Virtue in a Wildfire

I do not own Ronin Warriors.  Note, these will be a bit different from my sailor poems.  It will be in 2nd person, but the '"you's" I'll be referring to are the readers.  So pretend that you're witnessing what's going on in these poems!   There's a moral in each poem too. For the warlords, I will write a negative poem while they were evil and a positive poem when they became good.  Please review.

Virtue in a Wildfire

How did it get so hot?
What is that heat?
A boy stands in the

Flames of a wildfire


Burning as hot as hot can be.

There is virtue burning

In the wildfire

Rising into flames

Smoke releases the power

The power of virtue.

Burning like a wildfire

Flaming like an inferno

Virtue burns within him.

You wonder how virtue

can burn this way.

This hot.

Only when the

fire of virtue is

Started in the right body—

The little flame grows

And grows from a little flame

To a burning wildfire

Into a flaming inferno

And the virtue will burn