A/N: If you're familiar with Magical Girl series Sakura gets an elemental power- up in this chapter...

Chapter 6: A New Power

Sakura began to cry… she couldn't stop herself… she just couldn't stop crying.

"It can't be… it can't be…" cried Mystical Sakura.

"What's wrong…" said Eido.

The monster began to laugh, "The little girl's going to die… her soul is broken… it can never be put back…" laughed the monster.

Hyde began to get angry.

"Eido… let's fight this guy…" said Hyde.

Eido shrugged, he never seen Hyde this angry… in fact this was one of the first times he saw Hyde exhibit emotion other than anger and annoyance... mostly annoyance… it was strange this anger was different… very different.

"Yuki…" cried Mystical Sakura...

Meanwhile at Sakura's house Kinky was doing something while Kiyo… still disguised Sakura sighed watched the insane rabbit. Kinky stopped whatever she was doing when she sensed a power come over her… a great sadness… the only time this happened was when a soul gem broke.

"Sakura… why didn't you sense the Soul Stealer?" asked Kinky.

Kiyo sweatdroped… "This isn't good…" thought Kiyo.

"If you scream then I sorry…" said Kinky, "Not really…" she added with an insane smile.

Kinky pulled the braid of the wing and revealed its Kiyo.

"Kiyo! Why are you dressed like Sakura?" asked Kinky.

Kiyo sighed "I'm not telling you why but she asked me to…" said Kiyo.

Kinky shrugged, she picked up the wig, put glue on it and put it back on Kiyo's head. She then took out a disposable camera and began to take all the pictures she could… of Kiyo dressed like Sakura.

Kinky sighed, "You brought Zatch and your spell book, right?" asked Kinky.

Kiyo nodded, "Yeah I did…" said Kiyo.

"You may not be Sakura but I need your help someone might die…" said Kinky.

"Okay… why did you glue the wig to my head?" yelled Kiyo.

"Because…" said Kinky.

Kiyo sighed, they ran sown stairs, Zatch was taking the cookies out with Sakura's mom…

"Zatch it's bad!" yelled Kiyo.

"What is it… and I thought you said if Kinky found you were going to take off the wig…" said Zatch.

"I glued it back on…" said Kinky laughing evil she returned back to normal "Anyways Zatch I need your help..."

Zatch looked at the rabbit and shrugged, "Zatch come back later to pick up the cookies!"

"Okay Mrs. Milna…" said Zatch.

Both put their shoes on and ran to where Kinky felt the "Disturbance in the Force"… that's what she said it was.

"Okay its that way all the way that way… I have an errand to do… I'll be back soon." said Kinky.

Kiyo stared at the talking rabbit and shrugged.

Kinky ran to a 1 hour photo, and dropped the camera that she took pics of Kiyo dressed like Sakura.

A minutes later Kinky came back.

"That was fast…" said Zatch.

"I know…" said Kinky.

The group ran by Suzy, Kane, Iwashima and Yamanaka. They caught glimpse of Kiyo.

"What that Kiyo?" said Yamanaka.

"I think so…" said Suzy.

"Why was he dressed like Sakura?" asked Kane.

"We'll ask him at school…" said Iwashima.

At the fight...

"Jikirga!" read Eido.

Hyde fired a beam of wind… it hit the monster head on… it got a good hit however the monster didn't seemed fazed.

"You think that will stop me?" said the monster.

"Zakeruga!" read another voice.

A beam of lighting hit the monster from behind… it came from Zatch.

"Thanks…" said Eido… who began to laugh... "You're dressed like Sakura... I'm glad I got see that!"

"It's not funny!" yelled Kiyo.

"you think that could stop me!" yelled the monster getting up.

"Hey you… you know where Sakura is…" said Kinky.

"She right there…" said Hyde pointing to Mystical Sakura crying over Yuki's prone form… with her broken soul gem right in front of her.

