Title: Confused

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: Ray is a person who can be easily confused. He really hopes that one day he will no longer be confused. But can he really achieve what he wants? KaixRay, slight one-sided BryanxRay

A/N: This is the third and the LAST installment of somehow inter-connected drabbles. Don't ask me how it all started. And, as expected, this is Ray's POV. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I own Beyblade, you can expect a lot of flirting among those gorgeous bladders. Do you see them doing that? Nope. So, I don't own them, and never will.


He was confused…

He was confused as to why his friends seems to always tell him that he was too naïve and oblivious for his own good.

He was also startled when Kai looked so mad when he hugged Lee or laughed with Tala.

He was also bewildered as to why Bryan kept staring at him whenever he thought Ray was not looking.

He couldn't help but feel confused as to why Kai seems to show his true smile only to him.

But he was never confused of his feelings towards Kai. He always knows for sure that he loves his stoic team captain.

He was quite sure that he will never be confused again when Kai kissed him, declaring their love to each other and friends.

Well, 'quite' being the key word

Somehow, he was confused again when Kai told him what he noticed the day after they kissed.

He was confused as to why Bryan was so sad when he watched them kiss.

And he was sure he will forever in confusion when Kai laughed at him – his confusion and his naivety.

He wonders if he was too confused or that the world is too confusing and complicated for him to understand.


Yay! It's finished! Sorry if Ray in this drabble seems so OOC. I have no choice but make him like this since in the other two POVs he was quite oblivious to things around him.

Quoting Oshitari Yuushi from PoT, "Natural sleaze are dangerous." And here 'sleaze' mean Akutagawa Jiroh, who is way too oblivious, just like Ray. So, don't underestimate our tiger, kay?

And again, thanks to my nee-chan, Angel (Angelique Starlight) for beta-reading this fic. I think I told you that I love you way too many times already.

Thank you to sasuke's baby girl, Butterfly Ishida, Shin Rigel, Rejiita, and Wicked Kit for the reviews for 'Hurt'!

And thank you for reading!