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Shizaku trembled in her fury, so powerful it was that it took Sakura over completely. Sakura herself and I'S could say nothing, both in too much shock and horror over what was done.

The smirk on Sasuke's face did nothing to ease Shizaku anger, if anything it worsened it. If only he knew he signed his own death warrant with that smirk. She let out a snarl as her transformation began. Each bone and muscle stretched and contorted to fit the transformation. Soon a white fox stood in front of Sasuke, her eyes promising death.

Sasuke's smirk deepened, this was what he wanted. A strong female, someone with promise. And with Gaara gone he could fulfill that promise. He rose a hand and beckoned. "Come.."

Shizaku's smirk was terrifying, it wasn't normal, it was bone chilling. It didn't reach her eyes, it was the type of smirk only a killer wore. She needed no beckoning, she'd come and she'd kill Sasuke with a swipe of her claws. Shizaku was no fool she knew what Sasuke wanted. But it wasn't possible, Sasuke was a regular human. He was not her mate, he was not her Gaara. And he was unfortunately going to have to pay for touching her male.

In the back Naruto watched in horror, his eyes flickering from Gaara and back to his 'sister'. He could feel the kyuubi howl within him. He was transforming without even knowing it.

Shizaku lunged, the thirst for blood moving her like nothing else could. Her claws extended before her and her teeth sharpened.

Years of experience fighting saved Sasuke's life in that moment. He dodged quickly moving out of the way, crouching into a defensive position. "I don't want to hurt you Sakura. I did this for you!"

Shizaku growled. "Did what? Kill Gaara? For me? "To do what? Make me happy?" Shizaku laughed with out humor. "For that JUMP OFF A CLIFF!" She lunged yet again, swiping at Sasuke's shoulder.

Sasuke tsked, "That's not very lady like love." His answer was a hiss. He shook his head, "This is not how you should act towards your future husband."

Shizaku stilled for a moment, "My what?" Her chakra began to blaze up like an out of control flame. "MY WHAT?!" All at once her chakra exploded, spreading out with enough force to knock everyone backwards. "YOU ARE A DEMENTED MORTAL! HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU CAN EVER HAVE ME!"

Sasuke shook his head. "The sooner you accept this the better our marriage will be."

Shizaku's lips curled in a snarl. "Go to hell." She launched, claws extended to swipe when suddenly she was caught. Kyuubi himself held her back, his eyes glinting. "Brother.." She hissed. "Why do you stop me?"

Kyuubi didn't have to answer, someone else did. "Turn around." A soft chilling voice growled.

Shizaku stiffened, she knew that voice. She would know that voice anywhere. "Shukaku?" She slowly turned. "Your.. ok?"

Gaara, in a small version of Shukaku's true form, took up the entire area. "Did you really think that mortal could kill me?" The sand whirled lazily around his body. "Did you forget my defenses?"

Shizaku's eyes went wide as it suddenly hit her, the sand armor. Shukaku never let Gaara go anywhere without wearing sand armor. Not even Sasuke's chidori could penetrate that. Suddenly she got irritated. There she was worrying and thinking her mate was dead for absolutely nothing! "You were okay, not dead, not ever injured… and you didn't tell me?" She rose up seeming taller, "I got angry and wasted good chakra for nothing?"

"You should be happy I'm alive mate." Shukaku swaggered forward as if he didn't have a care in the world, he leaned down and drawled into Shizaku's ear. "I'll make it up to you later…. Mate."

Shizaku immediately clamped up and went still. Mentally Sakura and I'S went stiff as boards. They all though one common thing. 'Whoa..'

Shukaku glanced at Kyuubi then back at Sasuke. The look in his eye said it all. 'Your dead.' The sand swallowed Sasuke in a deadly grip and as much as Sasuke struggled he could not break free. "You should have known better than to touch me." The sand grew tighter. "I would have thought that as one of Konoha's greatest shinobi's you'd know better." The sand rose up, gripping even tighter, almost cocooning Sasuke. "You never try to separate a yokai from it's mate." The sand left all but Sasuke's face covered. "It must be such an ache, such a curse.. to watch the woman you rejected move on.. away from you." The sand squeezed Sasuke tightly. "Too bad." Raising his fist up, Shukaku made the sand still. "She.. is… mine." Shukaku's fist closed even more tightly than it was, upon his unspoken order the sand gripped Sasuke into a desert coffin.

Shizaku looked away as Sasuke's blood spilt everywhere, his scream echoed. Inside Sakura and I'S cried out in horror and disbelief. Sasuke may have been an evil jerk but once upon a time he was Sakura's teammate, he was someone she cared about.

As if he heard Sakura and I'S cries Shukaku glanced back. "Don't worry mate, the bastard will live. I ordered my sand to not kill him. But he will never be a ninja again."

Shizaku said nothing as she walked slowly over to Shukaku, transformed back into human form, and wrapped her arms around him. She burrowed into his side, seeking his warmth and silently asking for his comfort. Saying nothing Shukaku wrapped his arms around Shizaku as he himself turned back into his human form, the sand sleeking back.

Kyuubi cursed, disgusted by the mess. "Damn dramatic raccoon." He grumbled, watching the sand slowly release Sasuke's bloody body. "This is just disgusting…" He shook his head, grabbing Sasuke's body and hauling it over his shoulder. "But then.. the teme deserved it.. oh well.." He glanced back at Shukaku and called out, "I'm dropping the bastard at the hospital I'll be back. And save me a drink."

Shukaku nodded, chuckling as he heard his brother in law grumble and curse under his breath. He turned his attention back to Shizaku however when he felt her shiver. "Don't worry.. it's alright now."

"No.." Shizaku sighed. She had a feeling something worse was going to happen. Some things were not finished yet. Seeing Shukaku get hit by the chidori reminded her of that. There was still someone else out there, someone who once had caught her and could do it again. The one who had fused her and Sakura to getether.

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