I own neither Inuyasha nor Bleach or any of the characters involved from these works. It is not my intent to take credit for these stories or any individual parts from either. I will not accept any form of monetary gain from this fictional piece.


I began this work purely on a whim of my own imagination. Hopefully I will not let down fans of either works. A great deal of research was put into this story and a lot of love brought on by friends who have initiated the emotions that I tried to portray here. It will be ultimately up to you, my dear readers, to inform me if I have been successful in my attempts.

Many factors of this story are substantially different from other fan-fictions simply due to the nature of causing two people to meet who, after a certain point in their lives become occupied with other matters. Obviously I could not have the Bleach and Inuyasha universes merge during the times and events which occur during the manga and anime, therefore I opted to hit the proverbial rewind button on my little what-if and take us all to the past before shinigami and hanyou ever met our two friends. Please understand that, because some of the information is simply not available I had to make up some portions. Kagome's birthdate is not officially announced in any of my research as well as the year in which Bleach actually takes place. Therefore I have chosen, after extensive inquiries as to the personalities of each western astrological sign, to make Kagome's birthday fall within the first week of September. (Hence why this story begins during the last week of August and does not continue much farther past her birthdate.) Also, the Bleach timeline is, as I said before, a very vague piece of information and therefore I chose to simply merge the two. (Ichigo's own birthdate is given but not the year.) Nothing shown in the manga or anime may present one to believe that the Bleach universe is vastly different from the Inuyasha one and so both storylines will merge within my story beginning somewhere around August 28, 1997.

This story is not a romance. Please do not feel that this story in any way will lead up to anything more than it already shows, because that was never my intent. All this story is meant to convey is the idea of unlikely friendships. So, with that in mind please go forward and enjoy my tale of two people from very different worlds that are essentially the same.


And in today already walks tomorrow. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Let us assume that two individuals were fated never to meet. These persons are of oppositions, both living different lives which are similar in their own rights but singular and completely polar from the other. Neither one knows that they are destined for great things in the not-so-distant future. Their parents will never know of the other and by some strange chance they will never cross paths despite living in a marginally close radius within the same region of the same country. Assuming this is a possibility that two people may be so inclined to never know of the other, allow me to introduce you to two such fated beings.

Kurosaki Ichigo, male age 15, Cancer; lives with his father and two younger sisters Yuzu and Karin in their home which also happens to be the family business, a medical clinic. He has latent paranormal abilities which allow him to see ghosts and it is due to this ability that he is a rather introverted individual, not really caring for the company of others but not denying their presence either.

Higurashi Kagome, female age 14, Virgo; lives with her mother, grandfather and one younger brother, Sota in their home which also happens to be the family business, a Shinto shrine. She has latent paranormal abilities which allow her to hold the powers of a miko, although she is not a priestess, and because of this she is very caring and generous to those around her, always seeking the company of others.

And so our tale begins when total opposites are thrown together, against the better judgment of fate, by the accidental mistake of a fifteen-year-old boy one balmy August evening.