Author's note: - Chapter one of the second year at Hogwarts, starting with the tournament I mentioned at the end of the first year.




'You're doing it again!'

Yugi sighed and stared at his dark half, trying to keep his mind off of Yami's opposition for the quarter final match, something Yami didn't seem to be able to do, she was a silver haired beauty who seemed to be able to catch the attention of every male in the building, even a five thousand year old one. Yugi was pretty sure the girl wasn't all she seemed to be, while Kari was convinced the duellist was something called a veela, a magical creature that could charm any man that she'd read about in one of the books she'd gotten from Florish and Boltts last school year, and unfortunately it was effecting Yami's duelling and with only 500 points left he could not afford to make any mistakes.

"I play this card in defence mode and two cards face down and end my turn." The silver haired veela, Veena, called. Yami nodded and drew. He looked at his hand and then at the field, and summoned a monster in attack mode, he had no face down cards but attacked anyway. "I activate Ring of Destruction and Barrel behind the Door!" Veena called destroying Yami's monster, and reversing the damage done to her lifepoints back at Yami, dealing him both the 1600 meant for him and the 1600 meant for her, 3200 lifepoints damage directly. The duel was over, Yami had lost.

Kaiba was gob smacked. Yami, the Yami, had lost to this before now unheard of duellist. It didn't matter now, he was just mad he wouldn't get the chance to duel against and defeat Yami. At least he had the chance to duel against Yugi, who was equal in duelling skill to his yami, and it was Yugi who held the 'King of Games' title, not Yami.

The two duellists left the duelling platform, and a stunned Yami wished Ombre good luck. The female yami smiled at her hikari, who smiled and grabbed the Millennium Orb and wished Ombre luck. The whole group were watching these duels, they had been since they'd all either been knocked out or where waiting for their duel, Yugi, Yami, Joey, Kari, Ombre had been watching but she was about to dueland Rebecca, who'd been knocked out of the competition in the last round. Kaiba and Mokuba were around somewhere, they'd been watching Yami's duel so they were probably close.

Ombre smiled once more then turned and scowled at her opposition, as she climbed the steps to her duelling platform. Kari held her breath, made a decision and took off the Millennium Orb.

Ombre stopped and turned abruptly at the sudden loss of the link and caught the thrown Millennium Item, nodding to Kari, who smiled grimly and bit her lip. This would not be a fun duel, yami 'vs' yami, Ombre 'vs' Bakura.

Ombre shuffled her deck, and put onto her duelling field. Bakura did the same. "Ombre Ironhide to make the first move, ready?"

"Duel!" Bakura and Ombre said at the same time, as they drew their first hands. Ombre drew her first card of the game. This deck was completely different to the one she used to use when she duelled for Kari, not that she often had too, the Spellcaster Deck belonged to her hikari, and was the one Kari was using. "I play a card in defence mode and two cards face down. It's your move Bakura!"

Bakura drew and grimaced, his opening hand wasn't brilliant and he didn't know Ombre's deck like he knew Kari's. He'd seen the girl duel with it often enough. "I play the Portrait's Secret in attack mode and attack your face down card."

"You've tripped my trap, Shadow Spell." Chains sprang out and wrapped around Bakura's monster, lowering its attack points by 700. Ombre grinned and Bakura growled, "Your move."

The duel continued, Bakura's temper was growing as the duel continued, Ombre seemed to counter every move he threw at her. As his life points hit 1000, he glared at his opposition, how had she gotten her hands on a Red Eyes Black Dragon? He played a card face down and passed the turn to her. That Red Eyes combo was killing him, she'd even used cards he'd never seen before, Red Eyes Black Chick for one, allowing her to sacrifice it to summon Red Eyes Black Dragon in her second turn. "I want to show you my best monster, I sacrifice Red Eyes Black Dragon for my Red Eyes Darkness Dragon," A huge black hole opened and Red Eyes disappeared but an even larger dragon emerged, pitch black with red markings, whose attack points rose steadily, stopping at 3900. "It gains attack points for every Dragon monster in my graveyard and I have 5. Now! Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, destroy his monster!" Bakura lost his temper as his life points dropped again.

