Mirror's Past

By Major Dork

Chapter Three "Goodbye and Goodnight"

Once again at the briefing room table, General O'Neill watched his counterpart explain their mission, along with the other Daniel. "My men and I have spent about a year mapping the area while Teal'c tries to get supporters from Ra's Jaffa. So far he has ten Jaffa pledging their life to him and his cause along with four hundred humans ready to send Ra outta here. We have three hundred near Ra, in camps all around him, as well as another hundred on the outskirts of Ra's domain where we keep most of the weapons in case their needed. We have sixteen slaves working inside, and three Jaffa. Two Jaffa will be guarding the entrance we'll be taking, the other Jaffa guards Ra himself, he's Ra's first prime… a real find for us. Now, as for weapons we'll have a problem and need your help. We're gonna need C4 to pull off this rescue. We can use it as a distraction in case we're in need of one. I'll need to inform our men of what's going on; I've even talked to them about a rescue mission and their willing. We get Sam out, and then we let my men do the rest. I believe if we do it right… we may even be able to send Ra packin'," said Jack to the people at the briefing room table.

"Now the problem will be the Jaffa patrols which come around the camps frequently. We have underground rooms under each tent filled with weapons and technology we've stolen here and there, as well as one big one for the ancient time ship. What we were hoping to do was draw Ra's attention away from the gate which would be taken from them, leaving them no other option but to leave by ship. Then we bury the gate as soon as he's gone. The rebel Jaffa we've got on our side have given us maps of the area, along with the place where Sam might be kept, but we have no way of knowing for sure. We'll need radios for all leaders of the men we command and one for me since I will be heading to a computer terminal to find Sam. Our Teal'c can come with me in case I need someone to watch my back. The rebel Jaffa guarding the entrance we're taking will take us where we need to go, once me and Teal'c are at the terminal we'll give you directions as to where to go. It will most likely be close to Ra, since he probably already knows what we're planning," Daniel explained.

General O'Neill raised his hands, frowning. "Yes Jack?" asked Daniel.

"Yeah… I was just wondering. Why don't we just take the time machine and just go to a time before your Carter was taken?"

Daniel smiled then looked over at his Jack, who was rolling his eyes. "Jack, as you well know, the time machine can extract dates from your mind, but it's not precise. If we are able to get there before Sam was taken then we'll be able to handle it ourselves, and just wait a little longer to finally go against Ra, but we don't know if that will happen or not, and with our luck who knows. Either way, we need to be prepared," Daniel told the General.

General O'Neill sighed, folding his arms. "Still, it seems to me that you're using us to help with this rebellion. I thought we were here to save your Carter?"

"General," began Jack. "We've already failed to stop Ra before; if we don't do something to stop him we may never get the chance again. Now yes, Sam is most important because of the kids, but so is this battle. If we don't get Ra outta here Sam's gonna end up working in some little office where her boss continually steals her ideas, Daniel is gonna end up teaching alien residence the English language, Teal'c will still be working for Apophis and you will end up with a boat named Homer and absolutely nothing else. In fact, when Daniel and Sam first meet you in MY reality you treated em like shit and sent them packin'! Now, General, I suggest you help us before history repeats itself."

O'Neill glared at his counterpart. "Excuse me, Jack, but it seems like you'd do just fine without us, sailor. I saw that tape, things were obviously right, so I really don't think that'll happen."

"We have no idea how it's done, General, and frankly it could be you guys that help us set your own reality back how it should be. And frankly-"

"Enough!" yelled Landry, tired of the two Jack's little fight. "We have a job to do people, andin less than an hour you all are going back in time to carry out the mission so I suggest you focus on that instead of fighting with each other."

Both Jacks glared at each other, but neither said a word. Sam had seen that look before; it was the same look General O'Neill, Colonel at the time, had given his synthetic duplicate when they'd been fighting. Carter wondered why the General could never get along with himself. Although, O'Neill did have quite a personality, she doubted that was why two Jacks would be so annoyed with each other. She'd never felt that way when her duplicate from another universe had come along. Sam shook her head and looked up to see Daniel talking. "The main supplies we'll need is the C4 for the diversion, as well as a few P-90s. We already have a boat load of staff weapons and zats."

"Done," said Landry. "I'll make sure it's taken care of."

"Uh General one other thing," Jack then added. "It will take awhile to get all he camps ready without Ra suspecting something. If we want this to be a surprise attack your men should pack up food and extra clothing. The camps near Ra have a hard enough time getting food as it is… five more mouths to feed would be quite a lot of work."

Landry nodded. "I'll make sure it's done. I'll also provide some food for you and Doctor Jackson while my team is there."

"Thank you, General, that would really be great," Daniel said, smiling.

Landry smiled back. "No problem, Doctor Jackson, now if there's nothing further I think this briefing's closed."

