Robin lay in bed, looking at the ceiling. He tried hard to stay awake, but soon his eyelids drooped and he was dreaming. The buglar alarm began beeping. Trouble!

"C'mon, Robin! Let's go!" he heard BB'S voice yell outside his door. Robin changed quickly oiut of pajama's and ran to the living room wjere the rest of the Titans were standing and staring at a figure in the middle of the room, confused. A girl who looks only one year younger than Robin is standing there. She has jet black hair that falls to her waist and is perfectly straight, and is wearing her hair half-up, half-down. She has intense blue eyes (which are wide at the moment) and has on a black midriff tanktop with a light blue long-sleeved shirt under it. She has on black shorts and black combat boots that stop at her knees with half-inch heels.

Robin's heart flew onto his tongue. He would know that face ANYWHERE. He looked at the pretty face again and a lot of memories came flooding back to him. But he couldn't believe that face was here right now.

"D-Dick?" the girl said unsurely.

"Kelli?" he spit out.

"OH! I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" she cried, and ran to hug Robin. Th rest of the Titans looked very confused, and Starfire's face had jealousy written all over it…