Yugi's eyes widened as he suddenly sensed magic radiating off of Bakura and a huge wave of purple and silver magic rushed from Bakura's platform and washed over everyone in the stadium. Everyone screwed up their eyes in an attempt to block out the glow. When Yugi opened his eyes he had a double take… "Uh Yami…" He said, watching the fuzzball jumping up and down in front of him.

"Yes, Yugi?" Yami asked, aware of the fuzzball, that was in fact a real live Kuriboh, but was preoccupied by the Dark Magician who was bowing to him.

"What just happened?" Yugi asked, looking around at his friends, there were other live monsters around the arena. Kuriboh was now sat on his lap while Dark Magician was bowing to Yami.

There was a 5 foot long Red Eyes Black Dragon stood in front of Joey, but looking upwards at growling at a larger dragon, a Blue Eyes White Dragon who was flying around a very confused Seto Kaiba, while a dragon Yugi didn't recognise, it looked like a baby version of Blue Eyes, a Blue Eyes White Chick perhaps, was stood by Mokuba.

Kari was staring at a Dark Magician Girl who was smiling at her, while Rebecca was watching an Emerald Dragon flying around her head. Bakura was still scowling at Ombre, a Dark Necrofear stood behind him, while a Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, which was larger then Joey's regular Red Eyes Black Dragon, landed on the edge of Ombre's duelling platform, growling at her holographic one.

"I think…" Kari said, then looked around to check no one who shouldn't hear could hear what she was about to stay, "That we just had another dose of Shadow Magic and normal Magic merged, I think it's Bakura's fault because he lost his temper, and it's given everyone with magic their own real life monster."

Yami nodded and turned to Rebecca as Ombre and Bakura continued their duel, trying to ignore the wierdness, "Did you get an odd letter about three days ago? With an odd emblem on the back?"

"Yes, there was a letter inside from a place called Hogwarts. I thought it was a joke and left it on the table."

The gang had received their Hogwarts letters three days ago, Mokuba had received one at the same time as his older brother. Kari wondered who Gilderoy Lockheart was and why almost the entire booklist consisted of his books; obviously the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher liked his work. "It's not a joke Rebecca, we'll explain it after the Tournament." Yugi said, his hand on the Kuriboh that was now sat on his lap, and his attention turned to the duel, Bakura had turned it around, Ombre was now the one in trouble as a Dark Necrofear came to Bakura's field, special summoned by Bakura by removing three fiends from his graveyard. Their life points equal at 1000 a piece.

She didn't dare attack with her Darkness Dragon, if she destroyed the monster it would allow Bakura to control one of her monsters and she knew which one he'd pick. She passed without making a move and Bakura smirked, "Wrong move." He said, playing a card, "I activate Raigeki!" Ombre blanched as her holographic dragon was destroyed, her real one roared at Bakura who continued to grin. "I then activate Heavy Storm to destroy your face down cards." He laughed, "I win, Dark Necrofear attack her life points directly!"

Ombre's life points hit zero and she got down from her platform. Her dragon flew down with her and Bakura walked over smirking, his monster scaring the younger duellists, "I'm claiming my prize now, hand over your Millennium Orb." Yami growled and got to his feet, Kari moved to Ombre's side, her Dark Magician Girl following. "You can't stop me, I can claim the Millennium Item as a prize for my victory." Kari growled and went to move forward but her Dark Magician Girl stopped her, the female monster shook her head, Kari growled as Ombre took off the Millennium Orb and handed it to Bakura, who smirked and turned and left, his Dark Necrofear trailing after him.

"How can he take it? It has to be near you." Kari growled.