"Yuki's soul gem is broken…" said Kinky in a serious, "Okay Zatch, Kiyo! Mamodo guy and other guy book keeper guy! Please fight that monster while I'll try to get Sakura to fight…"

"That's what I was doing or are you blind!" yelled Eido.

"I'm not blind… just crazy! Mwa ha ha!" laughed Kinky.

Kinky ran over to Mystical Sakura… "Sakura… please stop crying…" said Kinky.

"Kinky… (sob) what are you doing here?" asked Mystical Sakura.

"I sensed a broken soul gem and tracked it… I have that power you know…" said Kinky.

"You never told me…" said Mystical Sakura.

Kinky sweatdroped, "Look… if you keep crying then that monster wins… defeat that monster to avenge her… you were going to lose Yuki anyways so stop crying…" said Kinky.

"But not like this… she going to die…" said Mystical Sakura, "If her book was burned then she would have been sent back…"

Kinky, "It doesn't matter… just be strong…" said Kinky.

Mystical Sakura sighed, she had no idea that Kinky could be well… what's the word… it hard to say but Kinky was being reliable… Mystical Sakura gave a small nod…

"Any second now…" said Kinky.

"I will be strong... for Yuki…" said Mystical Sakura…

Just then the wind picked up… a teat that was at Mystical Sakura's eye flew in the wind that hit a piece of Yuki's broken soul gem. Kinky took out a boom box that began to play Sailor Team no Theme... The two pieces of the Soul gem began to glow brightly.

"What's happening?" asked Mystical Sakura.

The larger of the piece began to get larger becoming the whole soul again… while the smaller of the two began to get smaller and changed shape to that of a cherry blossom petal. The whole Soul Gem began to float, Yuki body seemed to get up on its own… The soul gem went into Yuki's body. Yuki woke up, "What happened?" she asked like nothing happened.

"Yuki!" said Mystical Sakura happily.

"Yuki!" said Hyde.

"She's all right…" said Zatch.

"This can't be good…" said monster.

The smaller piece of Soul Gem flew over to Mystical Sakura… her wand appeared in front of her and the piece of the Soul Gem attached it self to the wand… then something happened it turned Sky Blue. Mystical Sakura instinctively grabbed the wand then her costume changed… it changed to a pale blue kimono with sky blue snow flake pattern, it ended right above her knee and short sleeves, the Obi was a deep sky blue color, he high heels turned sky blue while the two ribbons on her braids turned to a pale ice blue color and finally the gem on her forehead turned deep sky-blue blue as well. When it was done everyone was surprised.

"My outfit…" said Mystical Sakura.

"That was weird…" said Zatch.

"No I just got a power up… like Super Sailor Moon or something from Corrector Yui…" said Mystical Sakura.

Zatch, Kiyo, Eido and Hyde stared at Mystical Sakura not understanding what she was talking about.

"Well I should really figure out what my powers are…" said Mystical Sakura with a sweat drop.

"It looks like Ice to me." said Yuki.

"In this form you need to create your own unique attack…" said Kinky.

"What?" said Sakura confused.

"Each Soul Shard is different…" said Kinky.

"Soul Shard did you know this was going to happen?" said Mystical Sakura.

"… maybe…" said Kinky.

Mystical Sakura sighed… "So in other words you made me worry for nothing?" asked Mystical Sakura.

"… maybe…" said Kinky.

"And you were goi8ng to let her believe that Yuki was dead…" said Zatch.

"… maybe…" said Kinky.

"Is that all your going to say?" asked Mystical Sakura

"… maybe…" said Kinky.

"Let's just ignore her…" said Hyde.

"That's just what I was going to say…" said Mystical Sakura.

"You may have a power of a soul shard but you still can't defeat me!" said the monster.

Mystical Sakura held the spell book close to her when it began to glow, she looked though it and smirked "The 4th spell…" she thought.

"Okay Yuki I have an idea…" said Mystical Sakura holding up the spell book.

"Right…" said Yuki knowing what it is.

