke, she was almost surprised not to find her sister nagging about something. Reese stretched and yawned, every muscle hurt from earlier; she lifted the telephone to call Sara when there was a knock at the front door. Reese grabbed a sword off the wall then stopped and looked at it " okay maybe this Angel guy is a collector", but in the back of her mind she knew better. Cautiously she moved towards the door " may I blend into the darkness" she vanished into the wall, she then opened the door slightly. Two Vampires pushed the door wider and Reese watched from her spot, as two more Vamps walked in followed by a Werewolf and then a black haired woman stepped into view. Reese held her breath, she recognized the woman as Drucilla, one of the most powerful Vampire. It was rumored that Spike had killed her instead of Buffy, but then Reese never actually saw her before. Drucilla walked gingerly over the marble floor "mmm smell that? This is where Angel lives with his humans" she turn towards one of her guards " search the place and see if you can find the girls." Drucilla leaned over and unhooked the Werewolf's leash "go find the humans" the werewolf sniffed the air and started to look in Reese direction, she placed the sword down and began to run, the beast heard the steel on the floor but couldn't detect Reese. Drucilla had walked outside and was waiting to hear her victim's screams. Reese ran up the stairs and into a room then sealed it, then chanted a deodorizing spell and hoped for the best.