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Lil Angel wrote a little scenerio with her character going though drive thru and putting up with Cyclonus, Blurr, and Megatron. I don't really want to put it up here cause of the insane language. But, I will say that, Angel, that was insanely funny and I nearly peed myself laughing. Thanks! And she actually sent TWO reviews for the same chapter! I love you!! As a reply for that one: Whooo! McDonald's rocks!! Aren't the fries addicting? Yummy... Especially with Honey Mustard. Mmmm... I made Sideswipe gay cause he pretty much IS gay. Nearly everyone has picked it up on their Gaydometor, and it's been going around for a while. Besides, what fun would it be if he was straight? lol And I'm a chick, so no, females aren't bad at all. I have more chick friends than guy friends. lol Anywho, as for Sunstreaker? I think I put him in morning crew, right? O.o I keep losing track. lol

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Chapter 8

The next day had soon come and the resturaunt seemed quite empty. Soundwave worked at the old computer, which he feared was older than The Fallen! He started the systems, printing out the paperwork needed and such, while not bothering to check the time, trusting his crew - like always - to come in on time.

But something was wrong.

He usually wasn't alone for this long, and Soundwave was nearly done with his opening duties. Looking at the digits at the top of the monitor screen, a surge of nervousness and fear raced through his circuits. It was 5:30 in the morning and no one was here! Picking up the cordless phone, the blue bot dialed up the number to the main office.

"Hello?" Came the voice of Kup. He didn't sound tired out at all, use to being up at such a time with a professionally fake attitude.

"Kup, this is Soundwave from Iacon. None of my crew showed up! I didn't even get call-ins!"

"Well, you'll have to open the store anyway," Kup was grinning, but he hid it in his voice far too well.

"But... Sir, I can't run the store all on my own!"

"I'll be over there shortly. And I'll call Hound and Jazz to come over, too." With a click, Kup disconnected and began his calls.

Soundwave sighed, not wanting Kup to come work with him. When Kup was around everything had to be perfect, and he didn't let up on the managers at all. "Thank Primus I have the next two days off..." He was hoping for today to be an off-day, too - at least until the next crew would come in.

"Lads, we have a new treat here," Kup stood before soundwave, Jazz, and Hound while business was dead. "It's called the 'chocolate dip-cone', and I'm about to show you how to make it." Next to him, on the salad and biscuit table, was a metal cilinder full of a chocolatey liquid and a ladel. "This, here, is the dip. You make a simple cone, dip it into the chocolate, and allow the coating to harden." He did so, and held it out for the three to see. "We'll be selling them tomorrow."

Each manager had a try, Jazz's cone ended up having the ice cream fall off and into the dip. "There's gotta be a better way to make this, Kup. Not all of the cones will stay connected."

"They will if you make them right."

No response. Arguing with Kup was a terrible idea.

Later that day, the mid-day crew began to come in and things were back to normal. Kup left after four of the crew members clocked on, sure that things would be fine from there.

Yeah, right.

The icecream/shake machine wouldn't produce anything, so sales for the frozen goodies were discontinued until further notice. A cusomter had bad luck with the drink station in the lobby, unable to stop the ice spout to stop distributing ice. There was a huge mess by the time Jazz fixed it up, but the terror wasn't over. Every once in a while, the spout would splurt out a handful or two of ice for now reason.

Hound only slapped his forehead and stated, "It's possesed!"

Cyclonus had fun, though. The lack of ice cream and shakes meant less customers, which meant he could relax and goof off a little more.


"Sorry, no ice cream or shakes. The machine's broken," he didn't even bother to question the customer's order.

"But I don't want those."

"Have a nice day!"

"What? Hey! Hello!" The customer sped off, infuriated byt he disrespect.

Cyclonus only grinned as he laid back in his chair that he snuck back earlier.

"Guess everyone wants ice cream today," Sideswipe watched as customers would pull into drive-thru, but would never complete the path with an order.

He didn't know the half of it.

One customer, though, pulled up to Sideswipe's window while he wasn't there. The grey, old fashioned car transformed and beat on the window, yelling to get attention.

Bumbleee peeked from around the fry station and quickly hid again. Some old mech wasn't happy, and if they were beating on the window, it wasn't a good thing. Sideswipe seemed to have appeared behind the yellow bot, cowering just as badly.

"Go see what he wants," Bumblebee looked over his shoulder to the much younger mech.

"No way! He's like Unicron - evil!"

"Unicron? Goodness."

"What's shakin'?" Jazz walked up behind them.

"The window," Bumblebee and Sideswipe answered simultaneously and pointed to the drive-thru window.

"By Primus," Jazz mumbled and walked up to the window, sliding it open to recieve a flurry of strong words.

"That Spawn of Unicron back there needs to be fired! I have never had such terrible fragging service before!" Furhter complaints were cut off by Jazz closing the window in the bot's face. He walked back around the fry station, squealing tires creating background noise, and said, "Unicron indeed. Kinda pictured him a lot bigger, though."