"Zatch, Kiyo, Hyde, Eido! Get back things are going to get little chilly…" said Mystical Sakura.

"Oh so what are you going to with that little girl…" said the monster.

"Would you want to know… the First Spell: Blizdo!" read Mystical Sakura.

A wave of ice and snow came from Yuki's hands and went towards the monster… however, the monster jumped up and dodged "You thin that would get rid of me?"

The monster shot out several beams of energy.

"Looks like it's time for the second spell… Figisheild!" read Mystical Sakura.

Yuki held out her hand and a shield of ice appeared… the beams hit the shield and the energy became trapped in small blocks of ice that formed on the surface.

"Damn it…" said the monster.

"Whoa… even though they haven't been in many mamodo battles their perfect sync…" said Kiyo.

"Yuki…" said Hyde quietly.

"You may be able to block my attack but do you think you can stop me…" said the monster.

"I know I can… the third spell… Frostruk!" read Mystical Sakura.

Little snow men formed from the previous attacks Yuki threw… all of them shouting "Happy Birthday"

"What you think they can stop me…" the monster.

The little snowmen began to attack and they were vicious… extremely vicious…

"Now for the 4th spell…" said Mystical Sakura, "You ready?"

"I know I am…" said Yuki.

"You will pay for what you have done…" thought Mystical Sakura "The 4th spell: Yuki Tennyo!" read Mystical Sakura.

A figure that looked like a snow maiden appeared from behind Yuki… she motioned it towards the monster the snow maiden crashed on the monster and froze on contact.

"That spell is the strongest…" thought Mystical Sakura nearly drained… however it gave her heart… and impression for her new attack.

"Take this Ice Strom of the Heart! Mystical Snow Flake Congratulations!" said Mystical Sakura.

"Congratulations…" though the 4 that weren't familiar with Magical Girl series.

A blue-ish white beam came from the wand and hit the ice sculpture that was once the monster… it destroyed the ice and once the ice was gone the monster screamed in pain as it designated…

"Gottcha!" said Mystical Sakura who then collapsed from exhaustion and transforming back to her traditional Mystical Sakura uniform.

"Sakura!" said Yuki.

Everyone ran towards, "Maybe I shouldn't have all 4 spells…" said Mystical Sakura with a smile.

"She just needs to rest…" said Kiyo.

"Thanks all of you…" said Mystical Sakura then turned her attention towards the rabbit while whistling innocently.

"Okay Kinky spill… what just happened…" said Mystical Sakura.

"Okay, okay…" said Kinky.

She sat down while the other 6 listened.

"Like I told you before… you must stop the Licno Empire from getting 5 soul gems… however when some soul gems break and a lone tear falls on it then the soul gem is healed and the smaller of the two pieces becomes a Soul Shard…" said Kinky.

"What's a Soul Shard?" asked Yuki.

"A Soul Shard is Piece of a Soul Gem…" said Kinky.

"That's not very specific…" said Kiyo.

"fine I'll you more information, each soul gem gives you a new costume with what the soul element… for example Yuki's soul is an Ice Element so it give you an ice costume however no souls are the same so if you have two ice element costumes they will be completely different and that's why you had to create you own attacks… any ways once you gather 5 Soul Shards you'll be able to reach (insert cool next level title here) Mystical Sakura" said Kinky.

"Why did you say "Insert cool next level title here"" asked Eido.

"I want Sakura to choose the title!" said Kinky.

"So in other words you're lazy…" said Mystical Sakura who began to detransformed Sakura noticed that the Soul Shard was on ground and picked it up.

"What I going to this anyways…" said Sakura.

"I have this!" said Kinky.

She held a pendant in her hand… it was shaped like a cherry blossom.

"This is where you put the soul; gems..." said Kinky.

Sakura grabbed and put the soul gem to the pendant, it gave a faint glow before returning to normal.

Sakura go up and Kiyo and Eido said "I'll walk you home…"

"Hey I was the one who she challenged so I should walk her home…" said Eido.

