Author's Notes

This story continues the one in "Rayearth" and "Wedding Peach," so if you haven't read it you will probably be confused as to who many of the characters are. Once again, characters from another anime appear as the villains, this time, characters from Tokyo Mew Mew appear.

Maria Delgado is Sailor Butterscotch

Kurumi Kino is Sailor Caramel

Mortimer Wellington is Sailor Chocolate

Parallax Katzenjammer is Sailor Cinnamon

Basil Anderson is Sailor Licorice

Serena McDouglas is Sailor Peanut Butter

Rainbow Sparkles is Sailor Peppermint

Ahmed Hussein is Sailor Vanilla

Madoka Hino is Sailor Bubble Gum

Pierre Fromage is Sailor Cookie

Bridget O'Malley is Sailor Cupcake

Jessica Cornflower is Sailor Jellybean

Akane Aino is Sailor Lollipop

Mozzarella Rigatoni is Sailor Marshmallow

Sakura Mizuno is Sailor Milkshake

Galaxy Chang is Sailor Popsicle

Chapter 1: Cat Bath

Sailor Nemesis stuck her hand through the television, and then leaped all the way through. She spied a blond teenage boy who was working at the computer. He turned around in his chair, glaring at her.

"Who are you!" he demanded.

"Someone you will become quite familiar with," she said with a smirk as she touched his shoulders. A light flashed around them, and then she disappeared into his body. His eyes took on an evil glint as he stepped out into the bustling cafe. Those five girls were his targets, and they would follow him anywhere, even to another world, a space between two worlds.

In Crystal Tokyo, Bridget, Akane, and Maria, accompanied by Minako, were visiting the animal shelter so Bridget could pick out a pet cat to take home.

"Hey, why don't you pick that white one with a mark on it's head?" Minako teased. Akane rolled her eyes.

"Mom, quit looking for a replacement for Artemis. I mean, what's the odds of finding another talking cat here that wouldn't come looking for us?" she snorted. Minako gave a devilish grin and stepped up onto a stool.

"Okay! All you kitties and cats! If any of you can talk human speech, say so right now!" she yelled. She then shrieked as someone tapped her on the back; nearly knocking her off the stool in fright.

"Excuse me, but I don't think our cats can talk. And...can I have your autograph, Sailor Venus! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" squealed a girl's voice. Minako spun around and came face to face with a girl who had long black hair in a ponytail. Minako grinned.

"Sure! I don't have paper with me, though, but I do have a pen," she answered importantly, and she took a golden pen out of her pocket with a flourish, striking her V-sign pose with the other hand.

"I don't either. Just write it on my shirt," the girl giggled. Minako was about to do so, but Akane interrupted them.

"Do you work here? Bridget's looking for a cat to love and take home with her," she asserted. Minako glared at Akane.

"You ruined my fun again!" she snapped.

"Yeah, I do! We got a new litter of kittens and they're ready to go home with people," the black-haired girl said cheerfully. Seeing Akane's skeptical look, she shook her head. "No, we don't breed them. The mother got rejected while she was pregnant, and her kittens were born here," she explained. She opened a door to another room where the kittens were kept. Bridget stepped in nervously, staring at an exceptionally cute brown kitten.

"Hey! You could name that one Jupiter! After Makoto, who has brown hair!" Minako blurted out.

"Mom, quit telling her to name them after your old friends!" Akane snapped.

"Naoko. Her name is Naoko," Bridget said softly as the attendant set the brown kitten in her arms.

"Good choice! Like the name of the person who created Sailor Moon!" the attendant girl exclaimed happily. Minako stared at her.

"What do you mean by that! Are you like that evil Sailor Nemesis person!" she shouted. The attendant whimpered and stepped backwards.

"No, I heard that in another world, Sailor Moon is a manga series created by a woman named Naoko Takeuchi, just like how those anime characters became real and attacked you Senshi. My name's Tomoe Morino, I'm just from Crystal Tokyo like you," she explained nervously.

"Oh, okay. This cat is free, right?" Minako asked.

"Well, yeah, but the stuff that would go with it wouldn't be," Tomoe giggled. Minako sighed and then shrugged.

"Thank you, Mrs. Aino," Bridget whispered shyly, holding the kitten in her arms. Before heading for home, of course, they bought some things that would be essential for taking care of a kitten. Akane thought that Minako was oddly quiet, and she was right to be suspicious, because when they got home, Minako immediately snatched Naoko out of Bridget's arms.

