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Not who you think I am

Without a Trace & Afterward

It was a while before everyone adjusted to Destiny. Rad and Carlos said it was like having a slightly nicer other Blurr. Ariel Pax was dead, that was they way DeathScythe had described it before she left. She checked in when she arrived on Cybertron, letting them know they had arrived safely. But the joy of that only lasted a week or so.

Orion Pax II and DeathScythe were in a battle, it wasn't originally deemed very dangerous since the Decepticons were focusing on Earth. But something went wrong. Both of them were completely obliterated. There wasn't even enough remains to be recognized by the naked optic, much to the skepticism of Destiny.

She asked questions, a lot of questions. Most of which had no answers. The more questions asked, the more tension she raised. Even Red Alert began to become annoyed with her pestering and pushing a difficult subject; her brother and one of her closest friends were dead, there was no getting around it.

But no matter how many times Red Alert tried to explain that face to her, she still argued, "Red, it doesn't add up, anyone can see that; that blast was far to weak to obliterate one 'bot, let alone two!" She fumed every time, often telling him, "You of all people should be questioning such an outlandish conclusion!"

Red Alert never raised his voice back to her, merely told her she was just in denial that they were gone. Even Optimus Prime was envious and thankful for Red Alert's patience; though Hotshot had his suspicions as per why her was so calm to her; the possibility of a sparkling. However he knew better than to speak-up about it.

Alexis noted changes in her that no one else did, like a bitter tone toward Red Alert, and she was especially surprised when he was un-phased, like he expected her to be bitter about everything. Others brushed it off as Destiny being in control, or sorrow coming out as anger. When she brought it up Destiny laughed and brushed her comment off. That was when Alexis knew for sure something was wrong, and she was determined to find out what.

Then there was a Minicons alert. Red Alert ran out of the medbay, just as Optimus was about to choose a team, "Destiny!" he whispered harshly to her, grabbing her arm, "You aren't going, we need to talk." His voice had made it obvious she knew what he meant.

After a moment she whispered back, "Just let me go on this last mission, okay Reddy?"

"No Destiny, I'm not letting you go! I don't want you to get hurt! Especially now!"

"Reddy, I'm fine, don't worry about me I can take care of myself!"

"Destiny please, just stay back, please don't say anything, I want you to be safe, please just do as I ask."

She looked up to him, she knew what he meant. She glanced down to the floor, "Red just let me do this once, what's wrong?"

He stared at her for a moment, begging her not to make him say it with other people around. He didn't want to be looked at as crazy; he had a gut feeling something terrible was going to happen. He finally whispered in a defeated tones; "Fine, but I'm coming with you."

"What's all the whispering about Red Alert?" Optimus questioned.

"We would like to both go too Optimus." Destiny asked rather officially.

He nodded, also choosing Hotshot, Blurr, and Smokescreen to come along; leaving Jetfire and Scavenger behind to watch the kids and base.

Every day for years Red Alert regretted not being more persistent about keeping her at base that day.

They searched for a good ten minutes before the Decepticons arrived, and for the longest time they thought they would win the battle, but then Megatron got a hold of the Minicons, and took aim at Red Alert; figuring that getting rid of their medic would put them at a great risk.

Destiny wouldn't hear of it. She pushed Red Alert out of the way, and took the blast. Red Alert thought that, for a moment, time stood still as he looked at her as if she had hurt him more than she'd helped him. She looked back at him sadly and then he saw a dark shimmer in her optics, like she was talking to Primus himself, then he hit the ground and was momentarily blinded; she was gone in the next moment, as if she had been vaporized or teleported away.

Red Alert didn't even realize that his optics were leaking uncontrollably. The only feeling in his spark was of pure loss; and nothing but. Even Megatron seemed surprised at the Damage his blast had caused, though thoroughly pleased. The Autobots retreated, and Optimus had to drag Red Alert away, when they were finally out of range Red Alert was set on the ground, he looked as if his entire world had been taken from him.

