Yondaime's Scroll

Okies, I decided to just go ahead and write out the letter that Yondaime left for Naruto. I didn't want to put it in the story because I just didn't feel like it. So I decided that I would just post the scroll separately. I hope that you guys like this, and if you have any questions about it, then just ask me, and I'll answer…. I think…

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My dearest son, since you are now reading this scroll, you have no doubt become a genin. Words cannot express my regret…Regret that I am not there with you. As Yondaime I face many difficult decisions daily. The decision that I am faced with today is by far the hardest that I have ever been forced to make. My mind knows and accepts that this is the right decision, yet in spite of that knowledge my heart still rebels.

Because of this decision you will be a living sacrifice, while I will die with the knowledge that you are now alone. I only wish that there were another option Naruto, you are my son…However it is because you are my son that I am doing this. I could not live with myself if I did otherwise. The actions that I take tonight will ensure the survival of Konoha.

You are but a few hours old now and I hold you in my arms. This will be the only time that I will ever hold you in my arms like this, and I'm truly sorry for that. You have been given no choice in this matter, but I have a lot of faith in you. I know that you will grow up to be a great shinobi. I will confess something to you now, something that I have not yet confessed to anyone.

I have a lot of faith in the people of Konoha, but the coming of Kyuubi has greatly weakened them. After this night they will look for someone, or something to blame. While I have said otherwise, I know that the people will not regard you as a hero for quite some time. Even though I am an idealist, I also realize the repercussions that tonight will have.

People will fear and loathe you for carrying the Kyuubi within you. Others will want your blood simply because of your heritage. I understand that all of this might cause you to harbor feelings of resentment or hate towards me, and I will accept that. I can accept that, because even though I know the choice I am making is right, I still have the feelings of a parent.

My duties as both parent and Hokage are warring with each other, and I am forced to place one duty ahead of another. Even though it is the most painful thing that I am forced to do. In the time that I spend writing this scroll for you, others are out there trying to halt the advance of Kyuubi. In a few minutes I will leave you here with Sandaime, as I go to face Kyuubi alone.

Before I go however, there are things that I must tell you. You are my only son and heir. Do not feel that because I am your father that you must become some sort of prodigy. Regardless of your skills or abilities, I will still be proud of you. This will be true even if you were to graduate as the dead last or top rookie of the academy. However, because I do not want some of my skills to die, I have left you scrolls about them.

If my student Hatake Kakashi is still alive, I want you to take him the scrolls and ask him to teach you the skills inside. He is a remarkable shinobi who will be able to teach you many things. I would also advise looking for my sensei Jiraiya. He is one of the Sennin and will no doubt be able to teach you as well. If you are looking for a summoning contract, or simply desire one, then he will be the best to ask. One thing though, if you do choose to ask him for training…DO NOT, and I really mean it…DO NOT allow your morals to be tainted. I swear by the Kami's that if you allow yourself to be swayed by him then I will return from the grave. Jiraiya is a great teacher but he still has a few things to learn in regards to correct behavior.

I am out of time now; I need to leave now to seal Kyuubi. Naruto, even if you cannot return my affections, please accept that I do love you very much. I will not ask for your forgiveness because I feel that I do not deserve it. However, please realize that no matter what I will always be at your side, and I will always be proud of you.

Kazama Arashi


Okay I finally got that over and done with. I can now concentrate on the third chapter of my story. I just really wanted to get this out there in case anyone was wondering about the scroll's contents. In the future I might change the letter or completely rewrite it…but for the time being I think I did a decent job. Ja ne!