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Author's Notes: Happy Late V-Day!

(-)(-) Late Valentines (-)(-)

You think that the trouble- the danger- has passed since yesterday. You know that you're safe, that there is nothing to provoke that choked down fear of feeling…

But the one thing you never expected (yet somehow always hoped would happen) has met you head on (or rather- face to face).

He's standing there, hands hidden behind his back. You know without even looking that a rose (so carefully picked from the bunches sold every year) will be grasped in the gloves.

And you are afraid. For once in your life, you feel fear as he stands awkwardly, faint red blush dusting the green cheeks, and opens his mouth to speak.

No, you scream in your mind, desperate. No, don't ask me, don't tell me, don't… But of course, he can't hear you.

"Raven, I… I just wanted to tell you…"

Nononononoooo…You can't speak, can't move, only watch his face as he looks at the ground, gathering up the courage to say the words you've been afraid of (wanting to hear).

And you wonder. When did he grow so much taller? When did his voice change, deepen, reflect the potential of a mature changeling? When did his eyes capture you in their dark depths?

"… I love you." The words are out (now it's your turn to move in this complicated dance) and time freezes.

If you could pick somewhere, anywhere, to flee in this window of opportunity (feeble escape), you'd go. Disappear… and then you wouldn't have to face these words that are surely lies (only the truth).

When he would next blink, you'd be gone.

So you do. You open a portal in a frantic attempt to flee, and dive through, tumbling out on the beaches where the sun is dipping into the sea, painting the motionless waves blood red.

And time doesn't move on. It gives you (ironically enough) time to think (realize what he's offered to (love) you) and you sit there, head propped on your hands, watching the stilled water as you try to breathe.

You've always been told that to love is to doom the world. The people of Azerath wouldn't lie to you, would they? (Maybe they're mistaken.) Have you tried?


And you got hurt.

But when that familiar pain of heart break comes at the thought of the devious dragon, you find it's lessened. (Like it doesn't matter anymore?)

Does he love you? (You know that answer! Don't lie to yourself.)

… yes…

But you'd break his heart, you won't be able to love him like he deserves to be loved, and then you'd be as cruel as Terra, lying to him.

(Who says you're lying?)

Well, ask yourself this:

Do you love him?

(Tell the truth, Raven.)


So you'll go back. And Time will start up again. And you'll feel tears start to form as you meet his hopeful gaze.

And then you'll whisper, "I'm sorry." You'll start to turn away, then look back into his eyes.

They will be the eyes of the man he will become one day. He'll understand your reasons, and accept it.

But it will break his heart.

And you'll find that you can't do that.

So you'll hesitate, caught by his eyes. And he'll step forward and enfold you in those gentle arms of his.

And the moment before his lips meet yours, you'll feel Trigon slip away. It's the one thing he can't stand: love.

Then everything else won't matter.

The End