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A/N: Hey readers this story takes place right where Evolution left off, you know, when they're kissing on the bridge? Right, well, this is my first Michael/Selene romance fic…it is a bit fluffy in the beginning, but, no worries, it gets better. I know Selene is a bit out of character, but I figured, what the hell…this is what the kiss portrayed to me and this is what I am portraying to you. It's a short piece, just enough to see how you guys react to it. So, yeah, be nice…please? Gracias.


Just kissing him there, on a bridge, in the middle of what was -just moments ago- a battlefield was absolutely amazing to her. She felt every wall she had built around her heart over the last century just...shatter.

She felt everything, all at once. Love, hate, pain, sorrow, happiness, disgust. It coursed through her, storming like a cataclysm, from her head to her toes. Her hate for Viktor, Marcus, William. Her sorrow at being forced to relive every, now painfully, happy memory of her family. Disgust at herself for taking so many lives out of deception. Fear of what was ahead.

She felt Michael's arms tighten around her waist, pulling her closer to him still. Suddenly, the flood of emotions came to a point. It became clear to her that, even though she felt every emotion she had locked up for centuries coursing through her, the most powerful was the feeling of love.

She loved Michael. She loved him with every fiber of her being. It suddenly made sense why she always kept him safe, her insistent need to be close to him, to protect him. She knew it was dangerous to feel that strongly for anyone in the midst of a century's waged war, but she found that at that moment…she didn't really care. She knew it could and would only be him and her determination to preserve that would help them make it out of this war alive and strong.

She poured everything she felt into that kiss. Her body, her soul belonged to him now and she knew it and she needed him to know that. Her arms found themselves around his neck as she drew him as close as she could to herself, ridding both of them of any space at all. She fit perfectly against his body, like it was meant to be this way. Her and Him. She fit perfectly against his body. She couldn't take it anymore. She broke the kiss gently and slowly and looked up to see his deep blue eyes gazing back at her.

Blue eyes that had never before reflected how much he really loved her. She broke down. Hot, salty tears splashed down her face as she clung to him. He just held her, he knew there was nothing else he could do right then that would help more than his embrace. She needed him and he needed her just as bad.