"I'm giving this cat a bath. You may THINK it's clean, but since it came from that shelter who knows what kind of germs it has on it," she declared.

"Mom, cats don't like baths. You'll just get scratched," Akane sighed, "You should know that since you used to take care of Artemis."

"Artemis didn't mind too much. And if Yaten could take a bath with Luna, then I can certainly do it too!" Minako asserted, and she flounced into the bathroom with the kitten in her arms. She set Naoko on the floor and then took her clothes off as she normally did before bathing, but this time when she stepped into the tub she took Naoko with her. Immediately Naoko yowled when Minako turned the shower and she flailed her claws around, trying to escape. Outside, Bridget and Akane waited.

"I hope she doesn't hurt the poor kitty," Bridget worried. Suddenly, the bathroom lit up with a pink light and then there was a bunch of screaming, some of it sounding like Minako and the cat, but some of it an unfamiliar voice. Akane and Bridget peeked in, and saw Minako wrestling with a strange pink-haired girl who had black cat ears and a tail to match.

"Get out of here you pervert! I'm giving the cat a bath!" Minako shrieked.

"I didn't mean to end up in the shower! I was told that some redhaired girl had the Lightning Rod inside of her!" the girl retorted. Bridget gasped.

"Akane, I think I saw that girl once. She comes from some anime," she whispered. The girl jumped out of the shower, spotting Bridget.

"That's you! You have the Lightning Rod!" she exclaimed.

"Huh? What's that? Why are you looking for that in the shower, you'll just get electrocuted," giggled Akane. The girl sighed.

"No, it's in her," she answered. She then pressed a pendant that was on her choker and a pink beam of light shot out of it, hitting Bridget in the chest. She screamed as a pink crystal came out of her, and then she fainted.

"Hey! Get back here! Lollipop Crystal Power, Make Up!" shouted Akane.

"Sorry, but I just had to see if she had it. I guess not," the girl sighed, before teleporting away in a flash of pink light. Bridget then glowed with the same color and sat up, an odd light in her eyes. Sailor Lollipop gasped as Bridget's Senshi outfit flashed onto her, but the white parts were black, the pink parts were dark green, and her bows were light blue instead of brown.

"Um, Bridget, what happened to your Senshi outfit? It looks like all the colors got reversed," Sailor Lollipop commented in confusion.

"Floral Strike!" Sailor Cupcake called, flinging a rose at Sailor Lollipop that struck her in the head, scratching her with its thorns.

"Bridget, knock it off. I was on your side, remember? I wanted to help you get the kitty," Sailor Lollipop pleaded, wondering where her usual aggressive attitude had gone. But...she didn't really want to fight Bridget, her teammate and friend. The door behind them swung open as a wet, bleeding, and half-naked Minako stepped out and practically threw Naoko at Bridget.

"Here, take her! She's all clean! And she scratched me all up, too!" Minako snapped. Sailor Cupcake stared as the kitten was flung at her and landed in her arms. She stared at it and then dropped it to the floor harshly.

"What would I want with a cat? I hate animals. They're so messy, and that evil thing hurt you," Sailor Cupcake spat. Minako gasped when she realized that not only was there something wrong with Bridget's personality, but her Senshi outfit colors were all messed up. She then spotted the pink crystal that was on the floor.

"Mom, that weird pink-haired girl shot that crystal thing out of Bridget and then turned her all mean. Should I attack her, or what?" Sailor Lollipop asked.

"You, asking whether it's okay to attack? That's a first," Minako couldn't help but snicker at the idea of her pushy daughter being hesitant in battle. Sailor Cupcake suddenly charged, leaped right over Sailor Lollipop, and slammed her head into the doorframe. She crashed to the floor, unconscious, her legs splayed over the back of Sailor Lollipop's wheelchair. Minako picked up the pink crystal and held it next to Bridget's body. To her relief, it re-entered her.

"That was very disturbing. Is this new enemy going to be turning all of us Senshi against each other?" Akane asked, detransforming.

"I'll need to tell the Queen about this," Minako agreed. Akane then giggled.

"Mom, shouldn't you do something about all those scratches?" she asked playfully, causing Minako to glare at Naoko, who was watching her curiously from the floor, and then stomp back into the bathroom to get some bandages.