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"Better see if Zero would trash a student," Purse said with a smirk, "Since we know he's a teacher."

"Well, the point is that I won't loose. Lets skip this arguing and just get back to classes."

Ai peeked out from behind the large oak tree that he was hidden behind. He quickly wrote down the details of the challenge on his arm in blue pen. He needed to be there! "What if I'm not there, and Mew gets hurt," he thought, "I better tell Orin-uhhh I mean Sahara, just in case Mew gets hurt and falls in the river like I did. Since Sahara has the water aura, she would be able to find Mew in no time. Besides, she has a healing power, so if Mew was hurt, Sahara could heal her. It's the perfect plan! Oh yeah, I better remember to call Sahara by her aura name, and not her real name, which is Orina."

"Ai! I can feel you are there. Even that fortune teller girl thinks we are 100 compatible. And I may agree with her since I know you're here! Come out, and NO INTERFERING WITH OUR REMATCH, GOT IT?" Mew said, without even having to turn around and see the tree Ai was hiding behind.

"Wow. Scary," thought Ai, "But I need to help….Well, she probably won't need help, but I can at least watch. Who knows if Purse would keep her promise, and not bring Tanja. I better go and tell Sahara."

-------------------Later, in the school----------------------

"Hey, Sahara!" Ai shouted.

Sahara turned around and replied, "Hey, Ai, What's going on?"

"Come over here and I'll tell you. This is a secret, ok? No telling my brother. Got it?" Ai asked.

"Ok, I got it."

"Since we have no school tomorrow, Purse challenged Mew to a rematch, at the same river. We need to tag along in case she gets hurt. There's no telling if Purse will keep her promise and not bring the idiot Tanja, but we have to be on the safe side. Ok? Will you come? We might end up just watching, but we have to play it safe," Ai explained.

"Alright. I'll come to help my friends. I'm going to go prepare, ok?" replied Sahara.

"Right. I'll meet you here at 11am tomorrow."

The two left for the day and headed back to their dorms.


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