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"Hello, Ms. Briefs. Welcome to the Orange Star Orphanage. We are the biggest orphanage in the nation receiving more than fifteen hundred thousand physically abused or abandoned children per year. We have the best facilities in the Americas, counting with a great staff that is perfectly capable of taking care of-"

"What's your name?" Ms. Briefs interrupted with a warm smile. The male held his words, smiling back at her nervously. As if it wasn't hard enough to have to memorize the orphanage's history to recite it in front of none other than Capsule Corporation's science genius's wife, Ms. Briefs, she had to interrupt to ask his name. He did something wrong, he assured himself. Otherwise, why would she be interested in knowing his name?

"I-it-u-um Michael" he stammered shaky. Ms. Briefs giggled at him

"Why hello, Michael. Thank you for the nice welcome, young man. I actually know the Orange Star Orphanage history; I have reviewed the pamphlet carefully. I am here to take some of these fine boys with me today" she stated. The boy nodded

"S-sure. Uh, let me call the manager" he turned and disappeared through the main doors of the place, leaving Ms. Briefs to wait at the lobby. The woman took a seat, crossing her legs and grabbing a magazine from the pile to her left. Not two seconds passed before Michael was back

"Uh, Ms. Briefs?" he called. Ms. Briefs looked up brightly

"Yes, dear" she waited for a reply. The boy breathed in

"I have talked to my manager. He says he wants to see you" he informed. Ms. Briefs nodded



"Cutie pie" the manager and the woman engaged in a warm hug

"How have you been?" the man asked. Ms. Briefs smiled sheepishly, taking a seat in front of the manager's personal desk. The manager, Richard, had been one of her classmates back in college. The pair was forced to take a science rhetoric course to finish up their degree which they borderline passed thanks to the study help they provided to and for each other. They had kept in touch since then. Not as much as in college but fairly close to still call each other 'friends'

"I've been well" Ms. Briefs replied. The man breathed out taking a seat across from hers. His stomach was big enough to take up the whole space in his area; he was barely able to touch the desk with his hands. Still, Ms. Briefs didn't befriend people because of their looks; she befriended people because of the character that lay within them. The man rest back on his chair

"I hear your husband's company is making a lot of money" he said. She nodded

"It is. People are buying everywhere around the nation. We just keep producing more and more" she informed. The manager sighed

"No offense" he cleared his throat "but what exactly are you doing in an orphanage? You have a beautiful, beautiful daughter. I can't say beautiful enough times" he said. The woman sighed

"It's a good question, I'm glad you asked" she smiled "and yes. I know I have a beautiful daughter, thank you" she looked into his eyes "I was hoping we could arrange some sort of deal. Mind if I present my idea?" she asked. The manager shook his head

"Not at all" he informed. Ms. Briefs went on

"Great. I was thinking, I have so many things I need to get done in the house. We have a maid that cleans our place daily but we can't ask her to clean the pool or paint the house or you know, do all these things that other people should do, people that have the skills to do it. It'd be a lot to ask for-"


"Right. So I wanted to see if maybe you could let me have some of the kids, just for the summer. They would eat, sleep, shower and reside at my place; I will take care of everything and provide incentives for the completion of their tasks. I have eight rooms and I want to take at least four of these kids" she explained. The manager furrowed his brows pensive

"Hmmm. I must say, the idea doesn't sound bad" he said "what criterion would you have in order to choose the kids? We have so many in here" he stated. Ms. Briefs sighed

"Well, I really want to help these kids out, give them something that perhaps they never had. I know some of them come from very rough backgrounds-"

"Tell me about it" he interrupted "yesterday we had yet another fight caused by that damn troublemaker. His name is Vegeta. His parents died young, both of them. It's a sad story. He's been here since he was about nine. He's a tough little guy" he states. Ms. Briefs became interested

"Really? How old is this kid?" she asked. The man shrugged his shoulders carelessly

"Eh. Who knows really? We couldn't find any legal paperwork that would for sure tell us when he was born. We assume he's around seventeen now. He's a wretched rebel, that's what he is. Always going against the current, arrogant and proud he is! You see, few of these kids here dare to defy him. The ones that have tried and haven't been knocked unconscious by him turn into friends of his. There are only three of those though. They call him the prince. They all have real names of course" he said. Ms. Briefs' eyes sparkled with illusion

