A/N: This is a surprise fic, I just had to do this fic. The mamodo if you have read Quest of Kings is Yuki, I wanted to do a story with a bookkeeper in the Zatch Bell world (as opposed to Usopp in the One Piece world). Also Kinky is an old character I wrote for a fanfic a while back, she's an insane talking and slightly sadistic rabbit, who may unintentionally steal the show. Sakura on the other hand is completely new character I came up for this fanfic. Enjoy this parody of Magical Girls.

Disclaimer: I don't own Zatch, if I did then there would be uncut Chi Chi Wo Moge.

Kinky: And guns! Lots and lots of guns!

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The Mamodo, the Magical Girl and the Insane Rabbit

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The New Girl

It was a dark night, a woman was being attack by a strange creature. The creature took out a strange gem from the woman and began to laugh.

"Your Soul Gem belongs to the Licno Empire!" laughed the creature.

"Stop right there!" called out a voice.

The creature looked around and saw a figure standing on a nearby roof.

"The cherry blossom falls in the moonlight! I'm Mystical Sakura! And I'm not very happy with you!" said the figure, it was a teenage girl with pink hair tied into a braid with violet ribbons tied at top and bottom of the braid, she had sky blue eyes. She wore a strange outfit, it was a short pink shirt and a place pink top, that was covered with a slighter darker shade of pink ribbon. Pink high heels and a strange pink gem on her forehead, she was known as Mystical Sakura. Two figure were beside her, one was very small and the other was small but larger than other.

"You're the famous Mystical Sakura I heard about, this is the end of the end for you!" said the creature.

The creature's hand turned into an axe.

"Go! Mystical Sakura, defeat that with your super breath!" said the smaller of the two figures which was a talking blue rabbit.

"I don't have that power!" yelled Mystical Sakura.

"Are you sure?" asked the other figure which was a girl with sky blue hair kept in a curly ponytail tied in a blue ribbon. She wore a light blue t-shirt and blue skirt.

"Kinky…" Mystical Sakura growled, "I told you to stop telling Yuki that I have powers I clearly don't have…"

The creature jumped up with it's axe hand preparing to strike when Mystical Sakura grabbed Kinky, the talking rabbit and used her as a shield.

"Kinky Shield!" she cried out as the axe broke on the talking rabbit.

"Did you really have to do that?" yelled Kinky.

"Yes… yes I did." said Mystical Sakura.

"Now it's time for immobilization, right Yuki!" said Mystical Sakura.

"Right!" said Yuki, the little girl.

Mystical Sakura took out a book "Blizdo!" she read and a wave of snow and ice blasted the creature freezing it.

"No it time!" said Mystical Sakura, she took out a wand "Let Love Fill You Life! Mystical Sakura Rainbow Surprise!" said Mystical Sakura.

A beam from her wand and blasted the creature, it disappeared and gem it held slowly fell to the ground.

"Nice job Mystical Sakura. You did good." said Kinky.

"Thanks... why'd super glue me to this roof!" yelled Mystical Sakura.

"To test you!" said Kinky.

Mystical Sakura's shoes were glued to the roof and she move.

"It's so I won't punt you isn't it?" asked Mystical Sakura.

Kinky eyes sifted "No." she said slyly.

"Um… Yuki I hate to ask." said Mystical Sakura.

"It's not problem." said Yuki picking up the gem and jumping to the ground like there was no problem. She placed the gem into the woman's chest then ran away back to the rooftop… where a certain blue rabbit happened to fly away from.

The next day a girl named Sakura Milna got up. She had pink hair and sky-blue eyes she looked at her clock and screamed "I'm going to get her!"

She did her morning things, she blushed her hair, tied it into a braid, tied two purple ribbons on at the top one at the bottom, and got dressed, it was her first day at Mochinoki JR High School. Put her books in her bag… and a pink thing. She went to put on her shoes and left while eating a piece of toast. Two figures followed her.

"Are you sure it's okay." said the larger of the two figures.

