She'd been on her mission for over 3 months. Gai's team and the others had left for a year long mission shortly before she had left.

The mission was to catch the attention of the fat man, Saho, a rich tyrant. But unfortunately she caught someone else's attention also.

For the months THEY kept Sakura locked up in a cell. For water, food, e.t.c… they made her fight. Even to keep her virginity she had to fight. She was proclaimed as THEY'RE new toy.

Every 3 days THEY'DE come to sedate her, beat her, until she was limp and unable to move or think. They'd do experiments on her, testing drugs and medicines and different Jutsu's. Soon her body reacted to all the experiments. Her hair began to have red and black highlights, her body began to grow curvier and thinner. Soon even her skin was slightly tanned and her height had shrunk to 5'1. Her eyes turned to perfect emeralds.

One day she found out the reason for all her changes. It was during an experiment that Sakura's mind slipped. Inner Sakura (I'm going to start calling her I'S ) came through. "Sakura…you know.. we don't have to take this crap.." Sakura said nothing. "Sakura.. I know you can hear me…we have a new friend…that bastrd gave us another conscience, an ally."

Sakura smiled bitterly, "Oh, Joy…." I'S scowled at Sakura's cold attitude but let it go. A presence filled Sakura's mind.

"My name is Shizaku, I am mistress of the sands and light…you are now my carrier.. I can do no other than protect you as if you were my own, my child.." The soft voice like velvet uttered. Sakura felt herself grow heavy, she felt tired. The voice sounded warm like a mother, like a friend. "Sleep little one..I will take care of will awake in a better place.." Thw ords drifted through Sakura like clean water.

As Sakura slept Shizaku waited. Living for cenuries as she had she knew patience. She waited until THEY were lifting Sakura to her cell to attack. She sent shrouds of energy into the tubes attached to Sakura, so much that the containers exploded causing a massive explosion. She sent up walls of sand like tidal waves, crushing the enemies who had been hurting HER Sakura.

The sand swept through the place in a flood, breaking and destroying anything/ everything in it's path. A hand of sand shot out, grabbing the leader of the operation in a death grip, crushing the man's ribs. His piercing scream didn't even faze Shizaku as she made the sand hand shove him at the ceiling and then toss him to the beams holding the place up. He fell dead to the ground as Shizaku calmly and slowly walked out of the collapsing building. Her sand coming back to her. She was finally free of her enemies, but she had to admit that she owed them a thank you. Without them she would have not been able to meet Sakura. She could sense that there was much strength yet to be discovered in Sakura. The girl was indeed special. The enemies had not done bad in selecting her. She smiled, Sakura would always be protected by her as if she was one of Shizaku's own children. Sakura was perfect.

Sakura awoke to see bugs and an ugly thing staring down at her. Without thinking she shot up and ran. She ran through the thickets not caring that her clothes were being torn, that her skirt was being torn to slits. That her legs and thighs were practically bare. She didn't even realized the cuts, bruises, and gashes she was receiving. Her bloody arms were fully exposed. She nearly tripped a few times, her body groaning for mercy.

The bugs surrounded her. A lkow guttural sound formed as the ugly things swept the sky and swooped down. Sand shot up against her making Shizaku angry, "The sand is not coming from me!"

Sakura fell back as a figure in black pressed a kunai at her. She choked as the light revealed Kakashi holding the kunai. She choked back a sob. The whiz of kunais and flames caught her attention. She flipped, barely dodging them. A glow in the dark shone. She peered and then gasped when she heard the dreaded sound and found what it was; Chidori. She knew of only one who used Chidori. Sasuke. Was he back? Did he come back while she was gone?

Her heart ached, the pain only doubled when a fist shoved her in the chest and sent her sprawling. It was a Hyuuga fist. She looked up to see the fist wielder was Hyuuga Hinata. Behind Hinata was feisty blond, Yamanaka Ino. Sakura's heart ache became all consuming as one by one she recognized her attackers. Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuki Kiba, Tenten, Aburame Shino, Rock Lee….. why were they fighting her? Didn't they recognize who she was? Temari, Kankouru, Gaara, Uzumaki Naruto, Yuhi Kurenai, ….

She clutched her chest as the pain took over. Mentally she crouched and hugged her knees. She rocked back and forth like a child, silently weeping.

Shizaku fumed. "Let me out! Let me OUT!" She growled. I'S gave her full control. She watched her strong carrier break. The all consumingpain was tearing her carrier apart both mentally and physically. She could feel Sakura retreating. Shizaku snarled and took over. She would not let Sakura drift, she would make those humans pay.

Sand wrapped around Sakura like a blanket. Her eyes went red with black slits slicing the pupils. Her nails grew a little. Her hair became dark pink, the black and red highlight glinting darkly. "Pathetic people… disgusting ones…" She snarled, her velvet voice dripping with venom. She bunched her fingers, cracking them. She eyd the blong woman, BOOM! A hand of san punched Ino into a tree, the fist turned and swiped Hinata into Tenten. Then it shot out to Rock Lee, gloving itself around his hand and then squeezing it utill the bones cracked and broke. "Weak ines.. you will PAY!"

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