"Can I have them?" she asked. The manager furrowed his brows thinking 'what the hell is wrong with her'

"Sure. More for you, less for me" he shrugged his shoulders. Ms. Briefs smiled wide


The Sum Of Us

"Bulma honey!" Ms. Briefs called from the first floor of the huge Briefs Mansion. Ms. Briefs looked at the four boys standing in line behind her. She smiled at them

"Ok, let me see if I can remember your names again…" she looked at the first boy. He bore big spiky hair that touched the floor, his body big and strong for an seventeen year-older

"You're Yamucha-"

"Raditz" he corrected immediately. She gasped

"Oh, that's right. I apologize for that Raditz" she said. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly. She then looked at the other boy. He bore spiky hair as the first one did except for short to his neck; his body almost as big and strong as the first kid

"You're Vegeta" she said. Vegeta quickly jumped in before Goku could say a word

"Kakarot" he corrected quickly. Ms. Briefs furrowed her brows confused

"Kar-ka- what? I can't remember Richard saying that name" she said pensive. Goku tsked

"It's because it's Goku" he rectified giving Vegeta a mean look. Vegeta narrowed his eyes back. Ms. Briefs continued

"Well, if you're Goku then that means you're-"

"Vegeta" he said with a low, manly tone. Ms. Briefs giggled at the evil-looking boy. His nose stood so high up in the air. He held a perfect body posture, his back straight and his chest proudly showing itself, his legs tight and still and his arms tightly crossed on his chest; it was almost royalty-like

"Oooh you're such a handsome, young man" she complimented. He frowned at her. She turned to the last of the boys

"And you must be Yamucha" she guessed as the boy stood straight, looking at her somewhat cautious. His face bore a scar on his right cheek. As far as any other bodily imperfections, he was as flawless as the other three were. Ms. Briefs was pleased with what she was looking and had chosen. She was sure they had all the skills needed in order to get the house re-building going

"Did you call me, mother?" beautiful Bulma Briefs came outside her bedroom, holding on to the hand-rest of the staircase as she stepped down the stairs. Some of her friends were home; Ms.Briefs could hear them talking back in the room. She tried to make the introductions as fast as possible

"Yes, I did. I wanted to introduce you to the boys that will be working on the house rebuilding, repainting and redecorating" she announced signaling the first one of them

"This is Raditz" she signaled the first one "this is Goku" she signaled the second one "this is Vegeta" she signaled the third one "and this is Yamcha" she signaled the fourth one. Bulma smiled sardonically

"Nice to meet you" her eyes locked with Vegeta. Warm blood rushed through her veins quickly. Her breath got caught in her throat. Although unnoticeable for everyone else in the room, Vegeta's lips curled slightly at the ends, forming some sort of wicked, evil smirk that made her blush. She felt warm between her legs, her stomach turned a million times with a deep lust she had never felt before. The girl swallowed looking away from him

"Is that it, mother? We were trying on our swimsuits" she stated. Her mother rolled her eyes

"Bulma I have told you repeatedly 'no more swimsuits.' You have like a thousand and only use two for the whole summer-"

"But mom! I need three to lay out three times a week and I need three to go to the beach. I need two to go on our regular vacation and I need-"

"I've told you before; just because we have money doesn't mean we have to spend it. Those swimsuits are unnecessary expenses" her mother cut her off quickly. Bulma rolled her eyes

"Whatever. Are you done lecturing me? I need to get back to my-"

"How dare you be so unmannered? You need to show our guests to their rooms and you need to show them around the house" she said. Bulma sighed in frustration

"FINE!" she raised her voice, turning on her heel and walking back up the stairs. Ms. Briefs looked back at the kids

"She'll be right with you in just a moment. Why don't you sit comfortably in the living room?" she signaled the room. Raditz shrugged his shoulders

"Sure" he stated taking the first step with his black bag containing everything he owned to stay at the Briefs'. Ms. Briefs shook her head

"No, don't take your bag with you. Wait for Bulma to come down so she can tell you where to put it" she said. Raditz shrugged his shoulders again

"Sure" he said, the men all moving to the living room to wait for Bulma to drect them to their respective rooms…

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