Hell's Mirage

Hell's Mirage

By: Yahnkehy

Disclaimer: If I owned it do ya really think things would have turned out the way they did? Didn't think so.

Enjoy this little trip into the warped recesses of my brain. The first part of this chapter should seem a bit familiar… cause it was the beginning of episode 35 so I claim no creative license in that particular part of this fic... only what happens next.

Warnings: This fic contains some graphic sexual content, loads of swearing and some flips in the original story line.

A/N: Alright people, this is (a revamping of) my first FY fic and I really hope that you guys like it. This is intended as a one shot but may leach on and grow a little bit depending on reader response. Please be gentle, flames will be laughed at while genuine criticism will be taken into consideration.

PS: The title is a hint as to where we begin –episode 35 of the original FY series.




I have to get it back! I can't believe I let it get taken from me! My breath puffed in the freezing morning air as I chased the beast responsible for my failure.

Trees, with their small drifts of snow and naked branches, flashed past me as I tore through the dense woods, Tamahome and Tasuki's screams for me to stop grew ever more faint as I poured on more speed. I just have to get it back! The wolf was faster; he was putting so much distance between us that there was no way I could catch him. I had to try; nothing could keep me from getting the Shinzaho back from that monster.

A stitch formed in my side but I pressed on, the cold air burned my lungs but I could not stop, fear took control of my mind yet I could not give up. "Give it back!" I begged, hopelessly praying Ashitare would drop it.

A root or branch caught the toe of my shoe and I tripped falling flat on my face in the powdery snow and by the time I could force myself up enough to see the wolf he was gone, vanished. I could almost cry. "Give it back. Please just give it back." I sobbed into the drift of snow, "give it back. It's just not fair, we finally…we finally got it. Nuriko gave his life for it, but…!"

"What's wrong, Miaka?" an aged voice inquired to my left.

I looked up and was met with a face I dared not believe was there. "Taiitsukun!" I cried, hope filling my breast. "What'll I do, Taiitsukun? It's my fault because I am so stupid! Without the other Shinzaho in Sairou, I can't summon Suzaku!

"Oh, for heaven's sake. I just came to check on you, and…" she rolled her eyes at me; can't say I blamed her.

"Which way did he go? I have to go get it!" I cried as I got to my feet.

"You're saying you want to go to the Seiryuu camp?" She almost looked surprised and I frowned a moment.

Taiitsukun is almost impossible to surprise…maybe showing some backbone was a good idea. "It's my fault it was stolen! I'll go!"

"Hold on a moment," she said cryptically as she folded her hands together, steepled her fingers under her chin and was quiet for a few moments. "It seems the Shinzaho is now in Nakago's hands. It is now surrounded by his life force. A barrier."

"A barrier?" I repeated stupidly, unable to comprehend her for a moment.

"His life force is strong. You couldn't break it as you are now." The Holy Oracle replied.

"I can't?" I said, feeling every small fragment of hope that had clung to my breast vanish.

"Well... there is one thing you could try. But, it's..." She trailed off.

"Wh-what should I do? Tell me!" Hope once more burgeoned in my heart. Whatever it is I'll do it!

Taiitsukun gave me a grim look, "Intercourse." Horror filled me and I visibly flinched. "I'm not saying to catch him THAT way." She continued, "Male-female coupling is also known as 'bou-chuu jutsu' and is one of the ways you can physically take control of another person's life force."

"You mean have sex...?" I trailed off.

"If performed properly, the life force can be strengthened. If a mistake is made, the life force can be taken control of and the mind confused. In other words, you can use it to disrupt his life force." The almost clinical way she expressed this idea made my skin crawl.

"B- but I thought the Priestess had to be a virgin!" I cried casting about for any reason to not follow through with this heinous act.

"That's a myth." Taiitsukun answered her face expressionless.

"What?" I shout as I remember the pain I had to put Tamahome through in these last few weeks. All of that pain over a myth, but why Taiitsukun?

"If I didn't say that, the Suzaku seishi would exhaust their powers with the priestess and end up completely useless, wouldn't they?" The Oracle's voice seemed cold. "Your friend Yui isn't a virgin, is she?"

That revelation has left me struck dumb, horror of what my only action to recover the Shinzaho was almost enough to make me vomit.

"Either way, forget about it. You couldn't do it." Taiitsukun said in an almost challenging tone.

Have sex? With HIM? I couldn't! But, I... Still, if I do it, I could weaken his life force and take the Shinzaho back!

"They are calling you. Now forget about this idea and head out for Sairou at once!" the Oracle said gravely.

Nuriko gave his life so I could get the Shinzaho. And everyone else has suffered. This time if I'M the sacrifice… My mind was made up. "Taiitsukun, where is Nakago?"


"Miaka! Miaka! Where the fuck are ya? Miaka!" Tasuki growled when he heard no answer and drug a hand through his unruly flame colored hair. With a sigh he kept going, looking everywhere for a sign of her pink coat, desperately hoping he found her before something terrible happened.

After about ten more minutes of walking he heard quick puffs of breath coming from just behind and to the right of him. He thought of calling out but discarded the idea almost before it formed. Shedding his green winter coat and his blue jacket, leaving him in only his white pants and shirt, he crept through the brush and waited for who ever was coming his way to show up.

The first thing that he saw was reddish-brown buns neatly tied with pink ribbon, then her pink winter coat caught his eye as she topped a rise. Miaka! With a feral smirk he leapt out of the brush and tackled the young girl to the ground. "Caught you Miaka, ne?"

"Tasuki!" she cried, heart in her throat. Oh no! What am I gonna do? I can't let him take me back to the others I have to get the Shinzaho back!

His eyes narrowed slightly, "Where ya goin'; it wasn't back ta camp. Camp is that a way," he informed her with a jerk of his head.

What to do? What to do! Think Miaka, what are his weak points? What would make him let you go and not follow? Wait! He's nervous around women… A blush colored her neck and cheeks at what she was about to say. "Tasuki, what do men want in a woman they want to…be intimate with?"

Tasuki blushed three shades of red and averted his face; "Someone like you…shouldn't worry about that. Why would ya wanna know?"

She was quiet for a moment as she wracked her brain for a reason she would want that kind of information. "For when Tamahome and I get married. I don't want to disappoint him." Shame filled her as she spoke; Nakago was the only one who was ever going to know her in that way. Once the deed was done she would take the Shinzaho from him, get the other one in Sairou, summon Suzaku and get home… without Tamahome.

Tasuki's eyes widened, "Let him teach ya. It will give ya both pleasure for him to teach ya as ya go rather than ya already knowin' how. He'd think ya were unfaithful if ya knew too much about what ya were doin'."

Miaka closed her eyes against the tears welling up; "I just hate the thought of making him unhappy. Please Tasuki, tell me how to entice a man into wanting me."

Tasuki's eyes closed for a moment. When he opened them again Miaka could see how much he didn't want to say anything for fear of shocking her.

"Tasuki, please. I'm begging. I just want to make him happy." Self-disgust welled within her as she pleaded for him to tell her.

With a sigh he leaned his head down and pressed his forehead against hers. "Alright, Miaka. I'll tell ya what ya wanna know."

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