The Rematch at the River

Mew is called back by Purse to rematch at the temple's river, where they took the exams in volume 2. But this time, Ai actually knows what's going on and secretly goes to watch them, and he might interfere, too.

"Purse! What do you want!" exclaimed Mew.

"A simple rematch, that's all. I just want to prove I'm better than you. This time, I won't be distracted by Ai or Tanja. I will win!" shouted Purse.

"What a nuisance…"muttered Mew.

"What was that?" Purse asked sweetly. "I know you said something."

"Yeah, I'll take you on. No reason for me to go easy on you, either. You'll never learn to give up if I go easy on you. So bring it on."

"Yes! Finally I can prove I am the strongest and prettiest of all the girls here!"


"Nooo waayyyyyy," moaned Fafa, "I'm much prettier than you and-waugh!" The fireball had completely perfect aim, and so did the lightning. Fafa was sent flying, not to be a part of this conversation or rematch.

"So, tomorrow at noon, you'll be at the river, and if you're not on time, I'll send Tanja to trash you," said Purse with a smirk.

"I'll be there, and if you don't show up, you'll probably not live another day, because I will send Zero after you," retorted Mew.