A/n: this is an old story that I had lying around, and I thought, "What the hell?" So here it is, my first Gundam Wing fic. Read and enjoy.

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Endless Sleep

"Quatre, look out!"

But he didn't seem to hear me. By the time he realized what was happening, it might be too late. I had to act. I ran to intercept the crazed man that was after us pilots. I hit him with my whole body. The force, unfortunately, took us both over the edge. And then there was pain. The ledge that we had been precariously situated on was steep and rocky. Still grappling with each other, we plummeted down, crashing through the rocky landscape. Bodies that had started as battered and bruised quickly gave way to bloodied and broken. And there was pain, so much pain, all over, changing with each rock that found purchase. But there was another, constant pain residing in my side, growing in intensity and agony each time it made contact with unforgiving ground. With a thump of finality, we landed on more level ground, our strangle hold on each other finally broken by the last jarring blow. Our momentum continued to carry us for several yards until we finally came to a rest. The man did not stir.

The sky was growing dark, and the first stars could be seen against their inky backdrop. The last rays of the sun caught on something glittering by my side. No, correction, in my side. My diminishing vision recognized the jeweled handle of the dagger that was meant to be sunk into Quatre's flesh. It had instead found its way into mine. I went to remove it but found my arms unresponsive.

The pain didn't seem so bad anymore; numbness seemed to have settled over me instead. Noises, shouting could be heard up above me, but I was tired, so tired. The sky was rapidly being overtaken my night. Wait, that couldn't be right, there were no stars in the sky anymore. And then I felt it, the undeniable pull of the darkness, and new that this black sky was of my own making. I think I would have liked to see the stars during the end. A final bright spot in a time that had been filled with darkness. The voices are louder now, closer. They seem familiar. But I am too tired to think about it. Too tired to keep my eyes open. They slide shut, blocking out the last bit of light. I feel someone kneeling above me, and someone gently cradling me in his arms. The touch is light, trying to give comfort. I don't need to open my eyes to see his face. Blond hair hanging down as he leans over me. His eyes, frantic at first and then softening with realization. He tears, falling gently onto my face, tell of imminent loss, and guilt for thinking that he is the cause. I try to tell him that it's not his fault, but I'm too tired to speak. I take another pained breath and realize that even such a simple task requires more energy than I have to offer. I am just so tired. As I slip towards the endless sleep my body craves, I still feel the gentle pressure of his arms, holding me close to his own body, whispering to me, like a lullaby to gently send me on my way.

And then there is only sleep.


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