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She stood there for a second, letting the memories, some happy, some a bit sad, rush through her.

She heard Michael walking up behind her, but she didn't move. He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She still didn't move. It was like she was frozen on the spot.

She couldn't understand why she was feeling this way. Of course, she still felt the pain and loss of her murdered loved ones, but she had dealt with this before, the feeling of loneliness and the void in her heart, the anger and rage to avenge those who had so suddenly ripped from her. And it was those feelings which had helped her bury her sorrow and become the merciless, cold-hearted killer she had been.

So then, why was she feeling those feelings again? Had she not buried them long ago, not to be revisited? What was the difference between this time and the last time?

'Last time you had Viktor, he treated you like a daughter, trained you, loved you, showed you off in pride and you killed him.' She felt a single silent tear trail its way down her alabaster shaded cheek.

'You did what you had to! He betrayed you! You don't need him! Besides, Michael is with you this time, he loves you and you love him and he'll help you through this. All you need to do is ask.' She reminded herself.

She almost wished she was one of those women who could find comfort and solace in their lover's arms and let them handle their problems. But she wasn't. She mentally slapped herself.

'What the hell is wrong with you! Since when do you rely on a man to help you? You are Selene, you were a master death dealer, the best of the best, you whooped ass and took names! Get a hold on yourself!'

He knew that she was arguing with herself, once again fight her eternal internal battle with who she was and who she wanted to be. 'She won't be alone anymore, I swear I'll be there for her when she needs me even if it kills me. But first, we should probably get out of here.'

"Selene, we have to go." He spoke ever so softly. He knew she wanted to cry. He wished she could. He wished he could be the one she ran to when she cried. He wished she'd let him be the one to hold her through her pain and be there for her. He wished he could take all her pain away, be it to her instead of her.

He knew this couldn't happen though. At least, not for a while. Though he resented it, he knew she had to go through this by herself.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an old, rusty handle be turned against its will. Selene was back and so what her cold, guarded complexion.

She pushed the door open slowly, but once it was open, she walked through the room swiftly, as though with an extreme need to escape. She didn't dare look around.

Michael followed right behind her, looking around in awe. The room was a decently sized place, a desk with pieces of parchment stacked on top of each other lay untouched as though centuries forgotten. Innumerable inventions, or at least, that's what it looked like, lay scattered about and what appeared to be their blue prints hung with pride on the wall.

He looked to Selene, who seemed to have found what she was looking for. A small, motorboat that seemed to be in fairly new condition for its old age was hidden in a corner of the room that Michael had missed. Across from its bay area appeared to be an opening just big enough for the small boat and it passengers. Something struck Michael as odd, however. He thought that the tomb had been built in the fifteenth century. They didn't have motors back then.

He opened his mouth to voice his thought, when Selene looked up at him, "Viktor had been here a couple of times during his past reigns, the last time being when the engine was first created and this is one of the originals. Its not very fast but it'd be faster than our own strength."

He closed his mouth. How did she always do that? He saw the brief flash of anger and hurt dance across her face at the mere mention of the man who she had, for the longest time, loved like a father. Then, the cold barrier once again resumed it place. She returned setting up the boat and just as Michael went to join her, something caught his eye.

On the old desk, sat a old fashioned, seemingly odd camera. Above it, on the wall, hung its blue prints.

'Her father created one of the first cameras. That' horrible that he never got the chance to introduce the idea.'

It wasn't the camera that caught his eye though. It was what was next to it that did. A piece of parchment paper hung next to it, a hand drawn picture strung across its length. It was a picture of a crayon drawn little girl holding the hand of a crayon drawn man, presumably playing in the field that was drawn behind the two. It appeared to have been drawn by the little girl.

Next to the drawing, in a small, wooden frame that read 'Daddy's Little Girl' along the bottom, lay a picture. A very old, and poorly developed picture, but a picture nonetheless. In the picture, a man, looking about in his forties, and a small girl, looking roughly about six years old were playing. The man had the little girl on his back, appearing to be giving her a piggyback ride. The little girl looked like she was squealing with delight. The man had short, straight black hair and, what looked like, brown eyes. The girl had long, slightly wavy, black hair and beautiful brown eyes that shown with excitement. She looked so familiar.

'In fact, she kind of looks like…no, no way. It couldn't be her…'

"Selene…" He spoke softly, but her acute hearing picked it up.

"What?" She asked looking up.

He spun around quickly to face her, hoping she hadn't known what he'd been looking at.

She eyed him suspiciously. "What were you doing?"

"N-n-nothing" He stuttered.

"Whatever, come help me out, I just want to leave this place once and for all okay?" She almost seemed desperate at the end of her sentence.

"Okay, I'll right there." He reached behind him and grabbed the photo and the drawing and stuffed it into his pocket before walking over to assist her.

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