The end

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Epilogue - 3 months later

Wyatt sighed as he and Chris packed the last of the boxes full of clothes and various possessions that they owned. It had been 3 months…3 glorious months since he and Chris had finally got together and they had been the happiest of his life.

Wyatt turned around to see Chris packing up his own box full of clothes; his back turned away from him. Wyatt sneaked up behind and wrapped his arms around Chris's waist drawing him closer to his body and proceeded to kiss his neck while Chris smiled wonderfully.

'Have I told you how much I love you' Wyatt murmured as he sucked on Chris's neck which caused Chris to moan in response.

'Only about a million times already' Chris said humouredly but with a distant look in his demeanor

Wyatt who noticed this started to grow concerned. 'Hey cherubs are you alright?'

'Im fine… im just thinking about everything that's happened over these months' Chris said as he turned around to face Wyatt and wrapped his arms around Wyatt's' neck bringing their foreheads together. Wyatt could only nod in response before he was pulled into a loving kiss.

A lot had happened in that period; Chris and Wyatt decided to keep their relationship a secret, they decided it was for the best as they knew that no one would accept their relationship and would go to all costs to keep them apart (heaven help them if the elders found out or even worse their parents).

Wyatt also broke up with Eve and suffice to say it did not go down well. Eve had no idea why he was doing this as it was totally out of the blue, and she, quite understandably, wanted to know why Wyatt was tossing away more then a years worth of love and companionship without so much as a proper explanation. All Wyatt could say, to her white, tear stricken face, was, 'It's not enough…I'm sorry.' And with that he left her apartment feeling guilty at the sight of her agonized expression.

Wyatt never managed to explain why he broke up with Eve to Piper and Leo. They were devastated about it, and tried to get him to talk about it. Wyatt never could give them an explanation they would accept, any more than he could tell them the truth. For the first couple of days after Wyatt broke up with Eve he would appear downcast and miserable while on the inside feeling relieved, he knew he had to keep up pretences though.

Whenever his family asked him if he was feeling ok and if he wanted to talk about it Wyatt would just sigh and say he was going to see Chris and talk to him. They always agreed, and one time Wyatt overheard his dad telling his mum, as he went upstairs, that he was glad he could talk to somebody at least and took solace in that fact.

What they didn't know was that every time Wyatt went to see Chris, Chriswould be waiting for him in his bedroom and would launch himself into his arms. A quick 'silencing' and 'notice me not' spell would be conjured up around the room and they would fall back on the bed they made love on several occasions and Wyatt would devour him alive.

They were careful to leave no signs of their lovemaking, but sounds were safe enough, and to Wyatt there was nothing as good on earth and heaven as the sight of Chris on his hands and knees, thighs spread wide with his tight hole gleaming, and begging for his brother to do things brothers shouldn't. So blessedly tight and hot, and Wyatt would pound in and out of him as if his sanity and life depended on it while Chris would scream in pleasure and lust before they would explode together in orgasmic bliss.

They spent as much time together as possible but it wasn't enough for both of them, they would get interrupted often which would irritate them to no end and therefore Wyatt came to the decision of moving out of the Halliwell house.

Naturally everyone didn't want him to leave (especially Piper) but they understood the reasons why as he wanted his own freedom. Chris didn't take this news well until he found out that Wyatt was planning on finding a place for the both of them to which Chris thanked him very profusely…

A week or so before the present day, Wyatt managed to find a reasonably priced apartment not too close but then not too far from his families house, (a two bedroom place so that his family wouldn't get as suspicious if they visited) and paid the deposit for it. After a long period of over 3 hours Wyatt and Chris finally managed to persuade Piper that Chris could live with Wyatt (provided they came and visited several times a week) and now here they were in Chris's bedroom in the process of packing up everything they owned ready for a new life.

Piper, Paige and Leo had been helping all afternoon with the packing and were now in the process of checking out the apartment while Phoebe regretfully claimed she could not make it because of work but promised to come by later and help.

'I love you' Wyatt whispered after they separated from their tender kiss; Chris upon hearing this smiled brightly. He knew he would never get bored of hearing Wyatt say those words to him.

'Not as much as I love you' Chris replied smiling

'I don't think that's possible' Wyatt laughed as drew Chris back into him and chafe their bodies together causing friction to both of their cocks. Chris gasped in pleasure before grabbing Wyatt in a searing kiss.

'You know…' Chris panted as he gave Wyatt a mischievous look 'we have plenty of time before mum and the others come back…maybe we should use it effectively'

Wyatt smiled, a predatory look appearing in his eyes as he took in what Wyatt was saying. As he looked at Chris and saw his horny expression all the blood rushed into his southern regions and with a slight growl he grabbed Chris and threw him on the bed which resulted in Chris giggling.

Wyatt kissed Chris and battled for dominance with their tongues. Wyatt almost ripped off Chris's shirt who moaned loud as Wyatt's tongue thrust into his mouth. In one sudden move, Wyatt stood up, pushed his pants and underwear down in a quick move, and kicked them off leaving his socks the only clothing he had on, Chris lifted his hips and pushed his pants to his knees before lying back on the bed in anticipation. Both naked, Wyatt lay on top of Chris and rubbed their cocks together causing unbearable friction. He grinded just right which caused both their breathing to increase as they moved as one.

Wyatt grabbed Chris's ass and they both came, Chris kissed Wyatt and in one quick movement Wyatt lifted Chris's legs over his shoulder and thrust into Chris's pucker using their seeds as lubrication for his aching cock.

Wyatt's dick went up into Chris's ass, and Chris moaned in slight pain and lots of pleasure. Damn he was going to be sore but it would be worth it. Chris grabbed onto Wyatt's shoulders to support himself as Wyatt pounded into him holding constant eye contact, Chris gasped and he made a sound that made Wyatt's eyes lose focus as he lost himself in Chris which caused Chris to orgasm as well.

'Wow' Chris gasped as Wyatt collapsed on top of him; both of their sweaty bodies infused as one

'That about sums it up' Wyatt laughed as he held onto Chris never wanting to let him go

'I love you so much' he whispered which caused Chris to break out into a huge smile 'im going to make you so happy' he promised as he kissed Chris's already swollen lips

'You already do' Chris replied in a loving tone which caused Wyatt to grin at him goofily

'This is a new start Chris, I promise you il never let you go' Wyatt said before they resumed their kissing…

'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE' screamed a voice which caused them to gasp in surprise

Jumping in shock; Chris and Wyatt abruptly turned their heads to the direction of the voice. What they saw caused both of them to pale considerably. Phoebe was standing in the doorway ghostly white and looking shaken at the core at the sight before her

Oh my god Wyatt thought shocked beyond words, as he gazed down at Chris, he saw that Chris was silently crying tears of anguish…

This cant be happening, oh god! Chris thought as he stared at his aunt unable to say anything for fear of sobbing…

Oh Chris, Wyatt what have you done? Was all Phoebe could think of as she stared at the sight of her two nephews in a position she never would have dreamed of them being in…

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