Frost sat patiently as he watched Sydney wake up, she looked very pale and weak. Sydney looked at the very pale man sitting in the chair " Okay now that you have me when are you going to kill me?" she asked . Frost chuckled at her question "I am not going to kill you, not yet anyway, you are going to help me take your sister's power" Sydney laughed which made winced " help you steal her powers? Right, she will come here to save me and I'll attack her. What makes you think that I'll hurt her?" Frost stood up and grabbed her hair " don't try my patients my dear , I don't truly need you to get your sister" Sydney pulled away and got to her feet " my sister would kill me first" " well I guess that is a chance I'll have to take".

He walked to the door and summoned Drucilla " take her to my chambers and dress her in the grown, I'll be there shortly to make her have a change of heart". Drucilla smiled wickedly at Sydney " so much time so little people to turn, come dear I'll make you all pretty for your big day" she grabbed Sydney's arm and lead her away. Frost could taste the blood as she was taken away, he couldn't wait to split the two sister's open and take the power from them.

Sydney was lead into a brightly lite room and Drucilla handed her the long black gown " he bought this for you". Sydney took the gown and threw it onto the floor " like I am going to wear that". Frost walked into the room " what seems to be the problem " he asked as he threw some dust on her putting her into a trance" Now dress her and fix up the parlor, I want this to be perfect. Reese will be here soon I can feel it." Drucilla removed Sydney's clothes and dressed her in the black gown " your sister left you here to die, that is why she hasn't come for you yet love and she won't either. Frost will turn you and Reese will be forced to kill you and Frost will kill Reese what a Glorious day". Sydney could not move her arms or legs nor could she speak, but some how she had to warn Reese before it was to late. Sydney closed her eyes and tried to call out to Reese.

Reese still sat at the table while Cordy and Fred were cleaning up, suddenly she felt her sister calling to her. She left the table and quietly snuck past the two girls. She stuck her head into the lobby there Wesley and Angel were studying the page on the computer, she saw Angel lift his head and look in her direction." clock shield me from prying eyes" she became transparent and slowly walked towards the door, she walked right threw the door and started on her quest to find her sister.

Only she never noticed Lorne watching her . Lorne wondered why she made herself invisable and decided to follow her. Cordelia turned to find Reese gone and panic set in " Angel, Wesley she is gone" "how far do you think she has gotten". Angel's attention was broken by Wesley's findings " Angel we have to find and save the two girls they apparently the Keepers of the sources evil power". Cordelia was very confused "wait ,are you telling me those two are holding inside their bodies extremely evil powers and a vampire has them this can not be good". Wesley frowned " I'm afriad Reese holds more power than Sydney but because they use their powers for good it does not affect them as it would a vampire and only Sydney can unleash it".

Angel was the first one to speak up " We have to find Reese befroe Sydney does ". Wesley , Gunn, Fred, Cordelia and Conner stood speechless for what seemed like a long time , Conner vuleenteered to go look for Reese . " yeah the bad guys will never know we are loking for her" Cordelia thought that was the stupidiest thing Conner had ever said " excuse me don't you think it wouild be easier if Conner and I went then Angel and Fred went an hour later because we all together are not hard to miss" Wesley nodded in agreement " I'll stay behind to find a spell to keep the power from being transferred to anything evil, gunn you can be the bait". It seemed like a pretty good plan but nobody exspected it to fail as badly as it and Cordelia left an hour later , Angel and Fred headed out Fred announed how nervous she was "Angel do you think that even if Sydney gets turned that Reese will kill her own sister" she noticed Angel was just asa tense as she was " I don't know Fred , I don't know". They kept walking down the street keeping their eyes and ears open.

Frost walked into the parlor and grinned when he saw Drucilla and Sydney " well it shouldn't be too much longer my dear, I suspect your sister will be along shortly to walk into this haven of darkness, she'll fight you and the source will be retsored". Sydney didn't want to show anyone how scared she really was, she had a feeling all was not going to end well.