"It's not mine anymore." Ombre said, her voice growing weaker, and she slumped over as Bakura had turned and sent a beam of Shadow Magic at the yami, the magic hitting her just before she slumped over. "Bakura!" Kari growled loudly, "What did you do?"

"I sent her soul to the Shadow Realm." Bakura answered and then vanished into the crowds. The gang rushed over, Joey offered Kari his help as she tried to carry Ombre over to the seats.

"I'm gunna beat him. I can get her back if I beat him." Kari growled out loud. Yugi nodded as Kaiba's doctors took Ombre to the hospital ward, her Dragon following.

"I'll go with her," Rebecca said, "Don't worry Kari, I'll take care of her until one of you guys beat him, you just focus on duelling." Kari was unhappy about it but let Rebecca and her Dragon go with Ombre. Dark Magician Girl put her hand on her Mistress's shoulder Kaiba and Mokuba came over, Blue Eyes White Dragon and Blue Eyes White Chick following.

"She alright?" Mokuba asked, concerned.

"Nothing that won't be cured once we beat Bakura." Yami said, well aware Kaiba was staring at him, "And yes I am aware I'm out of the competition, Kaiba."

"I take it that wave of magic is what caused our monsters to come to life." Kaiba said, looking at the monsters surrounding the group, "Another Bakura screw up."

"Yes." Joey said, ticked off at Bakura. Kaiba nodded, making notes of who in the crowd had monsters.

"Have you noticed not everyone has a monster, and your muggle friends don't either." The two had followed Rebecca out. "I think it's only people who have magic that were effected, though I doubt most of these people know it." Yami nodded, he'd been thinking along the same lines as Kaiba, who turned to Yugi. "Yugi, it's time for our duel." Kaiba said, "You can be sure that Ombre will be safe in my hospital section, now are you ready?" The Blue Eyes roared challengingly and Kuriboh squeaked at it.

Yugi nodded, his face going stern, "I'm ready."

"The sooner the quarter finals finish the sooner we find out who faces Bakura." Yami whispered to Kari who nodded unhappily. "Besides I really want to see Yugi beat Kaiba." Kari laughed bitterly as Yugi, Kuriboh, Kaiba and Blue Eyes went to their places.

Kuriboh perched on the edge of Yugi's duelling platform as the duel started; Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon hovered in midair above her master.

Kaiba smirked as they drew their first hands, he didn't think it was possible for him to lose this. Yugi had never duelled on his own against him, he'd always had the backup of the Pharaoh, someone Kaiba had denied existing until he'd met him face to face last year in Hogwarts, then he hadn't been able to deny he existed anymore because of the proof.

"Yugi Muto, to make first move. Ready?"

"Duel!" Yugi and Kaiba yelled. Yugi drew his first card and looked at his hand. "I play Queen's Knight in attack mode and play a card face down. Your move Kaiba."

Kaiba drew, he'd never had such a good opening hand. "I play Lord of D. in attack mode and a Flute of Summoning Dragon, allowing me to summon Blue Eyes White Drag…"

"I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your flute." Yugi countered before Kaiba could summon his dragons.

"I end my turn!" Kaiba growled.

"Then it's my move. I play King's Knight in attack mode and since King's Knight and Queen's Knight are on the field I can summon my Jack's Knight!" Yugi called, summoning both monsters to his side of the field, "Jack's Knight attack Lord of D." Kaiba's life points dropped by 700, and Yugi ended his turn.

Kaiba was scowling, he'd expected to have the upper hand, he drew, "La Jinn, in attack mode and one card face down, your move."

Yugi drew, smiling as he felt a jolt of electrical energy surge up his arm, a feeling he recognised, he looked at the card, smiled and Kaiba blanched, he was surprised how much alike Yugi and Yami where when it came to duelling, right down to look they got when they drew a God card, that had to be what it was, Yugi wouldn't be looking so confident otherwise. "I sacrifice King's Knight, Queen's Knight and Jack's Knight, for Slipher, the Sky Dragon!" Yami and Yugi had talked it over and Yugi had kept the Egyptian Gods with him. Now he had three cards in his hand and Slipher had 3000 attack points. Kaiba blanched. "Slipher, attack La Jinn!"

