Summary: Harry gets saved from the Dursleys the dreaded potions accident Confusion.

Is it Harry being saved from the Dursleys? And who is doing the saving? SSHP (Changes half way through OOTP)

Warning: Will be slash (malexmale, yaoi, guys getting it on), mentions of abuse, a tiny, tiny amount of self harm, and a lot of confusion as to who is who. (I have a beta now who is going over the chapters from chapter 1.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, technically I don't even own the beginning of the plot as it's borrowed from a few favoured scenarios mushed together :P

Chapter 1

It was a little less than two weeks before the end of Harry's fifth year. It had been a surprisingly quiet year, with only the incident with Dolores Umbridge and the formation of Dumbledore's Army to break things up. An increase in visions from Voldemort was the only indication of the new uprising of the Dark Lord. There had been a few close calls, such as the vision of Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries, but luckily, when Harry had foolishly run headlong into danger, everyone had reacted quickly enough to keep anything too terrible from happening.

In the end, Harry had found out about the prophesy, followed by an explanation and then a long rant from Snape about his incompetence, the danger of his actions and the importance of Occlumency. Surprisingly, Sirius had been right alongside the potion's master, for once united. Harry didn't stop to enjoy the irony that James Potter's son had been the one to bring the two together; he had been too hurt by Sirius's betrayal. Harry had only been trying to save his Godfather, after all.

That had given life to another long lecture on Harry's hero complex, and Harry had left Dumbledore's office feeling very small. He had been avoiding everyone for days, dwelling on just how much his hero complex had affected everyone.

He should have noticed it in the first year, when he had run off to save Hermione from the Troll. Sure, the adventure had ended with the three of them becoming fast friends, but one of them could have been injured, or even killed. The mere thought of going through the past five years of school without Hermione or Ron beside him sent shivers down his spine. Not only had he endangered them once in the first year, but he had repeatedly dragged them into danger, past the Cerberus and the other tests, and then directly to Voldemort himself.

The second year wasn't any better; he and his friend had almost been Obliviated by a halfwit, then later nearly digested by an overgrown snake.

Third year, his antics had almost gotten him killed again, this time by a werewolf and Dementors. Not only that, but his classmates had been in danger as well.

Fourth year. He'd tried to avoid broaching that subject, but it kept creeping back: the graveyard, the fear, the combined stench of boiling blood and burning skin as Pettigrew's hand joined his blood in the potion that would revive the Dark Lord. The image of Cedric Diggory on his side where he had fallen, having no time to scream before his life had been snatched from him. The silence of his death was what haunted him the most.

This year, his fifth, he'd almost gotten his classmates killed, and placed his mentor and his godfather in even greater danger.

Perhaps they'd been right in assuming his hero complex and bravery were dangerous, or what Snape enjoyed calling it: Gryffindor stupidity. Harry could see his point. Avidly searching for Voldemort, entering a Basilisk's lair on his own, confronting a werewolf during a full moon, letting a psychotic killer rat go free. He could see how they could all be considered very stupid moves on his part.

But just because he may have agreed with the potions master on those points didn't mean he couldn't hate the man's guts right at this moment.

"Are you incapable of reading and following simple instructions Mr Potter? I would have thought the term 'slowly' would not be too difficult for you to comprehend."

Harry twitched but slowed his stirring, simultaneously gripping the ladle so hard his knuckles turned white. He would not be pulled into an argument with this man. He had lost enough points in the last half an hour, Snape's revenge for having to watch over him as he prepared a potion that was meant to be completed over the summer school holidays.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for manhandling potion equipment." A sharp rap to Harry's knuckles had him almost drop the ladle into the bubbling potion. "Does a painter clench his brush in a tight fist when he paints? Does a conductor grip his baton with white knuckles as he conducts the orchestra? It may not occur to you, but this is an art form, Potter."

Harry caught himself before he could snort, but allowed himself to roll his eyes.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for that showy lack of respect, something you obviously inherited from you're dogfather." Harry bit his lip, stirring a little faster. He would not jump to the bait. He needed to finish this potion, it was his only chance. It wasn't his fault that Sirius hadn't been in contact with him, it was the fault of that Umbridge cow. If she wasn't keeping such a close eye on him, then maybe there'd be a chance to talk to Sirius. His musings were interrupted by Snape.

"Do not presume that I enjoy wasting my time with those obviously lacking in talent such as yourself, especially as you wish to only finish your holiday project in order to allow yourself more time to cause trouble. I have no idea how you convinced Professor Dumbledore you needed to have your project completed before the holidays."

"By telling the truth," Harry shot back before he could stop himself, although he had only told the headmaster half the truth. He had told the headmaster that he needed to finish the potion at school, since the Dursleys could not provide him with the proper environment for potion brewing, and he would not be able to leave the wards around the house. Of course, he didn't tell the old man that he wasn't even allowed out of his room, nor the fact that he wouldn't have been able to move, let alone concentrate through the haze of pain, well enough to brew a complex potion. There were some things the headmaster didn't need to know. Harry suspected he already did know, however, but turned a blind eye; just another test for his favourite little pawn.

"The truth?" The older man snorted, leaning over him menacingly with a dangerous smirk on his face. Harry couldn't help but flinch. "Are you sure it wasn't the golden glow surrounding the headmaster's golden boy that had him jumping to your command?"

Harry glared into his potion trying to ignore the man, noticing that it had turned a deep red instead of a light pink.

Damn it! He'd lost his concentration; it was all the stupid git's fault.

The tall man glanced at the ruined potion with a knowing smirk. "Merlin knows what was going through the empty heads of the examiners when they gave you a high enough grade to continue your potions studies. Probably too caught up and blinded by the glow of the Boy-Who-Lived to realise his potion had exploded."

"Do you see me glowing sir!" Harry snapped and couldn't help the growl that accompanied the words.

"Another ten points from Gryffindor." The Potion Master sneered and continued as if nothing had happened, however, Harry noticed the small twist of triumph across his lips. "Was your family pleased you managed to cheat, lie and swindle yourself through every one of your exams?"

"You make me sound like an honorary Slytherin, sir." The title 'sir' fell off his lips in a disrespectful hiss, and Harry smirked as he saw the rage flare in the older man's eyes. He had been noticing these odd little displays of emotion, the small hidden quirks that made up his Potion Master recently, but had pushed it off as him becoming more attentive. His smirked dropped, though, when he felt something catch his sleeve as he turned to clean up the cauldron to start again. No amount of quick Seeker reflexes could have caught the small bottle of black beetle eyes.

The rage in Severus Snape's eyes had frozen, as his mind tried to list ways to stop the reaction before it was too late.

Harry only had time to wonder how many points this mess was going to take from Gryffindor.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed that first chapter, I'm trying to create something original out of something that has been done to death, and these are my two favourite scenarios, I will however not have Harry abused within the last inch of his life, bleeding all over the place with numerous broken bones or raped.