Back in the grill, Jazz heard a song he enjoyed playing on the somewhat loud stereo that sat in the crew room. "Oh! That's my song! He-e-ey! Baby won't you come back to me-e-e-e-e!" There were a lot of not changes in the drawn out words, and he hit them all perfectly.

All optics were on Jazz now, and he grew a bit nervous unto why.

"You need to go on Cybertron Idol!" Hot Shot laughed.

The black and white mechanoid only smirked and shook his head.

Hot Shot felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned to get a puff of freezer ice in his face, "Agh!"

"Merry Primus Day!" Optronix laughed. He knew it wasn't the real Primus Day, but it was fun to make up some random excuse for the ice.

The store was soon closed. Time had passed by quickly with all the fun they were having. Saying their good-byes, the night crew headed back to their homes, anaware of the new lives they would have the next day.

Explosions everywhere. Iacon was attacked by Megatron, himself, and his fleet of Decepticons. The first Autobot leader was easily taken down, and the High Council chose the most unlikely new leader - a McBoggles employee who wasn't even a manager - Optronix.

The Matrix of Leadership was passed down to the surprised bot, but he accepted it with gratitude. "I will not fail."

And he didn't. His name now changed to Optimus Prime, the red and blue Autobot leader fought against Megatron, his once dear manager and friend.

He, along with his fellow once employees, employers, and cumstomers, look back and wonder how such good times literally flew up in their faces...

Ok, now that the chapter's done (so sad. I actually started to feel heartbroken as I wrote the lask few paragraphs), I'm going to explain all the events that actually happened to me within this chapter.

1)The part where Soundwave had to open with Kup, Hound, and Jazz was an event that happened to an old manager of mine one morning. She didn't give me great detail, but that's what I got out of it. The person who Kup represents is just as mean, too. lol

2) There was a point in time where our store sold the "chocolate dip-cones". Another manager of mine had dipped the cone, but found it without any icecream. It didn't go exactly at that within the same situation as in here, but it was an inspiration.

3)Ahh, the possessed ice machine. that's pretty much exactly how it happened. I was the one who claimed it to be possessed for the next few months. We had finally gotten a new machine later on. Took us forever to get the thing to stop pouring out ice, and then it just threw up every once in a while for now reason.

4) Our ice cream machine is OLD. When it breaks, the store owner only gets USED parts to fix it. He's a cheap-arse, neglecting and abusing our store something aweful. The fact that it is so commonly down is what inspired me to put the scene with Cyclonus in there. The fact that he disrespected his cumstomers was only because it was something he would be obvious to do. lol (I also would have LOVED to have done that).

5) Satan Man... (Unicron). Oiee. Back when I was still a bit of a newbie at work, I was told that I was going to learn backdrive. Ok. You have a headset, a computer to take orders, and a computer to work with the money. Then there's the window that you stand at in a cramped corner where you have to listen to that customer's blabbing while taking the other customer's order through the headset at the same time. (Talk about multi-tasking!) Anywho, Kayla (the store manager back then) taught me the basics and left me to go help up front. The first two customers were nice and accepted the fact that I was new to the position. But... Satan man... no. Not him. Some old guy ordered a sandwich and a double cheese burger. I don't remember what the other sandwich was, but it didn't matter anyway. When he drove up to the window, he asked if I got the double cheese burger. I looked and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that on there. I can add it, though." As I was about to type it up, already nervous as Hell cause he was glaring at me with deadly eyes, he said, "No! Nevermind! Can I make my order up there (by that, he meant at the front window)?!" I paused and nodded, sqeaking out a, "Yes, sir." All this time, his sweet old wife was staring at me with eyes that said, "Please help me!" He sped off and, as the story goes from Kayla, he started beating on the window. Everyone was freaking out telling each other to go get it, and "No, I don't want to answer it! He's like Satan!" Kayla finally answered it, he through a fit, and she stood up for me, telling him that it was my first time back there and some other stuff. Hehe, she wasn't nice to him at all. I was in the back, balling on the floor, and Kayla came back to asure me that revenge was obtained. It made me feel better, and from then on, he was known as Satan Man. I won't say what he had said about me, cause it was just too horrible and vulgure. Old people... Ugh...

6) We had a black (no, I'm not racist. I have black friends) employee that loved to sing. He sang pretty darn good, and one day, he pulled something similar to what Jazz did. We all just stopped and someone finally declared that he should go onto American Idle. I think he quit some time ago. ((shrugs)) It wasn't because of that, though. lol

7) Ah, our favorite thing to do at night is go into the freezer, grab a huge hand-ful of the ice that builds up in that one corner of the freezer, and blow it in someone's face (or stuff it down their shirts, whichever). Night crew is fun. We goof off a lot, but we still get our job done quite well. Day crew is fun, too, but I just don't like to wake up by someone else's request. I want to sleep til I can't sleep anymore! Rawr.

That's all of it! Thank you so much for reading. If I ever get finished with my other fics and catch up with life, I my do a Prequal. O.o But don'tget your hopes up. It won't be any time soon.