"Will Sephiroth ever return again?" Tifa asked quietly, so no noise would echo into the house.

Cloud kept silent, eyes still fixed upon the stars above. The two adults had made their way up onto the roof above. It was a place that they used to talk quietly, back in Nibelheim. A place of peace and quiet. No disturbance, just themselves and their words. It was ironic, the roof was where they met, the promise in which they made. This was also the place where their love would grow.

"If he does, I will fight," Cloud answered her. "I can't save this world, and neither can I save myself, but I can try to save the ones I love."

She felt a hint of a smile brewing on her lips. Had Cloud really forgiven himself already?

"And what if you don't?" Tifa asked.

His eyes found hers, "I will die trying to protect you Tifa."

"And what if I don't want to be protected?"

"The choice is not yours to make," Cloud answered blankly.

Tifa raised her brows. "Really?"

"Tifa, one way or another, I will always shield your life with mine," Cloud answered.

"Cloud, can you promise me something?" she asked suddenly.

He turned to her, and nodded.

"Promise me that if we ever were to be separated by something," she shifted closer to him, "we will strive to succeed and make it back to each other."

Cloud smiled, and nodded as he took her hand in his.

"I don't think we'll ever be separated," he said.

"How can you be so sure?" Tifa asked, leaning her head against his shoulder.

"I do not have a clue," he smiled.

She smirked at his sarcasm. The new Cloud was really lifting up her spirits these days. She never knew he had the ability to make another laugh.

Once again, silence took its entrance in the air around them. What quietness of stillness surrounded the field? If a pin was to drop, surely one could hear it.

"Rest your eyes Tifa," Cloud whispered in her ear.

"What if I fall?" she asked sleepily.

"You won't, because I love you and would never let you go."

She nodded, as her eyes slowly shut tight. "Love you too," he heard her soft whisper.

He sat there the remaining of the minutes as she fell off to sleep. It wasn't easy to carry her down a steep roof top. But eventually he did.

Jumping into the window, he stepped into their room. The two beds connected in the middle. Quietly and gently he laid her down under the covers, making sure not to wake her with any sudden sounds.

Love had never been his strongest ability. But now it was all he had. It was the life in which he lived and they days in which came by. It was in his heart, the very passing of each beat which whispered continuously the name of one person. Tifa Lockheart. The one he would always live by and the one who he would always love. He would protect her, at the cost of his. This was their new beginning.

Another night, another day to begin.

Cloud smiled.

What did life have in store for him tomorrow?

He didn't know, and didn't care either. Because his life was whole. He found a woman who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She was the very first girl he knew and the last girl who he would ever kiss. In times to come he'd like to be a father, but only to her children. Their children.

"No more regrets," he whispered softly and traced a finger down her face.

"Only contentment," He finished.

She was his love
The heart within his soul
And the white dove
In the sky it flew

She was his life
She had made his name proud
Tifa Lockheart Strife
The name she now wore

She was his heart
The warmth of which sat there
Like a sacred cloth
He would always wear

He was her love
The smile that brew
Upon her face
The beam that forever grew

He was her life
She had taken his name
Tifa Strife
The name she always wore

He was her heart
The blanket of warmth
Of which she always took with her
Of which she always kept

Most importantlyThey were together
Forever and always
Lovers together

There were no regrets
No comments or remarks
Only contentment
And only the beginning

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