"Red Alert… I'm sorry, I feel just as sad as you do at her loss;" Red Alert disagreed, No you don't; you have no idea that two lives were actually lost. "But we can't stay there; we'd be endangering ourselves since Megatron somehow became that powerful." Optimus knelt at his side, putting a hand on his shoulder, only to be pushed away.

"Sir, that blast was lethal but not that destructive! There should've been a body- there should've been…" Liquid streamed out of his visor, but he didn't care, he was too upset to care.

"Red Alert, you're allowing your sorrow to cloud your judgment!" Blurr growled.

Smokescreen looked sadly at Red Alert, a look that clearly agreed even though he felt sorry, however Red Alert didn't seem in the mood to be pitied. "You don't understand! There has to be another explanation! That shot couldn't possibly have obliterated her! There has to be another explanation!"

Hotshot tried to put a hand on Red Alert's shoulder comfortingly, but was also pushed away, "Red, she's gone okay? There was nothing you could've done. Please Red, come back to base, you need some rest."

"I would've been able to help her if it had done the proper amount of damage!" Red shouted, punching the ground with his right (and only) hand.

"Red Alert…"

Red Alert looked over the data for the hundredth time, searching in vein for a miscalculation or having misread the scan. He almost wept again when he realized there was no doubt that his first assumptions had been correct. "Damn it!" He shouted, Pounding his fist on the table, denting it.

Hotshot opened the door cautiously, "Red? Are you alright?"

"Go away Hotshot."

"Red, I think I know why you're being so angry about her loss." Red Alert glanced up, glaring at Hotshot, "Red; I know she might have been with spark."

For a while Red Alert just stared, then finally whispered, "Wrong, she is with spark. She's still alive I know it!" He was silent for a moment then whispered, "Please don't tell Optimus she was with spark Hotshot."

"I won't Red, Autobot's honor."

Red Alert promised himself that he wouldn't abandon the Autobots, not until he was sure they were able to care for themselves.

BREAK! That was the last chapter of Not who you think I am, and next is the Afterward, what happens between this story and the alternative sequals. Again, I do not own Transformers, just Destiny(Ariel Pax) and Thunder Clasp (his perpose is kinda an explination of Red Alert's new accent.



"Sir, I'm going. That's just how it is. If she's alive, or if her spark is at least alright, I have to find her. And that's that." Optimus Prime had been delaying losing his best medic for a long time, but Red Alert was insistent on leaving the Autobots to find her now that the war against the Decepticons was over.

"Red Alert, there's no guarantee you'll find her, she was destroyed. You know that. We both saw her become vaporized, please stop searching for her, you're just bringing up old pains."

"Optimus; I am going to find her. If nothing else I'll track down her spark, I can sense it, whether she's alive or not… Sir, come hell or high water I'm going to find her." Red Alert's face was serious, his visor dim, and his mouth was clenched.

"Alright Red Alert, but if you're called to come back-"

"I'll come back to Cybertron to help. But you can only call me if you absolutely need me. Alright?"

"Agreed. Red Alert, be careful old friend."

"Alright Optimus, I swear, I will find Ariel Pax-Destiny, and bring her back if it kills me."

"Just be careful Red Alert." Optimus warned, placing a hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

"I will Sir-… Optimus."

Red Alert searched for fifteen years, about eight years after he left Optimus begged him to return, but at the time he felt he was close to finding her, so he re-formatted himself, in order to avoid detection from the Autobots. His new form was more bulky, but it was clearly still him.

He had made many minor changes to his body to make himself compatible with his temporary environment. He spent the last three years on a planet closer to the target he was searching out. It ate away at him. It stabbed at him constantly, and he wanted nothing more than to go to her. But he felt a barricade, and was unable to move forward. He hated that he couldn't get to her, and twice fell into sobbing fits.

