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Hello again! I have to say, I am really happy about this poem. It's based on the whole Sephiroth Cloud relationship, and how he controls Cloud. It's a little cryptic at parts, but forgive me since the ideas were just flowing, and it felt right.

Hope you enjoy it!


Finger to finger

Thread, intertwined

Something still lingers

Yes, something still pines

Just, don't forget

"You're a Puppet"


Wooden joints creak

With every forced step

Glass eyes, they reek

Of sap and of sweat

Just, don't forget

"You're a Puppet"


Pale hands mesh

Cold wires that slice

Deep, deep, into flesh

'Round wrists--Too tight!

Just, don't forget

"You're a Puppet"


Hanging, unwilling

From heartstrings, tautly bound

By the master's glad bidding

The mouth moves, not a sound

Just, don't forget

"You're a Puppet"


A splintering smile

Blue globes, wide with fear

A death comes, so vile

A dummy with tears?

No, no don't forget!

"You're a Puppet!"


The knotted cords loosen

The slave--free at last

Clutches death, now translucent

The clouded days past

No, no! no regrets!

"You're my Puppet!"


The master struggles, bewildered

Knuckles tangled in twine

The dummy stands, unhindered

No longer blind

Please, please don't forget

"You're a Puppet"


Wrists bleeding, mind reeling

Mouth grimly set

The shadow's thinking and feeling

"Now...now, do you fret?

"I'm no puppet"


Isn't it grand?

Isn't it fitting?

The master, to die

By it's shadow's kind dealing

Yet, it'll never forget

Hands woven--a net

And the poignant cry

"How? Why?… You're a Puppet!"

Whew! I think the middle parts my favorite. I never like my poem's endings, because I feel like I have so much more to say! Submit any of your own poetry idf you like, or ask me to review yours or whatever.

Review and critique! Even if you have nothing to say, I like to feeling that people have read it :p