Apart from my other Advent Children Story "Hope" this is one of my other fanfiction projects.

A/N: The musings of Cloud, Tifa, Denzel and Marlene. Based around the four of them. Non-Adventure nor any kind of adapted story plot.
Basically like I said, the musings of life in Midgar after Advent Children. A time to relax and find the last path in life before the end draws near. Feelings of emotions arise and love overtakes some. "The blinded will see again, as those who have never loved will love for the first time."

Petals of the flower fall onto the floor in the white church. The statue of holy that over looked the city of Migar. It brought a sense of peace and good to the city. This place was Cloud's home.

Moving in with Tifa and the kids was one of the smartest choices he ever made. Their friends couldn't agree more.

"Where are you hiding?" Denzel asked in a whisper. He scanned his eyes over the area of the little church. Looking for a small little girl who beared dark brown locks and brown eyes.

Almost in a second Denzel rounded the corner and into Cloud. He stared up at the adult who was slightly startled from the sudden bump.

"Hiding here again?" Cloud asked. "Best to be heading back home, Tifa's serving her famous roast potatoes," the adult found a smile coming on easily at the mention of her name. Tifa.

Denzel's face suddenly lite up with joy. The adult wasn't angry after all.

The adult male pointed his finger off at a direction of the church. Immediately understanding what it meant, Denzel sped off toward it.

Living with Tifa and the kids had changed him. Made him a better man. Making him realise who he really was.

And that was being a father to Denzel and Marlene. Though Marlene already had Barret, Cloud was simply a step in father for her when Barret wasn't around. Denzel however, he would always be the son Cloud never had.

In Cloud's eyes, they were a little family. Denzel. Marlene. Tifa.

Though he never found the words to explain to Tifa what he felt. He was too fixated with the fact that Tifa thought that he loved Aeris and no one else.

That was false. She was who he loved. Tifa.

He always has.

Aeris was more of a sisterly kind of love. She was like, his responsibility, his younger sister he was meant to protect and look out for.

But Tifa, she was different. His responsibility of keeping her safe was much higher. She never knew but his eye was always on her when they travelled. When they slept and it was his turn to keep a watch, she was what he stared at to keep himself awake.

Even if she never knew, he would always try to tell her some how. The little hints he sent across to her, with the kisses on the forehead or the slight touches of their hands. She seemed to never pick it up. Well if she did, she didn't show that she knew.

But no matter what, she was his description of beauty. His first and last love. His only love. One he would love even if she didn't love him.

This lead to the moment that he know stared at her. She was busy washing something in the kitchen. Her face turned down toward her task, but her hair still holding itself up some how.

No words came out from his mouth. Just silent breaths through his slightly opened mouth.

He stared for so long that it startled him when she suddenly looked up. Finding his cheeks burning with heat he gave her a small smile and turned, making his way to the front door.

He must have looked stupid to her. Just standing there and staring.

"Stupid," he cursed under his breath as he neared the door.

Before he could even lay his hand on the door knob, two kids rushed forward and burst the door open. Laughing and giggling as they chased each other toward the steps. Causing loud squeaks and bumps that the stairs made when suddenly trampled upon.

"Be careful," he said. It was too late, the two kids were already clear out of sight.

"Sometimes I think you go easy on them," Tifa smiled.

She stood leaning against the kitchen door. Arms crossed at her chest.

"I know," he said, managing a small smile for her.

"Shouldn't," she said stepping forward, "But I guess, the disciplining is for me and the entertainment is for you."

He shrugged and smiled again.

"Though they are much more happier after.." she trailed off.

"That day," he added.

She nodded. "Denzel's more energetic and he smiles more. Maybe it isn't that day," she paused, "Maybe it's because you're here."

Cloud nodded. "I think so too."

"Denzel became even happier after you told him you were quitting the Strife delivery service," Tifa said.

"Part of it was given up for him," Cloud replied.

She smiled. She had pushed the subject far enough, he would probably see something soon if she kept going.

Fighting the urge to continue she smiled and spoke, "Lunch will be ready soon," she turned and walked back into the kitchen.