Chapter 2:

Sharpay's POV+

My dad looks straight at me, as if daring me to tell. He kicks Ryan hard, turns around, and leaves.

I feel like shouting, "Oh my God you stupid coward how could you do that to your son?" but I just stay silent.

He'd hurt me worse. And that's what Ryan was trying to prevent. He was trying to keep me safe.

You know how I said Troy Bolton was dedicated?

Ryan's a whole lot more.

I fall back into reality and run over to Ryan. "Oh my God."

Ryan's just lying there—barely breathing, blood staining the carpet from his head.

I've never told. I've never told about what Dad does to us at home. Why? Because I'm scared to. I'm scared about what others think of me. I know it sounds petty and stupid, but I can't help it. And I'm waiting.

I'm waiting for Dad to come home to us. The real Dad. The Dad we used to have.

In Ryan's opinion, he's not coming back.

I can't call the hospital. They'll know. They'll need to know.

I can't have that happen.

"Ryan?" I whisper, bending down to my twin's side. My vision's all hazy, and suddenly there's water on Ryan's face.

I realize I'm crying.

"Please Ryan, get up," I'm begging him now. I don't care. I can be myself in front of Ryan.

He's the only one that knows me.

Ryan lets out a soft, strangled moan, and he opens one eye. "Where is he?" he asks me groggily.

I'm so happy he's alive, I can't answer him at first.

"He left," I finally say.

Ryan puts a hand to the back of his head. When he pulls it up, his hand's all bloody.

"Shar," he says, as I look at him. "You can't tell anybody, you know that."

I nod, tears still falling.

"And Shar?" I glance at him. "I think I need some help cleaning this up."

I nod my head again, not ready to speak.

"Shar… I'm glad he didn't hurt you. I'd die for you, you know. I love you little sister."

I nod. I know that too. "I love you too, Ryan."

Ryan's POV+

Sharpay's bandaging my head with some rolls we have, from our first aid kit. Well, Dad's actually.

You see, Dad used to be paranoid that one day an earthquake or a tornado was going to hit and we were going to need all the medical attention we could get.

I didn't know that he was the one that was going to cause the accident.

All the sudden I'm crying, and Sharpay is trying to make me think it's alright. She's hugging me and telling me, "It's ok."

But it's not. How can it be right when your father treats you like this?

I guess I'm sort of a disappointment to Dad. He didn't want a singer… he wanted a jock. He wanted a son that would play football or whatever.

I guess he wanted Troy Bolton.

Troy's one of my friends now. After last year's whole musical thing, I've gotten pretty close to him—Zeke and Chad too. But sometimes I get tired of Troy's whole rep… sue me, but I'm sort of jealous of him. Because Troy's what my dad wants.

Well, he's not getting Troy Bolton from me. I can only do so much to please him.

And fight him.

If he ever hurt Sharpay bad, I swear, I would probably die. I love my sister. I know it sounds sappy and all, but she is my twin.

She's worried about me, because I'm not connected to her anymore, I guess. I think it just hurts too much. I have enough to deal with on my own than with her problems to add onto it. I feel sort of selfish, but it's the truth.

I miss my Dad.

Dad used to be my hero. He used to be the one I loved and looked up to.

He used to love me too.

That's gone now.

Gone into the wind.

I only have drama now. Drama and Sharpay.

And that's why I fight so hard to keep them both.

Before they disappear on me. Like my dad.

I really don't know what I'd do without them. Sharpay takes care of me, and Drama keeps me alive.

It makes me think that it's all a dream—my life, that is—and it's all pretend, like a play. It makes me believe that things can get better and we can all live happily ever after, like in Cinderella or something. Call me a dork, but that's what I need to hang on to.

One day Shar and I are going to go away—far away from all the pain that overshadows us. We're going to escape. We're going to have happily ever after.

But now we can only pretend. And make believe in a separate world

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