Earth July 2006 Somewhere just outside London.

Jack Harkness wandered down the high street waiting for the Doctor and Rose to return from their visit to her mums. Jack had been banned from seeing Jackie Tyler after Rose realised just how well they got on together. She claimed that it would be too disturbing if Jack started dating her mother so Jack had obediently agreed to go for a walk.

He glanced in a shop window and almost laughed at the ridiculous twenty first century clothes. When he turned he saw Rose and the Doctor heading towards him. He was about to wave when he noticed Rose was carrying a small child, about a year old.

Frowning he walked towards them. Maybe Rose had to baby-sit for one of her mum's friends and they were coming to tell him that they'd have to stay in London for a bit longer than expected.

But as they got closer, Jack could see the bright blue eyes and sandy brown hair and somehow he knew that it was Rose's child. Rose and the Doctors. But that meant they weren't his Rose and Doctor, they were from the future.

"What's going on?" He asked as he reached them.

"We came back to visit you," Rose said smiling sadly. "So you could meet this little tyke."

The small child on her hip glanced at Jack, sucking his thumb. The Doctor stood looking at him gravely.

"I'm dead aren't I?" Jack asked looking from Rose to the Doctor. Rose looked at her feet swallowing hard and nodded. Jack took a few deep breaths. "What's his name then?"

"Jack," Rose said smiling. She held him out to Jack who took the small child grinning.

"He looks like you," Jack commented as the Jack in his arms squirmed. "You and the Doctor."

"Thanks," Rose said looking back at the Doctor and gesturing for him to come closer. He walked up to Rose and took her hand.

"How… how long have I got?" Jack asked as he handed baby Jack back to Rose.

"A few years," the Doctor replied not entirely truthfully. "It's quick, painless and you save all three of us. You go out with a bang Captain."

Jack nodded his eyes stinging now.

"Thanks for coming back," he said quietly.

"I couldn't just let you go without seeing him," Rose replied, wiping her eyes before she could cry.

"We've broken about a hundred time laws I'll have you know," the Doctor whispered in a strained voice. "I hope you appreciate it."

Jack knew the Doctor wasn't being shirty with him. He was trying not to show how much it hurt.

"Course I do," Jack looked from one to the other. "Have a good life yeah?"

Rose couldn't help crying then. She flung the arm that wasn't clutching baby Jack, round his neck and hugged him tight. The Doctor gave him a hug too.

"You would've been a great uncle," Rose said as she pulled back from him. Jack grinned then.

"I could've taught him all my dance moves," he said ducking as Rose made to smack him feebly.

"We better go," the Doctor said. "The other us will be coming back soon. Don't tell them anything though, just put it to the back of your mind."

Jack nodded.

"Bye then," He said quietly waving. Baby Jack waved back.

"Bye," he mumbled in a tiny voice. Rose grinned.

"He learns quicker than humans," she said. "Won't be long before he's a smug know it all like his dad."

"Wouldn't want it any other way though would you?" Jack said smiling as they went.

"Nope," Rose shook her head looking over her shoulder at him.

As Jack watched them go he sighed. That Doctor and Rose had been so happy together. His Doctor and Rose were bickering constantly, ever since he'd urged Rose to tell the Doctor how she felt.

In his heart Jack knew it wouldn't be long until they got together and they'd probably have baby Jack not long after. That meant that he had little more than a year to live. He was glad the Doctor had tried to protect him even if they all knew Jack would work out he was lying.

Rose and the Doctor stepped back into the TARDIS and headed up to the console which was surrounded by toys. Rose put Jack down and left him playing with some building blocks.

The Doctor glanced at Rose and tried to smile. She just cried harder and the Doctor had to pull her into a hug to make her feel any better.

"He saw our child," the Doctor whispered. "That's all that matters."

"But Jack'll never know the man he was named after," Rose sobbed sadly.

"Jack's alive, and he'll always know that it was the man he was named after that saved him," the Doctor said, rubbing a hand in the small of Rose's back. She sniffed slightly.

"Jack won't be here to save us next time though," Rose whispered worriedly. "What if something happens to… to…"

She couldn't finish her sentence, just glanced down at her baby, playing with his toys.

"Nothing will ever happen to him," the Doctor said firmly, cupping Rose's cheek and making her look at him. "I promise."

Rose looked the Doctor straight in the eye and nodded. She knew that the Doctor wouldn't lie to her. He taken all sorts of precautions to protect their child and she knew that he would be safe as long as they weren't reckless.

"He's going to be walking soon," the Doctor said looking down at Jack. "Next thing you know he'll be helping me drive the TARDIS."

"Don't," Rose moaned, leaning against the Doctor's chest. "I want him to stay a baby forever."

"He's got to grow up some time," the Doctor pointed out. "It's not like any of us are going to die of natural death any time soon."

Rose smiled slightly.

"You're never going to let me live that down are you?" She asked.

"Now that you mention it, no," the Doctor said, wrapping his arm round her. "That'll be a story to tell him when he's older. How his mum became a Time Lady, defied all the laws of time and almost killed herself in the process. He'll love it."

"You know what he'd love even more?" Rose said looking up at the Doctor.

"What?" He asked.

"A younger sibling," she grinned. The Doctor laughed.

"I'll think about it," he said. "We've already got our hands full with one Time Baby; we don't need another to juggle just yet."

Rose smiled.

"Ok," she said, knowing the Doctor would cave in eventually. He always did. They were always meant to be together. Two minds one soul? More like three minds one soul now…

That's the end I'm afraid folks. However do not cry for too long (wow, you guys are making me big headed lol) there shall be a sequel, if of course you want one? Review and let me know what you think and if you'd like a sequel. Tah!