Mirror's Past

By Major Dork

Spoilers: Mobius Part 1 & 2, Avalon Part 1, Threads, Grace, Divide and Conquer, Beneath the Surface

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Summary: When the alternate Colonel Jack O'Neill from ancient Egypt along with Doctor Daniel Jackson travel to the future to get help in their fight against Ra, two people will finally see the light… FINALLY!

A/N: All through this story they'll be flashbacks, sort of showing what alternate Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c have been up to back in ancient Egypt. Hope you like it! Be sure to review!

Chapter One "The Mission"

"Unidentified Off-World Activation!" warned Walter Harriman on the loud speaker as General Hank Landry and Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell ran towards the control room.

"What have we got?" asked Mitchell.

"There's only two teams out and I'm not getting a GDO code yet."

Landry and Mitchell stared out at the closed gate when suddenly they got their GDO code. "Ummm sir, we're getting a code now… but ummm it's SG-1's code."

Landry raised an eyebrow and looked over at a confused Mitchell. "What the hell is going on here!" muttered Mitchell.

It was then when Samantha Carter walked up. "Sir? What's going on?"

"We have a SG-1 GDO code, with no SG-1 out in the field."

"Oh… I see," said Sam, surprise written all over her face. "This isn't the first time it's happened, I suggest we see what's going on."

"What if someone has our code, we haven't actually changed it since General O'Neill was still commander of this place," warned Cameron.

Sam smiled. "That last time this happened, it was a note from the future, a note that pretty much saved us from a fate we didn't even know about until later."

"Open the iris, let's see what's going on," ordered Landry.

Walter Harriman nodded, opening the iris and staring out at the gate, just waiting. Finally something went through the gate… weapons fire that could have only come from a Jaffa staff weapon. "Hit the deck!" yelled Mitchell as they all flew towards the control room. Everyone ducked as it hit the window.

"Damn Jaffa!" yelled Jack as he and Daniel ducked behind the DHD.

"What the hell did you think would happen! The gate is probably the most well guarded thing next to Ra himself! This was NOT a good idea, Jack! I told you that when you thought of it!"

"We're never going to be able to beat Ra like this! Even with the forces we have we won't be able to raid the palace and get Sam outta there! Who knows what the hell they could be up to by now! Sam said it herself, under no circumstances can those kids be taken by the Goa'uld! Sam's already almost nine months pregnant, we can't let Ra get them! Who knows when Sam will go into labor!"

"I'm sorry Jack, but fighting and stopping Ra is FAR more important than saving Sam!"

"No, Daniel! I won't leave her with that snakehead! I'd rather die than let my kids fall into that slimy, no good, piece of filth's hands!"

Daniel sighed. "You think they have the iris open by now?"

"If it's open at all…" muttered Jack.

"That makes me feel better. Come on, let's go!"

Jack nodded and the two got up, jumping into the gate as they dodged the weapon fire all around them.

"Close the iris!" ordered Landry in all the chaos, Walter crept his hand up to the panel just as he heard something hit the ramp. The Sergeant closed the iris as ordered and the gate soon shut down.

Finally the others got up off the ground, looking at the damage around them. "Damn," muttered Landry, it was a mess. "This is not good."

"Ummmm General… you may want to see this," said Sam as she stared in amusement and shock at the sight of Jack O'Neill lying on the floor panting, obviously uninjured, but exhausted.

"I really hate those guys," muttered the Jack before them.

Landry's eyes widened. "Jack?"

"Daniel?" said Cameron in shock.

The two lying on the ramp looked up and smiled slightly. "Sam!" said Daniel. "It feels good to be home."

"I'd think you as an Archeologist would be in heaven back there. I'm shocked!" said Jack.

"Jack, they don't even have a microwave! It's a great place, but do you have any idea how sick I am of cooked snake!"

Sam's eyes widened then. "You mean you're the SG-1 on the tape? The ones that were trapped on Egypt!"

Jack shook his head, pointing to Daniel. "He's the original… I was never on SG-1, didn't even know bout the Stargate until we found that damn video with my face on it… and had to fix the original SG-1's damage! Hi."

Sam grinned. Even when he was from an alternate reality, as it would seem, he was still the same old Jack O'Neill. "Hi," Sam greeted.

"What are you doing here if you fixed the timeline?" asked Landry then.

"We need help… Jack needs help. It's a long story. Why don't we get checked out by your doctor, let them run some tests on our blood so you'll know its us… then we can talk."

