This story is set in the changed future. Piper and Leo are still together with leo now a whitelighter again while piper is still a formidable charmed one.

Wyatt is 18 in this fic and harbors a deep and unnerving love/obsession with Chris but he has a girlfriend called Eve who will feature on later in this story. Chris is 16 and still goes to school - he is bi but hasnt told anyone but Wyatt and will have a few flings later on in this story much to the anger and jealousy of Wyatt.

Phoebe and paige will also appear later but they are not married. However they are seeing guys and dating. Phoebe is going out with Jason again while Paige single currently.

Finally please dont sue me if i have somehow broke a rule in this site cos i wouldnt do it intentionally. i shall continue with this fic if people read and review it. Thanks to all those that read and hopefully review this story.


'oh chris' Wyatt sighed as he spoke gazing intensely at the sleeping form of his little brother. It was 3am in the morning and Wyatt was watching Chris sleep. This was not unusual for Wyatt anymore, he had been doing it for weeks now ever since that fateful day.

Wyatt Halliwell at the age of 18 was indeed twice blessed - he had a great family, great job at his mums club, an amazing girlfriend, he was one of the most powerful beings in the world for gods sake. He had everything he could have dreamed for...except for one thing... one thing that he wanted more than anything in the world - he wanted Chris; more than as a brother but as his lover and companion for life. Wyatt had always known that Chris was his soulmate and cursed fate and the higher powers for making them brothers.

Wyatt had always loved Chris since the moment he was born. how could he not, they were brothers their bond was unbreakable, even stronger than the bond between his mum and aunts and Wyatt would hurt anyone - be it demon or human - that dared to hurt chris in any way.

Slowly Wyatt got up and carefully sat beside Chris on his bed. Wyatt slowly touched Chris cheeks and lips. 'jesus' wyatt shuddered in pleasure, his lips were soo soft just like the rest of his skin. Wyatt stared at Chris for what seemed like an eternity taking in all his features - 'God your beautiful ' Wyatt murmered to Chris who continued to sleep peacefully completely oblivious to the fact that wyatt was in his room.

'Chris looks like an angel' Wyatt started to think to himself then smirked to himself at the irony as he realised it was half true, thier dad was technically an angel. Chris with his dark hair, perfect face and stunning green eyes was a stunner, he also had an air of innocence and with his long lean body that demanded to be loved Wyatt started to get aroused again - something that had been happening for weeks since that day he developed more intense feelings for his brother when he saw him doing something that Wyatt shouldnt have seen.

Wyatt on the other hand was completely different to Chris. he was muscular, strong, he had an air of dominance about him and while chris was beautiful, Wyatt was considered to be more handsome.
Wyatt was also more confident in terms of personality while Chris was shyer. Wyatt loved this fact - it gave him reassurance that he and Chris were meant to be. Chris needed someone who would protect him, love him the way he needed, feel dominated and safe and love him till death and Wyatt was the man for this.

Wyatt couldnt take this any longer, he needed more than the touch of Chris's skin. So caught up in his lust was he that he lowered his head down towards Chris and kissed him gently on the lips. 'God this is amazing' Wyatt moaned resisting the urge to penetrate Chris there on the spot as he thought this he started deepen the kiss wanting more...needing more. He slowly inserting his tongue in Chris's mouth, he was going numb with pleasure and then something happened that made Wyatt go crazy with lust and pleasure and at the same time freeze him in his spot - Chris moaned in what sounded like pleasure and confusion. Wyatt stopped dead in his tracks staring at his brother with shock and lust wanting to hear that moan again and again

Wyatt could tell Chris was starting to wake up as he started to stir and not a moment too soon as Chris opened his eyes, Wyatt orbed out. 'what the fuck' Chris murmured still half asleep. he had the most intense dream. he dreamed that Wyatt had actually been watching him before proceeding to kiss him and a small part of him actually enjoyed it. 'it was just a dream' chris kept on saying but was it... Chris was sure it felt so real and intense. Chris could feel so many feelings in this dream it was incredible - he felt such lust, protectiveness, pleasure and love coming from the Wyatt in his dreams. Maybe it was an extension to his new empathic abilities he recieved last week, maybe he could feel the emotions that came from a dream even if they wernt real. 'Yeah that must be it' Chris thought reasurring himself. Wyatt couldnt possibly have them feelings for me.

Now he was fully awake Chris got up and quietly went into the toilet. Afterwards as he was going back to his room he made a short detour to Wyatts room. As he opened his door he saw Wyatt fully asleep on his bed with his back faced to Chris. Chris noted that Wyatt didnt have his blanket over him. He proceeded to put the cover over Wyatt. He then stopped and stared at his brother, smiling; Wyatt looked so innocent and he looked just like an angel. Bending over he kissed Wyatt on the cheek and whispered 'Goodnight Wy' before shutting the door behind him.

'It must have been a dream' Chris thought happily before dosing off to a dreamless sleep. Wyatt on the other hand just stared into darkness touching the cheek on which Chris had kissed - savouring and reliving the moment again and again.