Lorelai just sobbed as quietly as she could, in a mess beneath her blanket, she didn't want to wake Rory and Logan and have them witness all this. She shouldn't have let him see her so vulnerable. How could she have become so vulnerable? She had treaded carefully into this relationship, hadn't she? She was so unsure about everything. She'd never been more uncertain and certain at the same time. She was certain that she loved him, and wanted to marry him, and even have more kids. But she wasn't so certain about what he felt or what he wanted. Sure he said he loved her, but she knew that. Despite what she had said earlier, she knew. But he loved Rory too, that didn't necessarily mean he wanted to marry her. Maybe she was like this person in his live that he couldn't have

I always dated other guys, maybe he just wanted me because he couldn't have me, she thought miserably. No, she kicked herself internally for even contemplating such a thing. But she was confused and she couldn't think of any other rational explanation. She felt wretched, she looked wretched. She wiped her eyes only to be replaced by more. She wished Luke was here, she didn't are anymore, about letting Luke in. She had always been scared of being hurt, hence the leaving people at arms length. She couldn't keep Rory out, obviously. And see how badly that fight turned out. No, she thought, I'm not like this, sure I fight with the people I love, everyone does, but it's worth it. Rory and I made up, and Luke and I will too. She thought hopefully

She almost laughed when she realized how she had let Luke in. She knew if the ever got involved it would be great, but she also saw the potential for a lot of hurt, hurt she couldn't deal with. But it was bound to happen eventually. But this can't be the end she thought, a fresh wave of tears cascading down her cheeks. Suddenly she heard a soft knock at the door.

Luke made his way into the living room, it still felt weird, it wasn't his house. He flicked on the television and sat down not really paying attention to what he was watching. He just sat there thinking about the whole relationship, about what Lorelai has said about his ex girlfriends. Suddenly something on the screen caught his eye. He recognized the voice of the host of the show, it was the same guy who wrote the book and tape set he had bought over a year and a half ago. He read the title of tonight's episode. There was this big guy going on about how Valentines Day was just another Hallmark holiday. Luke found himself nodding in agreement. Then this other guy, interrupted and said, that valentines day is one day a year where even the shyest or most unromantic boyfriend gets to shoe his girlfriend just how much she means to him. That's what the holidays all about, the guy finished. The audience cheered and Luke felt like he'd been gutted. The host nodded and smiled in agreement, "So you know what kind of message no card, no gift and no dinner gives her". The big guy tried to defend himself, "I'm not a valentine's guy, it's just not me."

Luke actually felt physically sick now, that's what he had said to Lorelai. God he was the world's biggest jerk. The shows host asked this guy if his girlfriend felt the same way. "Of course she doesn't" Luke found himself saying aloud. The host nodded sympathetically, before looking out to the audience. "You see ladies and gentlemen, relationships are all about communication, just because you're going out with someone, even for a long time, does not mean they can read minds". This sounded vaguely familiar to Luke. He was an idiot. He got up and knocked on the bedroom door.