Just a silly little thing i came up with today while i was out. Family tradition for me, plus i got a car on campus and the day off. lol.
Sam woke up in the motel room and looked around. It was light outside, but the curtain was pulled over the window, making the room darker. He glanced over at Dean's bed and noticed that it was empty. Where the hell did he go? Sam thought, And why didn't he wake me up? He stretched and got out of bed. Just then the door opened and Dean walked in with several plastic shopping bags on his arms.

"Good morning, it's about time you got up, it's like noon already." Dean said, dropping the bags on the table.

"Noon? I slept til noon?" Sam said, sleepily rubbing his eyes and glancing at the clock. Yeah, it was noon alright. "Where did you go?"

"PHCR." Dean said.


"PHCR. Post Holiday Candy Raid." Dean said, smiling.

"Again, I ask: what?"

Dean sighed. "It's the day after a holiday, Valentines day to be exact, so the stores all have sales on their candy. I went out and got a bunch. Let's see, I got us those Sweetheart candies, those big hearts filled with chocolates."

"Dean, why did you go out and buy so much candy?"

He shrugged. "Dunno. I just figured we could use some junk food."

Sam went over to the table and looked through the bags. There was enough candy there to last them a month, at least. He smiled, he couldn't help it, his brother "Mr. Tough guy" was addicted to candy. He looked over at his brother sitting on the bed flipping through their dad's journal eating handful upon handful of candy hearts. He grabbed a heart shaped box and went back to his bed.

"So when's the next PHCR?" He asked.

"Well, there's no good candy til Easter. God I love those Cadbury Egg things."