All around the briefing room nodded in agreement. Landry stood, and walked out of the room. Sam tensed as she saw the glare Jack pointed at O'Neill. Great, this was just great. Finally Jack looked at her, surprising Sam at how fast the glare dissipated. A sweet smile took over the frown just before he turned away and left, Doctor Jackson walking away with him. Sam looked over at O'Neill who was now staring at her, a look of confusion, annoyance, and worry in his eyes. Sam smiled at the General before walking out of the room to find the other Jack. Sam stopped just short of making herself known to Daniel and Jack as they talked around the corner. "Jack, what was all that about with you and the General?"

"Did you really expect us to get along?" Jack asked in what sounded of surprise. They were whispering, Sam strained herself to hear.

"No, but you weren't even trying."

"I know, Daniel, I know. I just… he's an idiot! The man doesn't even know what he has… could have, and he's letting duty get in the way!"

"Jack, he loves his job just like you used to, and if the Stargate had been found when it should have been you'd BE him."

Jack sighed. "That's what I'm afraid of," he muttered.

"Look, I'm gonna go get some things together for the mission; I'll talk with you later, okay?"

"Yeah, sure thing Daniel."

Sam waited until she couldn't hear Daniel walking away before turning the corner, ignoring everything she heard since she shouldn't have even been hearing it. "Oh, hello, sir."

"It's Jack, I'm not in the Air Force."

"Right… sorry."

"No biggie."

"Uh… look sir… Jack, I was wondering… you and Sam… you two are friends?"

Jack smiled, walking with her to the storage room. "Great friends, why do you ask?"

"It… just seems like you care a great deal about her…" Sam told him.

"I do, she's my friend, Sam." Jack stopped, and looked her in the eye. "I've only really known her for almost two years now, but from the moment we met I knew I'd like her… whether I acted like it or not. When we came to Egypt… after learning we'd be stuck here, we all had a hard time with it… but Sam never did. She saw a chance to make a difference… something no one else was thinking about. I respect her for how much she cares about doing something with her life. She's a good person, intelligent, kind and funny… how could I not care about her?"

Sam folded her arms, frowning, knowing he was leaving out something.

Jack laughed. "I know that look."

"What aren't you telling me, Jack?"

Jack smiled. "She saved my life."

"What happened?"

Jack looked past her, as if he was in a dream. "Teal'c, Sam, and I were just doing standard recon for a new place to set camp. Sam would check out the ground, make sure it was easy enough to dig for weapon barracks, Teal'c was standing guard when someone shot him with a zat gun outta nowhere. Sam and I fell do the ground and readied our weapons when five Jaffa start running up to us. We both start shooting, holding them off until Teal'c wakes up and helps. They start getting closer and I know we need to fall back. That's when I see this large rock. I tell Sam to go first, then Teal'c, and finally it's my turn. I turn towards the rock and I start running as fast as I can when this Jaffa points his staff weapon right at me. Teal'c and Sam see him, but I had my backed turn, so I had no idea. Teal'c is trying to warn me, but I can't hear a word with all the noise of weapons fire."

"How did Sam save you?"

Jack smiled at the memory, still not looking at her. "She gets from behind the rock and launches at me, throwing me and her to the ground just as the guy shot his weapon. If it hit me… it would have killed me. Then both of us get behind the rock and shoot down the remaining Jaffa."

Sam smiled, satisfied. He still looked like he was hiding something, but the story was a reason for him to care for her, and she didn't need to know everything. What Jack hadn't told her was how many times they'd had wild monkey sex all night, both thankful that the other was alive. Counting in his mind, he came up with six, and the thought made him grin. Sam cocked her head, recognizing the grin. "I've seen that look before."

Jack finally looked at her, curious. "When?"

"General O'Neill had just stopped this time looping device from continually setting time back every ten hours, effectively erasing every ten hours with the jump. He'd been at it for months before we finally stopped it, and when Daniel asked what he did during his time, whether he'd done something crazy considering that no one would know when time reset… well he smiled, just like you were."

Jack just shrugged. "Well if I were him… I'd probably play golf through the Stargate… I bet that'd be fun…" Jack told her then turned and walked away. Sam frowned, he was hiding something.

Less than an hour later General O'Neill, Sam, Teal'c, Daniel, the other Jack, and the other Daniel were standing outside the time machine. "Good luck, people," Landry told them, standing nearby to see them off.

General O'Neill nodded and walked into the ship, the rest following him in, taking their seats in the ship. "Jack, just think about where we last left off," the other Daniel told the other Jack.

Jack nodded, sitting in the pilot's chair as they lifted off from outside the SGC complex, and soon leaving Earth's atmosphere. Jack did as Daniel had told him and soon a light flashed from the time machine. "Well?" asked General O'Neill, who was sitting next to Teal'c.

Sam shrugged. "The machine just flashed, I dunno, sir."

The other Daniel just looked at the people behind him. "Then it worked… the stars are different. Jack, set her down, but remember to cloak the ship before we head to camp. Don't want the Jaffa patrol to catch sight of it."

Jack nodded and descended the ship, smiling. Finally! It was good to be home.