Kaiba's points dropped to 2200 and he scowled. His Blue Eyes White Dragon roared at the holographic Egyptian God monster, and was annoyed when it didn't respond. "Your move."

Kaiba growled and drew his next card; he was holding all three Blue Eyes White Dragons but he had no way of getting any of them out. "One card in defence mode, and a card face down. Your move Yugi."

Yugi smiled and drew, he knew Kaiba wasn't happy, Kuriboh, on the other hand was bouncing up and down and nearly fell off the platform. Yugi had to grab it suddenly as it nearly tumbled off the side. Yugi looked at his hand, "I summon Obnoxious Celtic Guardian." Kaiba growled, "Obnoxious Celtic Guardian attacks your face down card!" Cyber Jar appeared on the field, destroying Kaiser Seahorse when to the graveyard. "And Slipher attacks your life points directly."

Kaiba growled as his life points hit zero, his face down card was useless against Egyptian Gods, he hadn't beaten Yugi, it was the other way around, and in only a few turns. Kaiba's Dragon swooped down and roared in Yugi's face, who stared at it as it flew off. Yugi had to assume that Kaiba was in a foul mood from his Dragon's reaction to the loss.

Yugi picked up his deck and was followed down off the platform by his Kuriboh and as engulfed by his friend's, who cheered and he was nearly knocked off his feet by Joey patting him on the back. Yami was grinning from ear to ear, a feeling Yugi could agree with. "Will Mr Joey Wheeler and Miss Kari Ironhide please report to the Duelling Arena."

Joey and Kari looked up and stared at each other, Red Eyes Black Dragon and Dark Magician Girl looked at each other, Red Eyes growled slightly and took off. Joey and Kari stood on the opposite stands and shuffled and placed their decks. "Kari Ironhide to make first move, ready?"

Joey smiled at her, and she nodded, "Duel!"

"I play one card in defence mode and a card face down. Your move, Joey!"

Joey nodded as his dragon landed on his platform; Dark Magician Girl was stood behind Kari. He drew and grimaced, why did this always happen to him? Every time he got far in a tournament, other than Duellist Kingdom, his opening hand stunk when he was playing someone he'd either never played before or never beaten before. "I play two cards face down and end my turn." He said.

Kari watched his face, he'd obviously had a bad opening hand, she drew and smiled, Joey blanched, she couldn't already have drawn…"I sacrifice my Gale Lizard for the Dark Magician Girl in attack mode! Dark Magician Girl attack!" The holographic DMG attacked but Joey activated a card, Scapegoat, Kari's Dark Magician Girl destroyed one of those instead. "I active Magician's Circle, because my Dark Magician Girl, a Spellcaster, attacked you, I can summon another Spellcaster with 2000 or less attack points from my deck so I summon a second Dark Magician Girl! It's your move."

Joey drew and his dragon roared, he could destroy one Spellcaster but not both. "I summon my Panther Warrior, and offer up one Scapegoat to allow it too attack." Both Panther Warrior and one of the Dark Magician Girls were destroyed. Joey ended his turn.

Kari drew, "I activate Monster Reborn and bring back my Dark Magician Girl, I play Sage's Stone and summon Dark Magician from my deck to my field. Dark Magician Girls attack your two Scapegoats, and Dark Magician attack your life points directly."

"She's not playing nice." Yugi murmured as Joey's life points dropped to 1500.

"Would you in her situation?" Yami countered, Yugi shook his head.

"It's your move Joey!"

Joey drew and growled, Goblin Attack Force, a good card, "I summon Goblin Attack Force, and attack your Dark Magician Girl." The same DMG was destroyed and Kari growled, while her monster poked her tongue out at Joey, frowning. Goblin Attack Force switched to defence mode, and Joey ended his turn, at least he'd done some damage to her life points.

