Happy Birthday, Harry

Ginny Weasley-Potter slowly opened her eyes. Next to her in bed lied her husband, the famous Harry Potter. Ginny smiled to herself as she crawled on top of him. Today was his birthday, and she had some news that would make it the best birthday ever. She brought her lips to his as she straddled him. She felt Harry smile, and he began to kiss her back.

"Harry 21st birthday," she whispered when they both stopped to catch their breath. Harry pulled on his glasses, and propped himself up on his elbows.

"Do you know how many times I thought I wouldn't live to see this day?" he asked Ginny.

"But you did, so I don't see what the big deal is. Right now, I want to give you your birthday present."

"Aww…Gin, I told you not to get me anything." Ginny smiled, and shift to a more comfortable postion.

"Well, this was sorta unexpected. It's not actually an object, well, not at the moment at least." Harry didn't understand what she was saying. Ginny kissed him. "Harry, I'm going to have a baby."

"A baby?" he repeated. Ginny nodded with a smile on her face. Harry began to laugh. "A baby!" Then he kissed her. "We're going to be parents, Gin!"

Hermione, meanwhile, had locked herself in a guest room at the house she shared with her fiancé, Ron. In front of her was a bubbling cauldron, and an ancient book opened to a specific page.

"'Mione," Ron said, knocking on the door. "Have you been up all night? What in Merlin's name are you doing in there?" Hermione looked up from her book.

"I'm working on Harry's present. Listen, Lupin's probably stopping by to bring me some things that I need. Could you please just tell him that I'm in here?" she asked.

"Fine! Keep your secrets! Don't tell me what you're doing in there!" As Ron walked away, her muttered, "Women!"

"I heard that!" Hermione yelled. Ron rolled his eyes, and began to fix himself a cup of coffee.

Professor Lupin Apparated about half an hour later. In his hand was a cloth sack.

"Good morning, Ron" he said. Ron looked up from his copy of the Daily Prophet where he was reading the sports section.

"Good morning, Professor," he said.

"Ron, for the last time, please call me Remus. Is Hermione home?" Ron pointed towards the spare room.

"She's in there. She's been in there all night working on Harry's present. What is she getting him?"

As Remus went to the spare room, he said, "A very special potion."

Hermione tossed in the last ingredients that she had, and leaned back against the bed. Remus Apparated with a pop.

"Hello, 'Mione. Ron told me that you've been up all night working. Are you done?" he asked.

"All I need is what you're providing me." Remus handed her the sack.

"Well, there you go. Now, will these be destroyed when they're put in the potion?" Hermione was looking through the bag.

"No, they'll be perfectly fine. How did you get a hold of these?" She pulled out two wedding bands, a diary, an old textbook, and a wand.

"Sirius was given the wedding bands, which I then got after his death. I just happened across the diary while looking for something to bring to you. The wand and the textbook were the hardest though. Minerva, that is, Professor McGonagall that is, didn't want to give me the wand at first. After all, it is a part of Hogwart's history. I had to tell her. I know you wanted to surprise everyone, but she seemed more than pleased about it. I also had to tell Cho. She was surprised to see me, and even more surprised at my request. She'll be here tonight, and I thought that she should know anyway. Now, this is a permanent potion, correct?"

"As permanent as it's going to get," Hermione replied. She picked up the five objects, and placed them into the cauldron. "Any second now, Harry's life, and the Wizarding world's will never be the same again." A huge explosion sent Hermione and Remus stumbling back. When they stood up, five figures were in the room with them. Remus looked from person to person. He couldn't believe it. Hermione had done it! She had successfully created the most complicated potion in the Wizarding world!