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"Man, just look at 'em," Troy nudged his head towards the girls as he spotted them chattering, "I mean, don't you guys ever wonder what they talk about that makes them laugh so much?" Troy asked the group of guys.

Troy, Zeke, Chad, Jason, Ryan, and a few other guys turned their attention to Troy's random question, as they were talking about plans for their weekend.

"Dude. Chhhhyeeahh," Chad responded with a cocky humorous tone, "I mean hey, where else can the ladies find a stud like this?" Chad said emphasizing his question loud enough for the girls to hear. The guys all laughed while the girls' conversation and laughter stopped for a second. Taylor drew her attention to Chad, returning her glance by winking at her, and she rolled her eyes and turned back to the girls with a slight smile on her face.

"Haha, what are you smiling about?" Kelsie asked.

"Me?" Taylor tried to act innocent.

"No I was actually referring to my lunch.. Yes you!" Kelsie said jokingly.

"Nothing, can't a girl smile while she's with her friends?" Taylor asked putting her hand on Kelsie's shoulder.

"No," Gabriella smiled at her best friend, "Not if you're smiling right after I caught you and Chad glancing at each other. Don't try and hide it, I know you well enough to.."

Taylor cut her off, "Haha, Gabby stop. Now, where were we? Oh yes, well this weekend I thought.."

This time, Taylor was cut off by Sharpay. "Ohh Mrs.Secretive. C'mon Taylor, we've all caught you looking at Chad, like Gabby looks at Troy," Sharpay stated.

"Whaaaaat!" Gabby said surprised. "I do not! Me and Troy aren't like that"

"Girl, you do.." Taylor said to get the topic of her and Chad out of everyone's head.

"Oh my goodness, here we go..," Kelsie muttered under her breath.

"You know, I was talking to Chad the other day in English class Taylor, and all he kept asking me was..," Taylor excitedly cut Sharpay off.

"Chad was asking about me!" Taylor asked eagerly. "Gotcha! Haha. I soo knew it, I so knew you liked him. I mean I am one of the school's greatest actresses, so I knew I could pull of my trick; it's all in the blood. I mean, look at me and my brother.."

"My brother and I," Kelsie corrected her, hoping to end her story before it took up their entire lunch.

Meanwhile, the guys were talking about a movie that was coming out this weekend. Troy was silent, lost in his own train of thoughts. Luckily he was sitting at the side of the table that was facing the girls' table, so it wouldn't look like he was purposely staring. Troy jumped in and out of the conversation the table was having, but focused more on his personal thoughts as he stared over Zeke's shoulder to see the girls chattering away.

Troy was planning something in his head.. Okay. So I've already got the day cleared. I got this.. Yep, Ohh, and definitely can't forget about that, I mean, I called last Friday.

He looked up at Chad, who was getting up and looking at his watch, "Awww crap! I forgot Mrs. Romero was supposed to help me with chemistry so i don't fail the class! UGH!"

"What! You're failing!"

"Well, more like on the verge Troy.."

"Go man! or else you won't be able to play the next game!"

"Aiight, I'll see you guys later..." His voice trailed off as he ran out of the cafeteria. Luckily, free period was changed that day to be after lunch, so he only lost about 10 minutes.

"Man, he better pass his exam next week.." Jason said.

"Yeah, we need everyone on the team to be there.." Zeke added.

"Wait, so now that you guys won the championship against West, what game are you playing next week? you already demolished the rest of the school in the district.." Ryan asked curiously. He was somewhat clueless of how the game went, but the guys began teaching him ever since they all started to become friends after the championship and decalthalon. The guys, along with the girls, thought that Ryan and Sharpay spent too much time with each other, so they took Ryan into their group as the girls took Sharpay.

"Well, we heading off to state next week." Zeke said happily.

"Ohhhh I see."

Back to the girls table..

"I don't stare at him," Taylor blushed, "he just happens to always end up in my way of everything that I try to look at." The girls giggled.

"Denial, haha, Taylor c'mon, admit it. You practically drool over him.." Sharpay said.

Gabriella still was laughing with Kelsie about how Sharpay got Taylor excited.

"Oh my gosh! I totally forgot Mrs. Romero asked me to help her with something during lunch! Ugh! I'm late.. I gotta go guys, I'll meet you guys after school at the fountain in front?" Taylor asked. The girls nodded and she turned and left quickly.

The guys finished their lunch and started up random conversations which lead to silence for a few minutes.

"Hey, let's go talk to the girls, our convos keep dying constantly.." Jason insisted. They all got up and walked over to the girls table "Hello ladies," Jason said casually as they walked up to the girls.

"Hello boys," Kelsie said sarcastically and smiled at Jason.

"So what are you guys up to?" Troy asked, jumping into the conversation.

"Oh you know, girl stuff.. we were actually just talking about pads, tampons, and the whole menstrual cycle," Gabriella said as she was walking back from throwing away her trash.

"Eww, that's faulty.." Troy said with a disgust look coming from all the guys. The girls giggled as Sharpay gave Gabriella a high-five, "Haha, good one Gabby."

"I'm just kidding you guys. We were just talking about what we were gonna do this weekend."

"Us too!" Zeke called out.

"What are you girls planning on doing then?" Ryan asked

"Hmm, well, we were talking about going to the movies tonight at midnight to catch the first showing of that new horror movie that's coming out, then have everyone just sleep over at my house since it'll be late.." Gabriella stated.

"Haha, that's cool. You know, were were talking about doing the same. Well, I mean, except for the whole sleeping over at your house, and it being a bunch of girls, instead it'll be. . . Okayy, I'm rambling again aren't I?" Troy said embarassed of his rambling. He seemed to always ramble when he got nervous around Gabriella. Gabriella just laughed on the inside as that moment reminded her of the first time she and Troy met at the lodge, talking about finding their parents. She smiled as she looked at Troy, then suddenly realizing what she was doing, she laughed "Yeah, It kinda reminds me of New Years..."

Kelsie smiled and nuddged her head for Sharpay to see what she noticed. Sharpay smiled from ear to ear as she saw her two friends not know what was ahead of them.

"Haha, yeah, it's been what a month or so right?" Troy asked.

"Something like that," she answered smiling, "Anyhow, why don't we all just go together tonight then? I mean, we're all gonna be there anyways. It'll be fun!" Gabriella suggested.

"Sounds awesome to me!" Jason said, who was now sitting next to Kelsie after taking her hat off so that her hair would fall onto her shoulders.

"I'm down," Zeke added, who of course took a seat right next to Sharpay, "You're gonna be there right Sharpay!" she nodded, "You know it."

"Great then, it's settled" Troy said just as the bell rang. They all gatherd their things and headed off to free period. The guys went into the gym, while the three girls headed to the theatre.