"Yes, in this school or kinds are allowed…" said the smaller of the two figures.

"Oh… okay" said the larger of the two figures.

Meanwhile a boy named Kiyo Takamine walked… while being followed by a walking gym bag. He sighed, he was about to yelled at it when a girl with brown hair approached him.

"Kiyo!" she said.

Kiyo sighed, "Oh hi Suzy." He said.

"Did you hear there's a new student here." Said the girl named Suzy.

"Really?" said Kiyo.

Later class began, "we have a student, today will you please come in?" said the teacher.

Sakura came in, she gave polite bow, "My name is Sakura Milna, it's a pleasure to meet you"

Suddenly Kinky, the rabbit that was with mystical Sakura and Yuki the girl who was with Mystical Sakura popped out nowhere.

"And I'm Kinky, her Magical Girl advisor!" said Kinky.

"And I'm Yuki her side kick!" said Yuki.

Sakura was completely silent… then she snapped "Kinky! What are you doing here!" she yelled.

"Just to torture you!" said Kinky.

"Wait so we're not allowed in school?" said Yuki.

Sakura sighed "What have I told you Yuki?" asked Sakura.

Yuki thought for a moment, then said "Everything Kinky tells me is a filthy lie?" said Yuki.

"That's right…" said Sakura.

She went over to the window, opened it, walked behind Kinky and putted her out of the building.

"I HATE THAT RABBIT!" yelled Sakura.

The teacher cleared his throat, "I'm so sorry." said Sakura bowing.

"Can you please explain this?" asked the teacher.

"Some Magical Girl secret…" mumbled Sakura, "You see… have you read the paper's recently… about the mysterious hero Mystical Sakura?"

"I have!" yelled a short boy with a strange mouth, "I heard she's an alien from another planet."

"I wish…" mumbled Sakura, "Well… I'm her…"

The class burst out laughing, "It's not a joke…" said Sakura.

She took out pink wand from her book bag and shout "Mystical Lovely Power Make-Up!" she said. A strange bizarre light show began as her clothes changed to the outfit Mystical Sakura wears, her sore changed to height heels and a gem appeared on her fore head. The entire class was silent.

"See…" she said.

"That is so cool!" yelled a young blonde boy who wasn't a student … and wearing a gym bag.

"Zatch, you were suppose to hide to today." yelled Kiyo.

Yuki saw the boy named Zatch, she looked genuinely afraid, she hid behind Mystical Sakura's leg.

"Yuki what is it?" she asked.

"That boy… he's… he's…" said Yuki frightened.

"A mamodo?" whispered Mystical Sakura.

Yuki nodded.

"Sakura you take your seat… and change…" said the teacher.

"Right…" said Mystical Sakura.

She closed her eyes and went to being Sakura. She took her seat, which was right next Kiyo. She looked at him.

During Lunch she gave Kiyo a note and left with Yuki in tow.

"I think she like you…" said Zatch in a teasingly way.

"Zatch…" mumbled Kiyo.

He read the note, his eyes winded.

"I don't know your name… but I know you have a mamodo. Please meet on roof top right now. We need to talk, just talk. Sakura." Kiyo read the note.

Kiyo picked up a red book and Zatch by the gym bag and went up to the roof.

On the roof Sakura and Yuki waited, "I hope he doesn't want to fight." said Yuki.

"Me nether… but if he does we will do this after school… we just need to talk." said Sakura.

Kiyo and Zatch made it to the roof.

"So you have a mamodo too?" asked Kiyo.

"That's right." said Sakura.

Both Kiyo and Sakura sighed "But I don't want to fight unless it's necessary." Both said the same time.

Both sweatdroped, "So you fell the same way?" said Kiyo.

"Yeah…" said Sakura, "We do"

Next Time: Sakura explains to Kiyo how she met Kinky and Yuki... in same day. And why the fact the she's a Magical Girl isn't a secret... hint it has to do with a certain insane rabbit.