Star Crossed Lovers - A Rurouni Kenshin Drabble

By Rikkitsune

Hello Everyone!

I'm taking a leaf out of my good mate Nekotsuki's book and will eventually be posting my random drabbles and snippets here in one story. 'Lacero' is the Latin word for 'to tear to pieces or mangle' and I thought that was somehow extremely fitting.

I wrote this drabble in response to a Drabble Night challenge on my writer's community. The theme was Valentine's Day.You can find the community on my author's profile.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin or any of its characters.

WARNINGS: WAFF, sap and a wee bit of innuendo. Also, this piece is un-beta'd and has pretty much been posted the way I originally wrote it. So, have fun. That's it!

"Where are you taking me?" Kaoru asked, touching her fingertips lightly to the scarf covering her eyes. Kenshin had been waiting for her after work, with a red silk scarf and a secretive grin on his face. He had herded her straight into his car, where he had carefully folded and tied the scarf over her eyes before he'd started the engine.

It felt like they'd been driving for hours and Kaoru was rapidly becoming consumed with curiosity. Where were they going?

Kenshin chuckled, his rich baritone sending involuntary shivers down Kaoru's spine.

"If I told you that, koishii, it wouldn't be a surprise," he chided playfully. Kaoru folded her arms and pouted in her most convincing manner, earning another chuckle from her boyfriend.

They'd been seeing each other for close to a year now. This was their first Valentine's Day together. Kaoru had been worried that Kenshin would forget, particularly since she'd gone out and bought a gift for him earlier that week.

She'd forgotten that Kenshin loved keeping her on her toes.

"We're here," Kenshin said softly as the car swung around a curve, slowing to a gentle stop. Kaoru heard the crunch of gravel under the tyres and wondered for the hundredth time where they were.

She heard Kenshin slide out of his seat and then his door slammed. Then her door was open and her hands were being cradled in his warm, calloused ones.

"Follow me," he purred. "No taking the blindfold off," he added quickly, as Kaoru's hand lifted to uncover her eyes.

With a scowl, Kaoru let him lead her up a gentle slope, stopping in front of what she assumed was a door, if the slight jingling of keys said anything. Once she'd stepped uncertainly over the raised threshold, Kenshin simply swung her deftly into his arms and started climbing a set of stairs.

"You were going too slowly," was his nonchalant answer to her indignant squeak.

At last, they reached their destination. Kaoru was carefully set on her feet, then the red silk was tugged away from her eyes.

Kaoru sucked in a surprised breath as she surveyed her surroundings. They were in the Observatory! A telescope was set up and waiting at the window and a beautiful picnic dinner was spread out on the floor, the twinkling candle flames mimicking the millions of stars shining outside.

"Kenshin," Kaoru breathed, feeling a bit overwhelmed. She had no idea he would think of something so romantic.

"There's more," he told her, taking her hand and leading her to the telescope. "Look through this and tell me what you see."

Kaoru peered through the telescope and promptly let out a wordless exclamation of delight.

It was some sort of constellation, taking the form of a deep red rose, only slightly unfurled.

"It's the Rose Nebula," Kenshin supplied.

"It's beautiful!" Kaoru cried. She lifted her face and stopped in surprise as Kenshin seized her and kissed her hungrily.

"It just goes to show, Koishii," he murmured. "My love for you was made in the heavens. Happy Valentine's Day."

"I… got you something too," Kaoru forced out at length, past the lump in her throat. "But, I think your present was much more romantic!" Fighting her embarrassed blush, Kaoru stripped off her work clothes, revealing the set of deep red lacy lingerie she'd bought especially for this night, complete with a garter belt.

Kaoru swallowed hard as Kenshin's eyes melted into molten amber. She had a feeling she was about to be pounced.

"Oh no koishii," Kenshin purred. "I like your present much more."

Author's Notes:

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