"Good idea," said Landry, still in a daze, then looked over at Mitchell and Carter. "I want you two to take them to Doctor Lam to examine them. Have Daniel and Teal'c join the briefing we'll have after Lam is done."

"Yes sir," said Sam and Cameron before going off to fulfill their orders.

"They are Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, no doubt about it. I checked and rechecked… they are who they claim to be," said Lam as they all sat at their briefing, Jack and Daniel included.

Jack smiled. "Good, now I'd like to explain why we came here."

Jack looked over at Daniel who began speaking then. "We used the time machine to predict when we could use the gate to jump forward in time like what we did in that 1969 trip…. One of our people was taken two nights ago by Ra, now in normal circumstances we'd just have to move on, but the thing is… she uh… she was..." Daniel hesitated.

"She's pregnant, General, with two very special twins."

"What's so important about them?" asked Doctor Jackson, sitting in between Teal'c and Sam.

Daniel looked at the man sitting across from him. "Her name is Samantha, and the children she's carrying were exposed to an unknown kind of radiation from the time ship. Sam was studying a compartment of the ship that we hadn't seen before. It changed them… using the Ancient gene. Once it detected it in their system the thing just… shocked her. Sam wasn't sure what happened until she scanned the children and found certain… unknowns in her system… unknowns that are found in the time machine on the ship. We believe the two have been changed… altered some how. If Ra has learned this already then he's already figuring out how he can use this to suit his will. With those children… who knows what he could do with their abilities."

Sam just stared for a minute. "You mean I'm pregnant!"

Jack almost smirked at her, trying to remind himself that she wasn't his Sam. "The ship's scanners say it's a boy and a girl. We can't just leave her in Ra's hands. If he learns to use their power he'll most likely be able to use it when you guys meet him back on the first mission you all went on to Abydos. We can't let that happen."

"No, your right, we can't… but how are we gonna get there to Egypt?" Landry asked.

"We use your time machine. The only reason we didn't use ours was because of its importance to our plan in fighting Ra," explained Daniel.

Doctor Jackson, who was oddly not bothered by the fact that he had a twin for the moment, looked over at Sam, smiling. "Wow… you're gonna get the chance to save yourself!"

Sam laughed, and then looked over at General Landry, who just nodded his agreement. "Looks like I am…."

Daniel Jackson, who'd spent way too long in ancient Egypt, was VERY happy to have the food before him. Chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some of that blue jello Sam liked so much. This was the life. "Daniel… hey."

"I'm the one from Egypt."

Sam grinned. "Yeah, it is rather hard to tell you guys apart… I was kinda hoping you were… I wanted to ask you something."

"You want to know who the father of your 'babies' are."

"Uhhhh yeah…" said Sam in surprise.

"I may not exactly be the Daniel Jackson you've known all these years but except for the being stuck in ancient Egypt part… I have Daniel's same memories. I know you… and I knew you'd wanna know."

"So are you going to tell me?"


Sam frowned. "Why not?"

"Sam, it's not my place."

"Fine… I'll ask O'Neill."

"Have fun," muttered Daniel, then took a bite out of his chicken sandwich. Sam frowned, but the frown didn't last long as Jack walked in, got some food and went over to her table.

"Carter, Daniel."

"Hello, sir."

"I'm not in the military, Carter, don't call me sir."

"Then what do I call you?" she asked.

"I have a first name you know… I mean I realize it's not much… but I do love that name."

"Okay Jonathan."

Jack sighed in frustration. "Have you always been this annoying?"

"No… your counterpart taught me that little trick."

"Yeah well stay away from him… he's a bad influence."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah well I should know… I am him after all… somewhat…."

Daniel smiled at the two, shaking his head. "So when do we leave?" asked Daniel.

"General Landry says we can all leave tomorrow."

"Good," said Jack.

"So Jack… who's the father of my children?"

Jack coughed hard, his coffee going down the wrong tube, which eventually led to more coughing. "Damn Carter! At least give me a few hours before you ask that question!"

"Well she is me… I want to know. Who is he?"

Jack hesitated. "Sam… Daniel was sure to tell me all about the universe he came from, the soldier Sam that Teal'c and I never got to know. He told me quite a bit about you, and frankly it's doubtful it'll come true in your timeline so just leave it alone."

"Doubtful? Jack, he's been dead for thousands of years… I know that."