Kaiba smirked, looked like the mutt was going out this round too. How an idiot like that expected to beat someone like Ironhide was beyond him but it most defiantly cheered him up to see Wheeler crushed so badly as Kari issued her attack orders to her monsters, "Dark Magician attack Goblin Attack Force! Dark Magician Girl finish the duel, attack him directly!" Joey's life points hit zero and Kaiba's smirk widened.

Joey saw Kaiba's smirk as he and his Dragon got down from the platform and he scowled at the CEO, who smirked back at him and got his goons to set up the system to choose the duellists and their opposition for the semi finals. Dark Magician Girl followed her mistress down and Kari shook hands with Joey, who smiled, then the pictures of the semi finalists came up as holograms and Kari and Yugi looked at each other and then at the platform where the machine was randomly sorting them for their semi final matches.

Finally the computer chose, and Kari's heart jumped up to her throat, while Yami growled, the first of the two matches, had put Yugi against…Bakura. Kuriboh squeaked and bounced once, Yugi nodded and turned to Kari as the computer put her up against the veela, Veena. "I'll beat him, Kari, don't worry. I'll get her back for you."

"Thanks Yugi, just be careful." Yugi nodded and walked over to the Duelling Platform, Bakura was waiting for him.

"If you lose this, I'm taking the Puzzle, the Gods and your soul." Bakura stated, smirking at the hikari, his Dark Necrofear freaking Yugi out slightly.

"I win this; you're freeing Ombre's soul and handing the Orb over to me." Yugi stated back, his hand on his Puzzle, Kuriboh glaring at Bakura who continued to smirk and nodded. Then they split up and took their places, their monsters staying where they wouldn't disturb the duel.

'What was that about?' Yami asked, concerned.

"Nothing, just the terms of the duel." Yugi replied, not wanting to worry Yami.

'Yugi…' Yami said uncertainly, 'Good luck!' Yugi smiled at him and then turned to focus on the duel.

"Mr Bakura Malfoy to make first move. Ready?" Yugi shuddered, he'd heard rumours from Ron that the Malfoy family had adopted a pure blood wizard who'd been raised by a muggle family after the wizard's family had been killed, but he'd never thought Malfoy would take Bakura into his own home. Yugi had to assume that Bakura had told the Malfoy family about them by now, and about the amulets and the Millennium Items.

"Duel!" Bakura looked at his first hand, he had a concern he didn't have in his duel against Ombre, Yugi had the Egyptian Gods, but he was certain he could win this, after all, Yugi was on his own now, he didn't have Yami to back him up and give him tips and tricks.

"Two cards face down, and The Earl of Demise in attack mode, your move little Yugi."

Yugi wasn't stupid, he was well aware of the strategy Bakura had employed against them during Battle City and he wasn't going to fall for it, "I put three cards face down and a card in defence mode! Your move Bakura!"

Bakura scowled, he'd expected Yugi to walk straight into it. Instead he'd put cards face down, meaning Bakura would have to be the one to attack if Yugi wouldn't and he'd have to walk into Yugi's trap. He played a second fiend, Goblin King, and put another card face down. If Yugi wanted to attack his life points now, he'd have to destroy all the other fiends before he could get to his Goblin King, who's attack points rose to 1000. "Yugi! You can't destroy my Goblin King while there are fiends on my side of the field, and for every fiend on my side of the field Goblin King gets 1000 life points. Your move."

Yugi drew and thought about it. He had Obnoxious Celtic Guard in defence mode, if that Goblin King grew by another 1000 attack points it couldn't destroy the elf. Yugi placed another card face down and set another monster in defence mode. "In response to you setting a monster I activate Destiny Board, now you can't stall Yugi, you have until I have the other four letters. Then you lose." Yugi grimaced and summoned his Alpha the Magnet Warrior to the field.

"I end my turn."