Reese kept to the dark shadows of LA and questioned every demon she came across, she smiled for she could sense the Host following her. Lorne really wished he hadn't noticed her sneaking out of the hotel. Reese finally saw what she was loking for ,in front of her stood a mansion almost like the one Spike used to live in. reese noticed how quiet it was even for predusk she also saw Cordelia and Connor to her left "alright come on out". Connor was impressed she saw him " how did yo uknow I was there?" " because Lorne is about 20 feet behind me, I'm not going back either." She opened the door and two vampires were standing there " we have been waiting for you, follow us if you want your sister". She signaled to Connor to stay put " send Cordelia and Lorne back to the hotel, but you can stand right there". Connor nodded, he respected the fact that she was being very brave and turned to Cordelia " lets go find Lorne then the two of you go back to the hotel". Reese took a very deep breath before she followed the two vampires which one she recognized from the hotel. They walked her into a well designed room and she felt weakened by the scene in the room " Sydney are you okay" Sydney smiled ." I'm as okay as I can be I guess" she tried to smile to make Reese feel better but she knew that both of them would die before the week was out. Drucilla still sat next to Sydney and Reese watched in horror as Drucilla put an IV into her arm, two guards edged closer to Reese. Frost turned around in the lounge chair he was in " Well, well, Reese how nice of you to watch me turn your sister into a vampire just like the rest of us". Reese could control her angry ,fear, any longer she lept forward lunging for frost and Drucilla flipped a switch releasing Sydney's blood and replaceing it with vampire blood. Sydney started to slump forward, she could feel herself slipping away. She was not terrified anymore just sad in the way she was going to die. Reese was punching and kicking her way forward leaving piles of dust in her path and keeping an eye on Sydney. She never noticed Frost coming towards her , he grabbed her hair and yanked her to her knees in front of Sydney " you failed to save your sister what's next Reese". Reese watched as her sister became a blood sucking demon.

Outside Connor decided he waited long enough, he charged inside and was shocked at the sight before him. He raised his crossbow and started firing out arrows. Frost let go of Reese and grabbed Drucilla and Sydney then disapeared. Reeese started to follow them but she got clubbed on the side of her head dropping her to the ground then the room cleared out with Connor hot on their trail.

Angel and Cordelia finally found the where Lorne and Fred said the Mansion. Cordelia felt a chill go up her arm " Angel something is very wrong here" Angel didn't say anything but he could smell the blood in the house they stepped inside causously and Cordelia stood in shock at the piles of dust on the ground then her eyes went to a motionless body on the ground ,as she got closer she recognized Reese's body " Angel look". Angel looked to where Cordelia was pointing on the ground, he went over to Reese's body and felt a pulse which was a good sign " we have to get her out of here" as he lifted the woman up cordelia noticed the darked bruise on the side of her head, "Angel she might not wake up judging from that bruise she has". Angel did not offer a response all he knew was he had to save the world again. He saw the worry in Coredlia's eyes and wished he could make the worry dissapear. The ride back to the hotel was quiet but Cordelia knew something was bothering Angel " hey she'll be fine, she has massive powers right"? " It is not that Cordy, the sister's have to have the same amount of physical strength to keep their powers save, and right now it is not. Which means as of right now Sydney is stronger and I have to turn her to make Reese stronger" Angel kept his eyes in front of him not wanting to look at Cordelia " oh" she said glummly. Once back at the hotel Angel carefully brought Reese in and laid her on the couch then went into the kitchen to tell the others his decission to turn Reese into a vampire. Wesley unlike the rest was not shocked at his news " Angel is right she has to be strong enough to defeat her sister and Frost" . Gunn wasn't sure how he felt but connor had no problem voicing his thoughts " well Dad I guess you get to be the hero again, but who will stake her when she gets out of control, because I know you will not be able to",Angel ignored his son's angry out burst. Fred hadn't said anything since coming back to the hotel, Angel looked at the time and he was tired " well the rest of you I need you to go to Caratis to questions the cliential , I'll sit up with Reese unti lshe wakes up then I'll change her" "Angel wait won't she be evil then she might just kill us instead of her sister" Fred asked Connor spoke up" If that happens I'll take the two out". Noone said anything for a few moments then it was Gunn who offered to break the tention " well dogs I'm heading out, Angel good luck with the whole vampire changing thing" the rest of the gang followed behind Gunn.

