Second Chances

He didn't really think he was fooling her, did he?

He walked right in front of her roof cameras--all seven of them--and in a full moon, no less. Bruce would be disappointed.

Barbara smirked at the monitor, watching the blue and black costumed figure turn and wave at her. He wasn't even trying.

She went back to her work--cracking a system for Dinah's next job--and didn't even turn at the soft sound of padding feet behind her.

"You're losing your touch, Short Pants," she said.

"This apartment's harder to break into," he said. He leaned on the edge of her desk and peeled off his mask. She smiled, glad she'd be talking to Dick rather than Nightwing.

"I had Clark help me," she said. Awkward silence followed. Barbara sometimes wondered how they--Bruce, Dick, Tim and Cass--felt about her move to Metropolis. Whether they saw it as a betrayal. "So what brings you here?" she asked.

"Well, you know..." He grinned and shrugged. "'Tis the season."

She rolled back in her chair and raised an eyebrow at him. "It's February, Dick. Christmas is long gone."

"It's not the only holiday to give presents," he said. His voice shook a little, and she realized he was nervous. Dick nervous?

He reached into his belt and pulled something out, a small, vermillion box. A ring box. She gasped and looked up at him. It wasn't...?

He opened it, revealing the diamond ring inside. "Give me another chance?"