Samantha O'Neill stared up at the ceiling, feeling the two inside her kicking once more. She wished Jack were here, he always got so excited when he felt them kicking. It seemed to easily put a smile on his face despite whatever mood he was in. She'd actually used that once or twice to get out of a fight… although he had been mad at her afterwards for defusing his anger. Sam almost smiled at how difficult Jack was, but she couldn't seem to get the smile to come as she looked at the alien walls of Ra's laboratory. They'd been running tests on her since the moment she'd been captured. She knew something was going on by how pleased Ra looked when he'd come to see her, like the cat that'd eaten the canary. Evil cat….

She could only hope they'd stay in for a little while longer until Jack could find them. She'd be damned if she was going to have the twins without him. She needed his support, his love. Samantha knew it would be painful, especially without drugs, she'd need him with her to help her get through the pain. She wanted her husband to take care of her, encourage her. She'd always felt so strong with him nearby… like she could do anything with him beside her, only if he was beside her.

Jack, he was everything to her now. It seemed strange that in only a year and two months she'd not only fallen for a man hard, but made twins with him, her children. The guys she'd been serious about in the past, they'd date for years before something happened. A few days was all it took before she knew she'd struck gold. Of course she knew he wasn't perfect. He had so many scars, so many stories that if told again would be enough to make him cry. He'd done horrible things in his life while in the Air Force, and more than that, he'd experienced horrible things himself. The guilt and anger that had been building since he was young had always been with him, strong enough to make his life a living hell. Of course she also knew the guilt he carried because of his son's death, the defining moment that had changed his life. She could never forget when she first realized just how he'd felt about the situation.


Jack had been pacing back and forth when she found him. "Jack, you okay?"

O'Neill turned to look at her, relief written all over his face. "Thank god! I was so worried! Where were you!"

Sam frowned at the worry in his voice. "I was studying the ship. We need to learn what else it can do, see what other advantages it has."

"Sam! I haven't seen you all day and night!"

"So I worked overtime. I just find a new part of the ship and I was trying to figure out what it was for… learn how we can use it… things like that."

"Sam! You are pregnant! You can't just do what you normally do! God! Do you have any idea how worried I was! You scared the crap outta me! I thought you coulda been hurt! Or worse! You can't keep working on that thing all day and night! You have more than just one mouth to feed right now."

Sam had been shocked by the pain and fear in his voice. "Jack, what are you so worried about. I'm fine."

Jack walked up to her, his face right in hers. "I couldn't find you! I was worried something happened!" Jack grabbed her arms tight, making her wince. "No one knew where you were, Sam!"

"Jack! You're hurting me!" Sam yelled, trying to get away from his hold. Jack's eyes widened as he realized how tightly he'd grabbed her. Sam rubbed her right arm, wincing as she realized it would most likely bruise.

"I… I'm… I'm sorry," he whispered before turning around and running out of the tent. Sam sighed, realizing how freaked out he was. She quickly ran out to follow him. "Jack, wait!"

He didn't listen. He just kept walking, ignoring her call until he was no longer insight. She was about to go after him when she saw Daniel walk over to her. "Let him go, Sam."

"You heard?" she asked her friend.

"Sam, you two were shouting. Of course I heard."

"What the hell was he so worried about!"

Daniel sighed, looking out to where Jack was heading. "You were gone for 24 hours, Sam. Jack was looking for you everywhere… and when it started getting dark and you didn't show… he got scared. No one knew where you were."

"He overreacted, Daniel. Frankly, I don't know what's gotten into him!"


Sam's head snapped to look at Daniel. "What?"

"Charlie's gotten into him. His life has gotten into him. Sam, he loves you. You're carrying his children. Right now, at this moment, you are the most important person to him. You two just got married a month ago for Christ's sake! He was scared. He'll always be scared to lose the things he loves most. What's that saying? History repeats itself? Jack's just trying to make sure he keeps something he loves this time around. He's already lost so much, Sam. Don't expect him to not care about losing you too."

"But I wasn't lost!"

"Nevertheless Sam, you were to him. We were all worried. You should have told someone."

"I know… I know. I just… I got caught up. I didn't think about it."

"I know you didn't, Sam. Just please, be careful next time. Jack loves you so much, Sam… I don't think he could take losing you too."

Sam frowned. "He won't lose me."

Daniel, though, just nodded and turned around. "Good."


Sam closed her eyes tightly, remembering the stories her husband told her about how hard Jack had fought when he'd been married to Sara, how hard he'd fought to survive and get back to her and Charlie. Now it was her turn. She knew she'd have to see Jack again. It couldn't end this way. She'd get through it. She'd survive. Jack would never give up on her, she just had to hang in there until he could find a way back to her… and he WAS going to find a way back to her. She knew that in her heart, he'd find her. She wasn't going to let Jack lose another person he cared about. Samantha O'Neill caressed her stomach, sighing sadly. "Just hold tight, daddy's coming, daddy's coming."


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