Don't look-

Is one of my earlier idea that never made it to here until now.

Disclaimer- I only came up with jenna the rest I do not own.

She watched him as he crossed the street, his feet keeping in time with her chewing her gum. He turned around and studied the people around him, there was a girl sitting on a bench rapidly chewing her gum, wearing dark sunglasses and a light green fleece coat. To his left was an elderly man using a walker to across the street? Jason looked at the girl was again but she was gone invisible to the human eye. First he thought it was Nikki but she would be stupid to follow him and she knew it. He looked over his shoulder and stopped walking, there was the woman again, she had stopped to talk to a newspaper stand vendor then looked right and him, and smiled, she then turned her attention back to the vendor. Jason studied her, chin length red and blond streaked hair, dark eyes, a long red fuzzy coat, black winter boots, and a pair of loose fitting jeans. He noticed she was still chewing her gum like a cow chewing it cud. He shook his head and told himself not to be so on edge, she was probably being friendly when she smiled at him, but Nikki told him about the Chestshire cat, the cat in Alice in Wonderland always smiling but had an evil agenda.

When he looked again she had disappeared from sight, taking a very deep breath he continued on walking down the street. The woman who was following Jason had to smile, Nikki told her he would keep an on her once he realized that she had been following him. Nikki was worried that Jason would snap after Marie's death, which was a horrible mistake. So Nikki put Jenna on his trail to make sure that he didn't snap.

It was a cold winter day in the big apple and Jenna decided to stop following Jason in the open for awhile, other wise she might get caught by him and then have to beat him up to get away. Jenna might be small but she could take a full-grown man like Jason down with out breaking a sweat. Jenna stopped at the Macys window and looked inside as Jason was on the other side of the street going into a coffee café. He sat down at the table nearest to the window so he could see any problems happening.

He was looking for the woman that had been following him then disappeared, she blended well into a crowd better than he did and looked like she belonged in NYC. He took out the picture of Marie and him on the beach, " Can I get you anything sir" a waitress had asked him, she was taller with shoulder length hair and sea blue eyes " sure a cup of coffee black" she went back behind the counter and poured the coffee and laced it in front of him " will that be all?" he nodded and the waitress went to another table.

Again he looked at the picture Marie was so full of life and fun, he remembered the first time her saw her arguing with the teller at bank, so full of personality, then how he asked her to drive him to Paris and she wanted to stay with him the rest of the way. It boggled his mind at how caring and sweet she was to him, never asking him if he remembered anything unless he looked like he did.