Angel went back to where Reese was and carried her up to his bedroom, he laid her in his bed and sat down beside her. Reese could feel his hand caressing her cheek and opened her eyes, Angel tried to smile at her but he couldn't " I look that bad huh?" this made him smile " yep" " so have you made you decission yet" Angel nodded. Reese , despite her pain sat up and touch his face " don't worry my soul is stronger than my body" and she gently placed her lips to his. Angel was swept up by her display of bravery and returned her kiss more urgently. Reese pulled away and pulled the covers away and then patted the surface . Angel lay next to her, Reese turned her back to him and he could feel the warm from her warm body even though their clothes were still on, he wondered how she had come to this idea with out even heisatating for one moment. He moved closer to her and whispered "roll over to face me, I won't hurt you I promise" Reese turned over looking into those soulful brown eyes and exsposed her neck to him " Angel if this goes very badly you have to take the two of us out don't worry about where the power will go". He could hear her heart beating and couldn't believe how calm she was , unti lhe started kissing her neck her breathing became ragged " Reese relax , I'll be right here with you " her tenseness vanished and she nuzzled closer to him. Angel put on his "grr" face and quickly but gently sank his teeth into her soft neck, she let out a tiny gasp but that was the last noise she made. He felt exlierated to feel her warm powerfilled blood flow into his mouth, he drew her closer with his free arm and could feel her strength fading away and her heart slowly almost to stop. Reese smiled knowing she was saving the world one last time. Angel withdrew his fangs and rolled her over onto her back, he slashed his lower arm and lifted her up enough to drink his blood, Reese accepted it but in the back of her mind wondered if what she was really doing was wrong. Angel finally slid out of the bed, he stood above Reese and prayed she wouldn't have to be killed in the end but he knew better. Reese closed her eyes so Angel wouldn't see the excruiating pain she was having accepting the vampire's blood in her body. Angel decided to go wait down stairs for the change to complete itself.

Gunn was worried since Angel hadn't called yet and they did not gat anywhere with the demons. "yo Wes, what happens if the sources powers are let loose" Wesley grumbled at the questions " then this time the humans will be the lesser race" Fred shuddered at the thought of being a slave again " Angel will take care of everything don't worry" Cordelia said out loud, trying to ressure herself along with everyone at the table. " I wouldn't count on it" the gang turned around to see Sydney, gone was the petite ,sweet, long blond haired girl. There stood a demon in the human shell of Sydney " where is my cowardly sister she most likely left you and Angel too, nothing is going to stop Frost". Lorne grabbed a mic " just a reminder there is no violence is not tolerated in this bar lady". The vampire looked at Fred and grabbed her arm, Fred squeaked in alarm " don't worry brainiac I'm not going to kill you yet". Gunn wanted to stake Sydney right there but Caratis was avery peacefulful bar. They watched in horror as Sydney took Fred out of the bar. Sydney dragged Fred to where Frost was waiting " Fred I have heard so much about you" Fred was not liking anything about her situation " What do you want with me " Frost let loose a very evil laugh into the darkness " Call Angel and find out how Miss Reese is doing" he handed her his cell phone, she took the cell phone and dailed the hotels numbewr . Angel picked up on the first ring " Angel, it's Fred is Reese already to go?" Angel could tell something was wrong " are you in treouble Fred?" "oh really she is that bad huh?"Angel knew she was in trouble " Fred led them here" and he hung up the phone. Fred sighed and Frost grabbed her hair and licked her neck " so she's up and running , take us there". Fred got into Wesley's truck and found the extra keys, started it up and watched in dismay as Frost cast a spell over the bar so noone could leave. She drove away with Frost and Sydney not far behind.

Angel went upstairs and found Reese still lying in the bed with a 'grr' face and eyes closed " Reese wake up Sydney is on her way" reese opened her eyes amazed at her new eye sight then looked at Angel " Thank you Angel but I can take it from here". Angel highly doubted it but left the bed room when she lifted the blanket and laughed for the first time in a long time " oh you have no idea what you have done" Angel got a chill down his back from Reese's non human voice. Reese streched and smiled "okay where is my loving sister". Angel took a few steps back to somewhat admire his work, Reese noticed " so what do you think?" he smiled for the first time in a while.