A planetary resident named Thunder Clasp had taken him in, and in exchange for teaching him about Cybertronian medical techniques. Thunder and Red eventually became rather close friends, and knew quite a bit about each other. Thunder loved to hear about why Red Alert was on the planet, and about the Autobots. Thunder was a curious young mech, not more than 1,000 years older or younger than Hotshot.

"Thunder; why are you so interested in my people?"

"You're the only Autobot to have ever been here. I want to learn."

Red Alert smiled, looking in the direction he knew Destiny was; he had told Thunder about her long before, "It's good to want to know. You can never know too much. It's physically impossible." Red Alert looked to the ground a moment, subtly wiping liquid from beneath his visor. "But there are a few things we'll always want to know, though we may never find it."

"You miss her more than you'll ever admit don't you?"

"Well, of course. I love her; despite the changes she's undergone. I'd love her no matter what." He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. "I-I should go into recharge."

"Uh… Red Alert? Wait a sec… there's a Autobot symbol thing… your communicator? It's flashing red." Red looked over to the communicator, grabbing it in a swift moment, it hadn't done a thing in seven years. Red picked it up, and moved to turn it on. "Wait a moment Red Alert, are you sure you want to get re-involved in the war?"

Red Alert held the communicator in his hand so tightly, for a moment Thunder thought he was going to break it. Then he put his finger on the button, his left-tool-hand awkwardly patting Thunder on the shoulder, "Optimus Prime was-… is my bond mate's creator. And my friend. I can't turn my back on him. I won't. What will you do Thunder? Stay here?"

"Yeah. I can't leave my home, I won't. But if I can ever help you from here-"

"Thank you Thunder Clasp. You're a true friend."

"And Red Alert? If I hear anything about her, or about your sparkling-… I'll be sure to contact you."

"Thank you Clasp. Now I should really answer this before I becomes concerned."

"Right, I've got to go… do something. I'll be back in a few cycles." Thunder Clasp headed for the door, leaving Red Alert alone to speak with I.

As soon as he was gone Red Alert activated the communicator, "Autobot medic and scientist Red Alert responding." He answered officially.

"Red Alert; you have no idea how good it is to hear you." It was I, but his voice sounded a little different, as did Red Alert's. "But… you sound so different… how do I know it's really you?"

"I've been searching for Destiny for fifteen years Sir, Not fifteen thousand years. Don't be absurd. So why do you need me now?"

"When we destroyed Unicron, a black hole appeared, and it is closing in on Cybertron. We need to find a way to close it. We need help. We need your help." Red Alert was silent a moment, as was I. I finally whispered, "Did you find her?"

For a moment Red Alert was on the verge of telling him how close he felt to her, but thought better of raising false hope. "No. No I haven't Sir. I-…" He paused, thinking for a moment of how to put his thoughts into words; then murmured, "I'm sorry. I failed."

I was silent over the com for a long time; then said, "I know how much you miss her. I miss her too, but… if she is truly alive, don't you want her to have a home to return to?"

"… And old friends to become reacquainted with… I'll be coming soon." He let out a sigh, shaking his head and turning away from the com, "It took me so long to get this close to her… I hope that when this is over I can find her trail again."

"Don't worry Red Alert. I swear to you, as soon as the battle against the black hole is truly over, I will help you find her."

"Assuming we both survive to the end of it."

"Red Alert…"

"I know. You lost your bond mate too, and both your sparklings. We share that same pain, but you have to understand… if I find she is alive somewhere out there- and am able to get to her exact location, I will leave immediately to go to her. Is that understood?"

"Of course old friend. You always had trouble bargaining before. What's changed?"

"I've been away from her too long is all." He turned his head in the direction he knew Destiny was and turned away, liquid streaming down his face from under his visor. "I understand Sir. I will be arriving within an earth month, I hope."

"Do you need any assistance in returning?"

"No Sir. I'll be fine."


Sad huh? But don't worry: I have two sequels in the works; Shadows of Them and Not even Death; some of you have started reading them, yada yada yada.

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