"I don't want a fight… I just need someone to help with the wig… Kinky glued it on…" said Kiyo.

"Kinky…" sighed Sakura.

They headed to her house…

"This s embarrassing…" said Kiyo who will dressed like Sakura.

"So are you going to come out or what?" said Eido.

"Shut up!" yelled Kiyo, "All of you must swear… that will never… ever… ever… tell anyone about this ever…"

"I won't tell anyone Kiyo…" said Zatch.

"We promise we won't tell…" said Sakura.

"That's right… we knew this might be the case…" said Yuki.

"What ever…" said Eido.

"Fine…" said Hyde.

"Where's Kinky…" said Kiyo.

"I have a bad felling about this…" said Sakura.

Later Sakura's mom helped with the wig while everyone else watch… it was a very funny thing to watch fortunately by the end there was no sign that he had a wig glued to his head… Eido and Hy6de decided to crash that night despite protests from Sakura.

"That's so nice that friend of yours is staying the night…" said Sakura's mom.

"He's an acquaintance and nothing more!" said Sakura.

"Are you staying the night too Kiyo and Zatch?" asked Sakura's mom.

"I can't Mrs. Milna, we have school tomorrow…" said Kiyo.

"Oh yeah… stop by any time especially you Zatch…" said Sakura's mom.

"Thank you for lending me the clothes…" said Kiyo wearing some clothes that Sakura's mom let him barrow from Sakura's dad.

The next day at school…

"So how did it go lat night?" asked Kiyo to Sakura.

"Dad thinks I'm dating Eido for some reason… think my hatred of perverts doesn't make any sense and it's good for me that I'm dating one…" said Sakura.

"Okaay…" said Kiyo.

"Hey Kiyo…" said Yamanaka walking up to him with Suzy, Kane and Iwashima.

"What?" asked Kiyo.

"Were you dressed like Sakura yesterday?" asked Kane.

Both Sakura and Kiyo froze.

"What would make you say that?" asked Kiyo.

"We thought you run by with Zatch dressed like her…" said Suzy.

"No… it must have been someone else…" said Kiyo.

"Well…" said Kinky popping out nowhere.

"Oh great…" said Sakura.

"These pi…" said Kinky Sakura grabbed the crazed rabbit and went into the hall Kiyo fallowed since he knew it was about him.

"What is this about Kinky…" said Sakura.

"I have these pictures I took last night… if Kiyo wants them he has to do me favors… I don't know what I want but if you refuse I will show them to people" said Kinky showing them the picture she had.

"Oh great…" said Kiyo.

"Remember… you will have to do me favors if you don't want these out…" said Kinky hopping away.

Kiyo slumped there and sighed "Why me…"

"I'm so sorry… I hate no idea she would do that…" said Sakura.

"That's okay… like you said she unpredictable…" said Kiyo.

"But at least someone else hates the rabbit…" said Sakura.

"Can you teach me how to punt her?" asked Kiyo jokingly.

"Sure thing…" said Sakura and they both laughed.

Kinky left the school building and look towards it.

"I know one day you will loose Yuki… but I'm glad she's the first Soul Shard… in a way… you'll always have a part of her…" thought Kinky looking towards where her classroom should be.

Next Time: Yuki is having problems at the park with the bully... Naomi, the same one who bullies Zatch... Yuki tried to get Sakura to help... but when she does as Mystical Sakura, she feels bad for saying mean things to the little girl... what will happen?

A/N: Okay I have a few announcements... for those who read Quest of Kings there will be another special soon... this special they meet their Zatch Bell counterpart and since Yuki is an OC that means Sakura will be in it just thought you should know.

Also in this chapter introduces two new recurring jokes... Kinky black mailing Kiyo with the pics and Eido (with Hyde) crashing over at Sakura's house unannounced (with Sakura's father thinking he's her boyfriend)… these tow jokes will appear in the next Quest of Kings Special by the way…