A lullaby for C'thuluh

A bedtime song for the great old one. C'thuluh belonged to Lovecraft, may he rest in peace. This song is highly inspired by Erica Henderson's art.

In the depths of ocean deep
Lil' C'thuluh soundly sleeps
Black and slimy, murky water
Gently rocks this strange star's daughter
Into strange and alien dreams
She enjoys them, so it seems

Watch her tiny tentacle's flutter
Hear her voiceless, sleepy mutter
Lil' C'thuluh, pray what sight
Are you dreaming of this night?
Do you dream of cultist prayers
Maddening cackles in many layers?
Do you dream of humans hunting?
Do you dream of shoggoths taunting?

Do you dream of having fun
In the light of a distant sun?
Where you strange eons ago
Hatched and feasted on Mi-Go
When that sun was old and worn
Long before mankind was born
You travelled past blasphemic spaces
To this world through darkness' mazes

Now you sleep beneath the waves
Far below their futile rave
When you awake, C'thuluh sweet
The world will tremble at your feet
Continent's ripping for your power
Mankind served for you to devour

But still on ocean's murky floor
You dreamingly sleep, and gently snore
I pray, C'thuluh, stay away
Please do not wake up today

So hear what lullaby was sang
Ia Ia Ia Ftagn