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Not who you think I am


"… And that's it Alexis. That's…" Ariel Pax; the pink femme with white blue, red and purple everywhere, the daughter of Optimus Prime himself; seemed deathly afraid of what a human child would do or say, "Please, please don't tell anyone; especially Prime. I didn't-"

Alexis put up her hand, she could hardly believe what she had just been told and needed time to let it soak in. Ariel, her only female friend that she saw a lot… didn't exist.

Actually, that wasn't entirely accurate; Ariel did exist… she was just dead, had apparently been that way for millions of years… but then how did this new Ariel become, well, Ariel? However she decided it better not to ask.

"I won't tell Optimus; promise. But will you please better explain this to me? Not-… not now of course but… but soon?"

Ariel smiled and nodded, "Of course; thanks 'Lexis…"

The next morning the kids decided to go for a hike; and that all the 'bots should go with them. The bots decided to humor the children and obediently followed them. The kids found another clearing, a little larger than the space their camp-site was in.

"Hey guys!" Rad yelled, running into the clearing, "Catch me if ya can!"

"No fair Rad! You gotta head-start!" Carlos yelled chasing after him.

"All's fair in love and tag!" he replied, running off charismatically.

"Ulck; boys. Why are they so childish and-" Alexis' complaint was cut short by Ariel Pax.

"Oh come now Alexis; in a few years you'll want one of those people in your life. It's an unfortunate change in female prospective but it happens to most all females."

"Not this female. And what about you?"

Ariel almost laughed at the thought, "Oh please, in school whenever I met a mech I even considered liking, they'd find out that Optimus was my creator and that was the end of that." She smiled slightly "Besides; war is no time to be thinking of such flamboyant things. Any sane 'bot would tell you that."

"Oh… sorry if I-"

"Don't worry about it; go have fun with the boys. Just don't hurt them-"

Ariel's tease was cut short by a blast that knocked Smokescreen off his feet. She instinctively pulled out her weapon and aimed it at the source of the blast; it was Sideways.

"That sonova hard-drive!" Ariel growled.

"You! What are you doing still-"

"On-line? Red fixed me dumb-aft."


"Ariel, I don't think it's wise to provoke him." Red Alert warned, also aiming his weapon at Sideways. In fact, all the 'bots were aiming at him.

"It mustn't have been potent enough… but this ought to be!" Sideways pulled out his new spear-like weapon and chucked it at her, piercing her right shoulder.

"Ow! Sonova-!"

"Hold still a moment Ariel; this might hurt a little…" Red Alert whispered as he gripped the weapon. She gave him a swift nod and he pulled it out, she didn't seem too awfully fazed and reached for her fazer.

Red Alert was staring at her arm in disbelief; and she wondered why. She glanced down; the hole where the spear had been was no longer there. "What the slag!" Ariel jumped, not believing her own optics.

"I-it just glowed then was back to normal!"

"Th-that can't be typical…"

"I'll take that!" Sideways said mischievously, grabbing the spear; somehow managing to stab Hotshot in the lower abdomen, rip out the spear again, and by some luck of the devil also hit Red Alert in the left thigh. However, he was chased off before he could again retrieve the spear.

After removing the spear from his leg, it became clear that it had the same effect on both Hotshot and Red Alert. Only difference was it seemed to be taking longer for Hotshot's injury to heal, and even longer for Red Alert's.

Hotshot gaped when he realized what was going on; and wanted to use this to the Autobot's advantage. "… Common guys! We can use this weird… thing to our advantage! We can use them to gain leverage on the Decepticons!"

Red Alert on the other hand was a bit more realistic, "Hotshot; this… thing… was made by Sideways. We should go back to the base; it probably has some sort of terrible repercussions-" Red Alert's caution was interrupted by Ariel losing her balance rather suddenly, grabbing her shoulder as if it was causing her great pain. "Ariel!"

Lightning grabbed her so that she wouldn't fall, then eased her to the ground, fearfully asking her, "What's wrong Ariel!"

"I-I don't know… I feel dizzy… and like I'm being pulled apart and squashed together all at once…"

Red Alert frowned, then knelt at Ariel's side, holding his hand in front of her face, a single finger raised, "Ariel; haw many fingers am I holding up?"

"Uh… two or three. I can't tell. Ow… I feel like I've been shredded and repaired all together… It's really weird… hurts like the inferno though…"

Red Alert shook his head; Hotshot glanced over his shoulder, "What's wrong with her?"

"I have no idea; but it clearly has something to do with whatever Sideways infected her with. You and I will probably show the same symptoms soon enough… we should get back to the base. It's the only way to find out what's wrong with her… and if it's going to happen to us…"

"Hoo boy… This isn't good…" Hotshot murmured.

Ariel turned to the kids, "Sorry for ruining your guys' camping trip."

Alexis shook her head, "Ariel; you didn't make Sideways show up and poison you, so you have no reason to be sorry, okay? Just go back to base and let the good old doc-bot fix ya up."

Ariel smiled slightly, glad she had such a good friend, "Thanks-" Ariel suddenly took in a sharp air intake, clutching her shoulder more tightly.

"Let's hurry up and get her back to base before her condition escalates." Red Alert mumbled, helping Lightning get Ariel to her feet.

"Well Red Alert? What's causing this…" Optimus didn't know how to describe what was wrong with Ariel, but he was hoping Red Alert did.

Red Alert glanced up, nodding grimly, "It appears as though her molecular structure is being entirely rearranged and compacted, or as she put it, being squashed."

"Rearranged? Into what exactly?"


"Red Alert…?"

"…She's being rearranged into an organic."


To be continued…

Yay! Finished! Now by the end of this story you will know what's up with Ariel being not normal, blah-blah-blah, review, don't review… I don't care right now 'cause I've got a slaggin' cold again! I just got of medicine from my last fluey-thingy! Anyway; thanks for reading! ;

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