Fred drove like she was off to the races, she pulled the truck up to the curb and jumped out to run into the hotel but Frost grabbed her hair and pulled her back " Now where did think you were going there Fred"? Frost dragged her to his car and put her in with Drucilla "in case you get hungry waiting for us" Fred cowered away from the vampires. Frost helped Sydney out of the car and they walked towards the doors which opened on their own.

Angel looked out the window " okay show time Reese" he turned around to see Reese already gone "I'll just go rescue Fred" he said out loud to no one. Reese decened down the stairs and with a tiny wave of her hand the front doors slammed shut and the lights came on " I like to see what the scum of the earth looks like before I kill him". Frost's eyes shined like red rubies " oh you won't be killing anyone today, it is you that is going to die, do you remember Sydney." Sydney not only changed in appearance but also in personality also "Reese why don't you just give up and make this easier on yourself " Sydney hissed. Reese walked towards Frost and motioned at him, he was thrown across the hotel and slammed him into a vase. Sydney looked at her sister " what's wrong Sydney, I was always the stronger one, want to test me" Sydney threw a punch at Reese, who grabbed her sisters hand before it even struck her and threw her agianst the wall "stay" Sydney found herself trapped agianst the wall. She watched asReese grabbed Frost and walked outside to where Angel stood with Fred " So I see you saved Fred now what should we do with him?" Fred shrank away from Reese " well we have to go free Gunn, Wesley and the rest". Angel grabbed Frost "I'll handle that if you can take care of the rest" Reese smiled " I'll take care of this mess Sydney is trapped agianst the wall thanks to a spell in the hotel, so by the time you get back we'll be ready to take on Mr. Man here". Angel threw Frost in the truck " Fred stay here with Reese". He drove off to free the rest of his friends, who hopefully would be happy to see him.

Back at Caratis Wesley found a spell to reverse Frost's spell , but they all decided to stay there just incase something happened. Gunn kept looking at the door and was very relieved to see Angel walking in but not to thrilled to see Frost. Gunn glared at Frost "man you are lucky we are in here and not outside other wise I'd stake your ass". Frost laughed and broke free of Angel's grip then ran out into the night. Wesley looked at Angel "now why did we just let him go?" "Reese and Sydney will take care of him so let's go home". Cordelia , who had been quiet for awhile now spoke up " so how bad is the mess at home" Angel knew what she meant " not too bad I mean the hotel is still standing". He looked around " hey where is Connor" Wesley and Gunn survayed the room " he must have snuck out when we lifted the spell". Lorne walked over to his friends " hey kids I think I heard him say he was going back to the hotel to finish cleaning up the mess". Angel looked at the rest of them and they all ran out,hopped into the truck and took off towards the hotel, leaving Lorne wondering what he said that made them move so fast.

Connor opened the front door and was some what surprised that the hotel was not a mess, he did see Sydney imprisoned on the wall. She sat quietly and watched Connor approach her. Connor went to the cabinet where his father's crossbow was kept, he took aim at Sydney ,but before he could squeeze the trigger the crossbow was ripped out of his hands by an unseen force. Unseen that is until he turned around and saw reese come into view with Fred by her side. Fred did not appear to be afriad of the vampires before them " Connor can you just relax, the girls are not the ones we are up agianst" Connor smirked " they are vampires aren't they?" Reese held something in her hand and threw it onto the ground. Connor was very surprised, there on the floor was her incisor teeth " you pulled out your fangs" Reese smiled "yep we both did.' Sydney stood up and stepped away from the wall " Connor you have to trust us some day" Connor only shook his head and walked away.

Angel and the rest of the gang walked in and sat down, angel looked at the teeth laying on the floor "are those your teeth?" the girls both nodded " well that is one way to take care of the problem". Wesley and Gunn just looked at each otherr and shrugged , Cordy took a look at the teeth on the carpet " that is kind of gross, did it hurt" Sydney picked up the teeth " it did smart for awhile but then I, became numb in the mouth".