"You know me Lorelai, I'm not that guy. I hate hallmark holidays. I hate wasting money on overpriced candy. If a guy loves a girl he shouldn't have to take her out on valentines just so she knows he loves her.!" Luke ranted.

"And you know me Luke, I am that girl. I Love Valentines Day. I think it's extremely romantic for a guy to show his girlfriend/fiancé, or whatever we are, that he loves her. I love it all, the dinner the candy. And just how am I suppose to know exactly"

"Know what" Luke said, calmed a little, slightly stunned at Lorelai's outburst.

"That you love me? I mean, it's not like you've ever even told me. You act like you do, but maybe your just a nice guy. We have fun right? And you act like you love spending time with me, and your always good to me, and you look after me, and well do everything. But am I to just presume or guess that that all equals you loving me?" She said, still fired up. It had been a long trip here and Luke's whole attitude lately had really been affecting her.

Luke just stood there stunned. He had no idea of any of this. She had so much on her mind, and he hadn't had a clue.

"Well?" Lorelai said, trying to get him to answer her." Maybe you're just a good guy, maybe you did all this stuff for Rachel and Nicole and…and…whoever you dated. Do you even want to marry me? No stupid question, how do you know…You wanted to marry Rachel too right?" She said not waiting for an answer. "And you married Nichole, but let's not even go there"

Damn, Luke thought. I have to fix this, everything is falling apart. Our whole relationship is exploding right in front of me.

He walked forward and slid his hand against her cheek and then through her hair and kissed her. At first she didn't respond as she was slightly surprised, before pulling away abruptly.

"No Luke, we can't just fix this like that! It's not that simple"

Of course I love her, how could she possibly not know I love hr. She must know. Luke thought. But then another part of him reasoned, how would she know? How could she be sure at all? It was true he had never actually told her.

"I do love you Lorelai, I I thought you knew"

By now Lorelai was in tears.

"Great, just great" she mumbled still crying.

Luke stood there still clueless, wondering how he could have possible made things worse!

"Great, the first time the man I love tells me that he loves me is because I practically forced him to in an argument. Please Luke just leave me alone. Please" She pleaded.

He didn't know what to do, he wasn't a relationship expert. This wasn't his forte at all!. So he just left her, a crying mess on the bed. His heart begged him to stay, but he didn't know what to do, and she had asked him to leave. A tear slid down his face as he shut the door behind him. He loved her, he loved her more than anything.