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Hahaha I just realized that I put the same poem in twice. But now it is fixed, and this one is one of my favorites so now it is first! It's centered around the whole concept of " The Promised Land" and, well you'll see when you read it! Now a reviewer (to lazy to look up name, sorry:) I know it's Shadow something) said that I could add on their poetry, and I just thought that was a cool idea!

So any poets out there who want their poetry put on this fic, just email me at and I'll be happy to post them! As long as it doesn't suck... lol but I'm sure it won't

Well... Read on!

The Losing of Paradise

Strands of chestnut hair

Ripple in the wake of her grave

Emerald eyes, wide open

Is it Paradise lost or Paradise saved?


A frozen smile foreshadows frozen dreams

A string knotted around the neck

A promise...a reminder

To never, don't ever, forget

Someday we may find peace,

In Paradise


Where is the land that was promised to us?

Overflowing with flowers, brimming in hope

Has bliss been deemed too good for us?

Enshrouded in sin, and so many regrets

Doomed to experience all except,



Dead and gone, dead and gone

A candle smothered by fierce, infinite winds

Promises still linger on cold dead lips

A whisper dies on cold dead lips

"Alas, is this Paradise?"


Clean and soft, the pink hem of her dress

Strays across my vision and I almost forget

That I am alone, yes,once again

And... there is no Paradise


Drowning in lugubrious guilt

I wallow in her bottomless crypt

And my voice cries out, expressing

Longing and lilt

"Without you, there is no Paradise!"


Oh, how I want to be saved

To be loved

For once protected and never afraid

No one is alone

In Paradise


Engulf me in sweet, incessant light

Illuminating the shadows

That veil, my eyes

Bathe me in welcoming warmth

Burn my cold and sinful heart

Lead us, lead me

To Paradise


Lift me above my own suffering

Resurrect my soul

Forgive my flaws

Free me of reliving past woes

Crying, together we'll walk

And our laughter will chime

Like a bell

"At last"

We'll cry


Did you like it? Like me? Did you hate it? Hate me? I am welcome to any critism, compliements, definitely I welcome long reviews, submissions, or other comments of any type. Hopefully someday, we'll find our paradise