Jack and Daniel shared a brief look, sighing. "It really doesn't matter who the father is. The Sam in our world isn't you. You two are very different. When we find Sam, if she wants to tell you who he is, that's fine by me, but I don't really wanna go there."

"What's the big deal? I just want to know his name!" Sam fought.

Jack sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Carter, will you just drop it!"

"I just don't get it… what's so problematic about telling me the name of a guy I probably don't even know!" Sam asked.

Jack sighed. 'Cause you do know him… well,' thought Jack.


"Sam? Jack" Daniel once again called over the radio. "Guys?"

Daniel watched the ship spark a few more times before settling down for the last time. What the heck could they be up to in there?

"Problem guys? What's going on?"

"Damn," he heard Jack whisper. "Uh Daniel… just give us a minute okay?"

"Jack, we need to get outta here before more Jaffa come looking for these guys. Sam really needs to get to work on fixing that thing."

"Yeah sure, Daniel, just a second!"

"We don't really have a second, Jack. You know Ra will suspect something if we don't move-"

"Daniel! For cryin' out loud! I'm just asking for one measly second! Now hold on, damn it!"

Daniel went silent, looking over at Teal'c, the Jaffa's eyebrow raised. Daniel sighed. "They'll only be a second," he muttered, slightly red with both annoyance and embarrassment. Why was it always Jack that did that to him?

"Indeed," Teal'c muttered.

Daniel just smiled at the Jaffa and kept his eye on the Jaffa patrol. "You think you can make them see your way? Prove to them that Ra is a false god?"

"I do not know, Daniel Jackson. It will take time. It was years before Master Bra'tac finally made me see reason."

"Yeah…" Daniel mumbled with a sigh.

Jack O'Neill kissed Sam fiercely, moaning her name as she hugged him close, not wanting to let go. He moved his hand down to caress her breasts, his lips moving to her neck as he licked, bit, and kissed every inch of skin he could. "J… J… Ja…ack… you really think we should be doing this? Uh… I… I mean… not exactly the place… we uh… should… uh"

"God, I'm gonna die."

"Me too… something… ah… h… ha… has got to be wrong…mmm… with me."

"Why you say that?" he asked in between kisses.

"Overload… god… oh boy… wow… don't stop… oh god, don't you dare stop."

"Wasn't planning on it."

Suddenly Jack pushed her jacket away from her chest, pulling her shirt out of her pants. Sam sucked in a breath as his right hand crept up, finally making contact with her breasts again, caressing them through her bra. "Holy Hannah!" she gasped at her hypersensitive skin's reaction. She had to stop this. Not here. As absolutely wonderful as it was, she would not do this here. "Oh god… I can't… um… oh god… believe I'm… ah… saying this but… w… we have to stop. Daniel's… god… right. W… w… we need to… oh god… get this ship fixed an… and… uh… ready before another patrol shows… ahhhhh… up."

Jack ignored her, nipping at her skin once again. "We have like a thousand people on our side Carter, what's another patrol."

"Yeah well, Colonel… um… it's a lot if Ra… shit… if Ra starts to suspect something. Later Jack… later."

Jack stopped what he was doing and looked into her eyes. "I'm gonna hold you to that."

"You damn well better," she muttered, kissing his lips one last time, before getting up and towards the ship's door.

"Uh, Sam?"


"You might wanna tuck your shirt back in your pants before you go back out there."

Sam looked down and blushed, tucking her shirt back as he'd advised her. "Yeah… thanks."

"No problem… although they'll probably already figure out what we were doing once those hickeys show themselves," he teased her, his mouth near her ear as he whispered it to her. Sam froze, eyes open wide, a shiver running down her spin as Jack opened the door and walked outside, collecting the Jaffa's weapons.

Sam breathed in deeply and got back control. "Oh boy," she whispered to herself, before following Jack over to Daniel and Teal'c. What the hell was she getting herself into?


Jack cleared his throat. "It's complicated," he told Sam before walking away from the table, his food barely touched.

Daniel sighed as he watched his friend leave the commissary. Sam frowned in confusion. "What's his problem?" she asked.

"Sam and him were very close… he's just worried about her. So am I for that matter."

Sam smiled at the man before her. "If Jack does it right, he may get us there before she's even captured… who knows… we just have to hope that everything will turn out okay."

Daniel nodded, still frowning. "Yeah…" he muttered, finishing his own food before he got up to go find Jack.

Sam sighed. "Well that didn't turn out like I expected…."

To Be Continued….

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