Chilton, Yale and Love

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my love for Gilmore Girls.

Summary: By my deduction, Logan is two years older than Rory. My story takes place when Logan is at first year Yale and Rory is third year at Chilton. Logan is 19 while Rory is 17.

Chapter 1

"Aren't you glad we played hooky today?", Lorelai asked as she struggled to get her helium balloons through the Yale campus pub door. Luckily, Mr. Happy face, Nemo and SpongeBob went through unscathed.

"Yale is so amazing. There's like a coffee kiosk around ever corner. And the library was huge. It amazes me that I was in a library that Bill and Hilary Clinton may have studied in." Rory gushed.

"I wonder which aisle they got it on in…." Lorelai began thoughtfully.

"Mom! Eww…I think I just lost my appetite."

Lorelai snickered. "You are a Gilmore. It's not humanly possible for you to lose your appetite."

"Ha ha." Rory said dejectedly.

They settled into their table for two. Lorelai tied the balloons onto the back of her chair. Receiving amused stares. They both ordered hamburgers and fries.

"How did you get your crazy idea to tour Yale?" Rory asked.

"I was leaving Walmart and the balloons just looked so lonely. Mr. Happy face was totally pulling a Mr. Sad face on me. So I got Mr. Happy but when I glanced back Nemo and Spongy just looked so deflated. Who can leave those cuties behind?"

"A sane person who doesn't think balloons have feelings?"

"You are heartless."

"Yeah I am." Rory reached over and punched Nemo in the head. Unfortunately, Nemo loosen from the chair and floated into the ceiling fan. A loud 'POP' signalled Nemo's demise.

"Why are you so cruel to mama?" Lorelai proclaimed ever so dramatically.

Rory laughed hysterically. "Technically, I'm being cruel to Nemo. Well, go on with your story." She said between laughs.

"The balloons totally screamed field trip." Lorelai began. Rory rolled her eyes. "Well, you have to be me. Disneyland. Balloons. Emily making Mickey Mouse cry. It was priceless…. Anyways, so I was thinking how to corrupt my uptight daughter into skipping school. So I decided on an educational hooky and thus Yale."

"You know me too well."

"Of course, you are the fruit of my loins."

Deep in conversation, they didn't even notice the stares they received. During the balloon debacle, they caught the attention of all in the Yale campus pub, including a very handsome Logan Huntzberger and his posse.

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