Bakura smirked and flipped two of his face down cards up, I, and N of his Destiny Board. Yugi blanched but did his best to keep his game face on. "Earl Of Demise, attack Alpha the Magnet Warrior!"

"Mirror Force!" Yugi called, flipping one of his face down cards. Bakura's monsters were destroyed and Yugi smiled, this duel wasn't over yet.

"Your move Yugi."

Yugi drew and played Monster Reborn on Bakura's Earl of Demise. Bakura growled and Yugi looked at his cards, and smiled. "I play Obelisk, the Tormentor!" Yugi called, sacrificing all three monsters for his God monster. "Obelisk, attack him directly!" Bakura's face down cards were useless, and Bakura's points hit zero. Yugi smiled and the two of them got down from the platform.

"Bakura, remember our deal." Yugi said, staring at Bakura. He sighed and his Ring flashed, then he slowly pulled the Millennium Orb out of his pocket but only chucked it to Yugi after Yami, Joey and Kari joined their hikariand friend. He stormed off and Kari smiled and hugged Yugi, who blushed bright red. Rebecca rushed out of the tunnel and up to the Duelling Platform.

"Kari! She's awake!"

"Yeah, Yugi saved her for me, tell her I'm about to duel." Rebecca nodded and rushed off as Kari took her place at the arena.

'Do I want to know what was on the line in that duel against Bakura?' Yami asked Yugi as the duel commenced, with Kari starting.

"No." Yugi admitted to him. "Probably not."

'You know Veena doesn't seem half as attractive now as she did in my duel against her.'

"Yami, Kari thinks she's a Veela, a magical creature who can…" Yugi trailed off as Veena got on her stand. Kari couldn't help but notice the fact that the moment the Veela was in place the men in the audience went silent. However, the charm she had to men didn't work against her, which meant she had no advantage over Kari and Kari wiped the floor with Veena in just a few turns. Ombre made it to the arena just in time to see Kari win. Kari and the Dark Magician Girl got down and her monster pointed out Ombre to her. Kari, smiled and hugged her yami and then went serious.

"Yugi!" She called, Yugi looked over, and smiled at her. "Are you ready?"

Yugi nodded and they took their places, Kari in the red tower, Yugi in the Blue. "This is the Final Match, both combatants have duelled hard and with great skill to get here. In the Blue tower, from your home town of Domino, the King of Games himself, Yugi Muto!" A huge cheer rose from the crowd, Yugi blushed.

"And in the Red Duelling tower, originally from England, previously Queen of Games, Kari Ironhide!" A second great cheer rose from the crowd and Kari grinned at Yugi. "Kari Ironhide to move first, are the Duellists ready?"

"Duel!" Yugi and Kari shouted at the same time and a loud roar from the crowd made Yugi smile.

The entire duel was tit for tat, and by the time both combatants were down to 500 life points a piece they were down to just 10 cards left in their decks. Kari looked at her field and then at her hand, Yugi had three Egyptian God monsters of his side of the field, and all she had was her Dark Magician Girl, who was never a waste of time but stood no chance against the three Gods of Egypt. Kari drew, focusing on the card she needed, she only had one direct assault card in her deck, Meteor of Destruction, and she needed to draw it now if she was going to win. She closed her eyes and drew. She opened one of her eyes and smiled, she'd done it, her deck had come through again.

"Yugi! This has been an awesome duel, but it's all over! I play Meteor of Destruction!" Yugi gasped as a meteor formed in the sky and fired right at him, colliding with the tower, causing his life points to drop to zero. They got down and Kari was presented with the prize money and a trophy, then when she returned to the group she was rewarded by Yugi handing her back her Millennium Orb.

They all walked out as a group to make sure Yugi and Kari didn't have to see the press too much,thier monsters following,and though Tristan and Tea had to go home the rest of them settled down to have a meal, care of Kaiba Corp.

Joey turned to Rebecca, "Now," He said, "You said you got a Hogwarts letter right?"